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  • 31 JUL 2021
    Case 182: Freda Burnell & Florence Little
    1h 32s

    On February 5 1921, eight-year-old Freda Burnell went missing in the small coal-mining town of Abertillery, Wales. The unusual disappearance reached a tragic conclusion when her bound and beaten body was found dumped inside a sack in an all...

  • 26 JUN 2021
    Case 181: The Vampire of Nuremberg
    40m 24s

    During the early ’70s, cemeteries and mortuaries throughout Germany were targeted by a particularly disturbing grave robber. Not only did he steal the personal belongings of the dead, but he also exhumed, mutilated, molested, and gnawed upo...

  • 19 JUN 2021
    Case 180: Bill Payne & Billie-Jean Hayworth
    1h 36m 27s

    “This is going to be the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard. This is going to be the craziest thing you’ve ever heard. There is nothing in your lives or background that has prepared you to understand the Potter family. You have never seen a...

  • 12 JUN 2021
    Case 179: Christie Marceau
    1h 21m 18s

    On the morning of September 6 2011, Auckland teenager Christie Marceau was woken by a troubling phone call. On the other line was an acquaintance... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Erin Munro Creative direction –...

  • 05 JUN 2021
    Case 178: The Woman Without a Face
    1h 9m 52s

    Between 1993 and 2009, over 40 crime scenes across Germany, Austria, and France were linked by DNA from one offender. It belonged to a woman of eastern European descent... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research – Holly Boyd Writing – Je...

  • 29 MAY 2021
    Case 177: 657 Boulevard
    38m 39s

    657 Boulevard in the affluent neighborhood of Westfield, New Jersey immediately caught the attention of Derek and Maria Broaddus. The striking six bedroom, four bathroom Dutch Colonial style home was the perfect place to raise their family...

  • 22 MAY 2021
    Case 176: Yingying Zhang
    1h 19m 37s

    On June 9 2017, Yingying Zhang vanished on her way to an appointment in Urbana, Illinois. The Chinese visiting scholar missed her bus and after she failed to return to work that day, her colleagues quickly raised the alarm... --- Narrati...

  • 15 MAY 2021
    Case 175: Gail & Rick Brink
    1h 23m 48s

    When newlyweds Gail and Rick Brink failed to show up to their respective jobs on the morning of November 23 1987, the alarm was immediately raised... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research & writing – Erin Munro Creative direction –...

  • 08 MAY 2021
    Case 174: Vicki Arnold and Julie-Anne Leahy
    1h 59m 33s

    One cold winter night in 1991, best friends Vicki Arnold and Julie-Anne Leahy vanished from their town of Atherton, Queensland. The two women had left for a late-night fishing trip but never came home... --- Narration – Anonymous Host R...

  • 24 APR 2021
    Case 173: Rocio Wanninkhof & Sonia Carabantes
    1h 45m 9s

    When 19-year-old Rocio Wanninkhof failed to return home after a night out with friends, her mother Alicia was immediately worried. The family lived in the small town of La Cala de Mijas, Spain – a safe area where teenagers felt secure going...

  • 17 APR 2021
    Case 172: Michael Gregsten & Valerie Storie
    1h 39m 9s

    In August 1961, a couple by the name of Michael Gregsten and Valerie Storie were sitting in their Morris Minor car in Dorney Reach, UK, when an intruder forced his way into the back seat brandishing a gun and took them for a drive all over...

  • 10 APR 2021
    Case 171: The Gladbeck Hostage Crisis
    1h 28m 21s

    On August 19 1988, two armed offenders entered a branch of the Deutsche Bank in Gladbeck, West Germany with the intention of holding it up... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research – Milly Raso and Erin Munro Writing – Erin Munro Specia...

  • 27 MAR 2021
    Case 170: The Caffey Family
    1h 3m 51s

    On February 29 2008, intruders stormed the Caffey family home in Texas, attacking those sleeping within. After setting the house on fire, the intruders fled, unaware that one family member was still alive... --- Narration – Anonymous Host...

  • 20 MAR 2021
    Case 169: Corinna Mullen
    1h 57s

    On October 2 1987, a council employee in Central City, Kentucky reported finding an abandoned, blood-smeared Pontiac outside his workplace. When Lieutenant Billy Fields arrived at the scene, he found the bloody and beaten body of 20-year-ol...

  • 13 MAR 2021
    Case 168: Guðmundur and Geirfinnur Einarsson
    1h 30m 47s

    In January 1974, 18-year-old Guðmundur Einarsson went missing from Hafnarfjordur, Iceland following a night out with friends. He walked off into a wild snowstorm and was never seen again... --- Narration – Anonymous Host Research and wri...

  • 06 MAR 2021
    Case 167: Jai, Tyler & Bailey Farquharson
    1h 33m 19s

    In Australia, Father’s Day falls on the first Sunday of September and is typically a time for families to gather together and celebrate. But on Father’s Day in 2005, the small Victorian town of Winchelsea was rocked by the news that a local...

