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True Crime

15 episodes

ABC's 20/20 is the primetime news magazine program featuring newsmaker interviews, hard-hitting investigative reports, exclusives, compelling features and medical mysteries.

  • 31 JUL 2021
    The Secret in the Suitcase
    1h 23m 36s

    Melanie McGuire insists she's innocent in husband's 2004 killing. Her trial captured the nation's attention after fishermen found her husband's legs in a suitcase. (OAD: 9/25/20)

  • 24 JUL 2021
    1h 23m 28s

    A couple was preparing to sell their yacht to move closer to family when they vanished forever. (OAD: 1/17/20)

  • 17 JUL 2021
    Murder & Scandal in Chicagoland
    1h 24m 5s

    The chilling true crime story of a '85 Chicago Bears legend and the murder of his pregnant girlfriend.

  • 12 JUL 2021
    Evil in Eden
    1h 24m 11s

    Steven and Cary Stayner: The tale of two brothers’ horror and heroism. (OAD: January 25th, 2019)

  • 12 JUL 2021
    The Sins of the Father
    1h 23m 50s

    Interviews with daughters of Karl Karlsen, who nearly got away with murdering his wife and son. (OAD: June 5th, 2020)

  • 26 JUN 2021
    Notorious: Ghislaine Maxwell
    1h 24m 8s

    An inside look at the life of socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's alleged co-conspirator.

  • 12 JUN 2021
    What Happened to Vanessa?
    1h 23m 56s

    What happened to Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen? 20/20 features the first TV interview with her fiancé.

  • 11 JUN 2021
    The Real Rebel: The Erin Brockovich Story
    45m 7s

    You’ve seen the movie. You’ve seen the TV series. Now, hear Erin Brockovich tell the real story.

  • 05 JUN 2021
    1h 23m 29s

    The couple at the center of the so-called “Gone Girl” kidnapping case reveal new details to Amy Robach

  • 22 MAY 2021
    If I Can’t Have You...
    1h 23m 44s

    New details about the case of a missing mom who secretly ran an expensive escort business.

  • 15 MAY 2021
    One Last Chance: The Trial of Scott Peterson
    1h 21m 14s

    18 years after pregnant wife’s murder, could Scott Peterson receive a new trial?

  • 08 MAY 2021
    The Accused
    1h 23m 44s

    David Muir reports: New interviews reveal shocking info on a botched murder investigation into who killed Riley Fox.

  • 27 APR 2021
    Full Episode: Friday, April 23, 2021
    1h 21m 3s

    An intimate portrait of George Floyd's life on the heels of Derek Chauvin's murder conviction.

  • 17 APR 2021
    The Perfect Lie
    1h 24m 19s

    A family exclusively discusses their seemingly perfect husband and father’s deadly secret.

  • 10 APR 2021
    The Devil in Gainesville
    1h 23m 2s

    The search for a killer whose reign of terror left five Florida college students dead over four days.