  • 20 FAB 2021
    Case 166: The Family
    1h 32m 23s

    In 1979, young men began to go missing in and around Adelaide. It began with the disappearance of 17-year-old Alan Barnes, then 25-year-old Neil Muir, 14-year-old Peter Stogneff, 18-year-old Mark Langley and 15-year-old Richard Kelvin. All...

  • 13 FAB 2021
    Case 165: Nicholas Barclay
    1h 7m 46s

    In October 1997, the family of Nicolas Barclay received good news.  13-year-old Nicolas had disappeared from his home state of Texas three years earlier. All hope was lost until his family got a call from a police officer in the Spanish c...

  • 06 FAB 2021
    Case 164: Cindy James
    1h 36m 6s

    Threatening phone calls, break-ins, slashed pillows, arson attacks, and physical assaults. Cindy James of Vancouver: British Columbia was tormented by an unknown assailant for years. Moving house didn’t stop them. Nor did her policeman room...

  • 05 DEC 2020
    Case 53: The Golden State Killer (Part 6)
    1h 53m 23s

    [Part 6] In early 1975, Beth Snelling was overcome with a growing sense of unease. The 16-year-old’s instincts were telling her that she was being watched. Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Elsha McGill, Er...

  • 27 NOV 2020
    Case 163: Joanne Ratcliffe & Kirste Gordon
    1h 18m 12s

    During the games third and penultimate quarter, Anthony Kilmartin was in the Sir Edwin Smith grandstand when two young girls emerged from the crowd and bounded down the steps towards ground level. --- Casefile would like to give a special...

  • 21 NOV 2020
    Case 162: Lawrence Haggart
    1h 10m 6s

    In the early hours of Saturday, March 16 1996, John Haggart awoke to the acrid odour of something burning. Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched by Milly Raso, Elsha McGill & Erin Munro Written by Erin Munro Creative Dire...

  • 07 NOV 2020
    Case 161: The Yosemite Sightseer Murders (Part 2)
    56m 49s

    [Part 2 of 2] In the summer of 1997, Cedar Lodge owner Gerald Fisher hired a young man to carry out general maintenance duties and upkeep... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched by Jessica Forsayeth Written by Elsha McGill  C...

  • 31 OCT 2020
    Case 161: The Yosemite Sightseer Murders (Part 1)
    1h 2m 2s

    [Part 1 of 2] In early 1998, three tourists were sound asleep at the Cedar Lodge hotel near California’s Yosemite National Park. At around 2 am, they woke to the sound of something rattling. Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researc...

  • 24 OCT 2020
    Case 160: Beverly McGowan
    1h 7m 24s

    On Thursday, July 19 1990, Florida resident Steve McGowan received a letter in the mail from his 34-year-old sister, Beverly. Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Erin Munro Creative Director: Milly Raso This...

  • 10 OCT 2020
    Case 159: James Craig Anderson
    1h 13m 33s

    In the early hours of Sunday, June 26 2011, James Anderson, who went by his middle name of Craig, found himself in a predicament – he had locked his keys inside his car... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched by Holly Boyd W...

  • 03 OCT 2020
    Case 158: Russell Martin
    1h 43s

    Bev was hoping that her brother Russell would return for the biggest event on the town's calendar - The Stawell Gift... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Eileen Ormsby Creative Director: Milly Raso This e...

  • 26 SEP 2020
    Case 157: The Strip Search Scam
    1h 11m 22s

    ***Warning: This episode contains descriptions of sexual violence*** Donna Summers led Laura Fletcher into the managers’ office, before locking the door behind them. She informed Laura that a police officer had accused her of robbing a c...

  • 12 SEP 2020
    Case 156: Shergar
    1h 27m 23s

    When The Troubles began, fighting between the IRA and British soldiers from Northern Ireland was at an all-time high. Over the years, the IRA bombed political and economic targets... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched by Je...

  • 05 SEP 2020
    Case 155: Danniella Vian
    1h 23m 40s

    By 4:00 pm, Julie still hadn’t heard from Danniella. She went over to her apartment, only to find the note the building manager had pinned to the front door was still there... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Written by Eileen Ormsb...

  • 29 AUG 2020
    Case 154: Steven Stayner
    2h 4m 20s

    Monday, December 4 was a regular day in the Stayner household. After breakfast, Kay inspected her four eldest children to make sure they were presentable for school, while the youngest Cory wasn’t yet old enough to attend. Episode narrated...

  • 15 AUG 2020
    Case 153: Anni Hindocha
    1h 36m 45s

    Approximately one hour later, at 11:12 pm, a 33-year-old government employee named Simbonile Matokazi was returning to his home near the Cape Flats township of Khayelitsha... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched by Holly Boyd...

  • 08 AUG 2020
    Case 152: Cindy & Mona Lisa Smith
    1h 25m 5s

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this episode contains the names of people who have passed away. The families of Cindy and Mona Lisa Smith have given Casefile permission to air this content. Episode narrat...

  • 01 AUG 2020
    Case 151: Dan O’Connell & James Ellison
    1h 31m 33s

    In the early afternoon of Tuesday, February 5 2002, Saint Croix County Medical Officer Marty Shanklin headed over to The O’Connell Family Funeral Home to conduct a routine visit. Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched by Jessic...

  • 18 JUL 2020
    Case 150: The Murchison Murders
    1h 31m 58s

    Although the Australian outback was isolated and sparsely populated, work was available in the small towns and stations along the fence for men who were willing to tough it out in the harsh conditions... Episode narrated by the Anonymous H...

  • 11 JUL 2020
    Case 149: Anan Liu
    1h 15m 59s

    Thinking the toddler might have been lost, the couple approached and attempted to speak to her. When she didn’t respond, they beckoned a Victoria Rail employee over to see if he could help... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Research...

  • 04 JUL 2020
    Case 148: The Miyazawa Family
    1h 10m 56s

    On the morning of Sunday, December 31 2001, Haruko tried to phone her daughter, as she did most mornings, but the call wouldn’t go through. By 10:00 am, Haruko still hadn’t seen or heard from Yasuko or the rest of the family and she began t...

  • 20 JUN 2020
    Case 147: Julie Dart and Stephanie Slater
    2h 12m 50s

    Two days had gone by and Dominic hadn’t heard from his girlfriend Julie Dart. Then, on the morning of Friday, July 12, Dominic received an unexpected visit from his sister, who had found a handwritten envelope addressed to him amongst her m...

  • 13 JUN 2020
    Case 146: Brittany Phillips
    55m 20s

    When Emma reached the front door of Brittany Phillips apartment, she knocked but there was no response... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Written by Jessica Forsayeth Additional writing and editing by Elsha McGill Creative Director:...

  • 06 JUN 2020
    Case 145: Michael Dippolito
    1h 14m 51s

    Newlyweds Dalia and Michael Dippolito lived in the newly developed community of Renaissance Commons in Boynton Beach, a coastal city in Palm Beach County, Florida... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched by Holly Boyd Written b...

  • 23 MAY 2020
    Case 144: The Muswell Hill Murderer (Part 3)
    1h 14m 19s

    [Part 3 of 3] With Dennis Nilsen committed to stand trial for the murders of six men and the attempted murder of two others, the public and press questioned how he could have gotten away with the crimes for so long… Episode narrated by t...

  • 16 MAY 2020
    Case 144: The Muswell Hill Murderer (Part 2)
    1h 11m 22s

    [Part 2 of 3] When Dennis Nilsen moved out of his flat at 195 Melrose Avenue in Cricklewood, he had already taken the lives of twelve victims... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode researched by Holly Boyd Episode written by E...

  • 09 MAY 2020
    Case 144: The Muswell Hill Murderer (Part 1)
    1h 15m 44s

    [Part 1 of 3] On the morning of Saturday, February 5 1983, plumber Mike Welch arrived at Cranley Gardens, a long, wide residential street in the north London suburb of Muswell Hill... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Episode resear...

  • 25 APR 2020
    Case 143: Leigh Leigh
    1h 9m 25s

    At 7:00 pm, Robyn dropped her daughter Leigh off at Roberto’s Pizza Bar, where she had planned to meet her fellow party-going friends... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Eileen Ormsby Creative Director: Mill...

  • 18 APR 2020
    Case 142: The Churchill Fire
    1h 22m 14s

    On Friday, February 6, State Premier John Brumby cautioned Victorians about the extreme weather conditions forecast for the next day, announcing that Saturday, February 7, 2009, would be “the worst day in the history of the state.” Episo...

  • 11 APR 2020
    Case 141: Natalee Holloway
    2h 23m 50s

    Thursday, May 26, 2005, was an exciting day for 124 of the 300 senior students from Mountain Brook High School... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Elsha McGill Creative Director: Milly Raso This episode's...

  • 28 MAR 2020
    Case 140: Richmond Hill
    51m 30s

    At ten minutes past eleven on the night of Saturday, November 10 2012, a loud and frightening sound erupted several miles south of the American city of Indianapolis... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Elsha...

  • 21 MAR 2020
    Case 139: Beryl & Geraldine Evans (Part 2)
    1h 25m 37s

    [Part 2 of 2] On Tuesday, March 24 1953, the Christies were no longer living at 10 Rillington Place... Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Researched and written by Erin Munro Creative Director: Milly Raso This episode's sponsors: M...

  • 13 MAR 2020
    Case 139: Beryl & Geraldine Evans (Part 1)
    1h 16m 39s

    [Part 1 of 2] Newlyweds Timothy and Beryl Evans had been living with Timothy’s parents and sisters. Their living quarters were small and crowded. When Beryl discovered she was pregnant, she and Timothy decided it was time to find a place o...

  • 29 FAB 2020
    Case 138: The Batavia
    1h 21m 40s

    The Batavia set sail from Amsterdam with a fleet of seven other ships, carrying 341 people who ranged from V.O.C officials, sailors and soldiers, to relatively well-off passengers travelling with their families... Episode narrated by the...

  • 22 FAB 2020
    Case 137: Arlis Perry
    1h 20m 42s

    On the evening of Saturday, October 12 1974, Arlis Perry busied herself around the apartment while Bruce Perry studied. Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host Written by Elsha McGill Researched by Jessica Forsayeth Additional writing and...