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A live morning 'radio' show broadcast on and on mobile via the official app - with podcasts available. Hosted by Gareth Cliff and his team, they bring you uncensored, real conversation about everything in the news, guests, edgy material and a healthy dose of inspiration and intelligence. Without limits... there will be entertainment, provocative content, and unhinged reality.
  • 23.06.21 Pt 2 - The team has a bit of a laugh at the president losing his iPad. Is Kojo Baffoe the embodiment of what it is to be a contemporary African man? He joins the team to talk about his book, ‘Listen to Your Footsteps’, which captures his life experiences.
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  • 23.06.21 Pt 1 - Is Siya the only one who despises the type of people who have to say goodbye 15 different times before hanging up? Gilli is discovering a whole new bunch of family members from all over the world that she didn't know existed - and she’s concerned about that.
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  • 22.06.21 Pt 2 - Sam Lehoko continues to share her story by telling us about the volunteer work she does that has been extremely eye-opening. Talk about the 20th wave happening has the team a bit worried, and are brands trying too hard with the body inclusivity movement?
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  • 22.06.21 Pt 1 - Special guest co-host Sam Lehoko joins the team and opens up about what’s been going on in her life. She went on a 30-day ‘no phone’ detox... could you do that? Some wise words about expectations come out of Gareth’s mouth.
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  • 21.06.21 Pt 2 - An American student and former marine was found dead in Russia days after texting her mom, “I hope I'm not being abducted”. A million dollar lottery incentive in North Carolina has increased Covid-19 vaccinations by only 1%. And Mark Wade joins the show to talk about his bayonet coll...
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  • 21.06.21 Pt 1 - Gareth starts the show with a bit of an announcement that might leave you teary. Siya shares how he gifts his father the same gift, just in different variations, every Father’s Day. Dr Hanan Bushkin joins the team to share some insights on how receiving feedback from others has an im...
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  • 18.06.21 Pt 2 - Leigh-Ann's inner comedian comes out as she shares a few dad jokes. What are some of the signs to look out for when you are burnt out? And if you ever see someone crying at a drive-thru, there’s a good chance that it’s Siya.
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  • 18.06.21 Pt 1 - If you’re ever in need of financial advice, don’t go to Michael Flax, he’s just going to tell you to spend it. Some singing takes place that just might cause your ears to grow legs and run for the hills!
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  • 17.06.21 Pt 2 - A leading authority in the African energy sector, and a strong advocate for African entrepreneurship and the indigenous energy sector, NJ Ayuk joins the team to discuss where the future of oil, gas and other energy lies in Africa.
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  • 17.06.21 Pt 1 - Is the hype around owning property overrated? Is Siya being a bit dramatic for not wanting to live in a house because of ‘the killer’? Sean Sanders joins the team to update them on the latest in the crypto markets.
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  • 15.06.21 Pt 2 - The team might have found out why men don’t trust women. Gareth shares his utter dislike of people wearing tracksuit pants, that he deems as ‘alcoholic pants’ out in public.
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  • 15.06.21 Pt 1 - Gareth and Jasmine Mulholland team up to give Siya a bit of an educational lecture on strippers, and how he shouldn’t look down on them. The team then plays a game that ends with Jasmine singing a national anthem that she created.
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  • 14.06.21 Pt 2 - Siya shares the top 10 most liveable cities determined by stability, infrastructure, education and access to healthcare. A California nun has pleaded guilty for stealing over $800k to help pay for gambling trips. And a vintage clothing collector joins the team to speak about her love...
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  • 14.06.21 Pt 1 - Does your memoji really need to look like you? The team gets into a bit of a chat about this... their ancestors must be turning in their graves! Dr Hanan Bushkin joins the team to tackle mental well-being and to discuss what the saviour complex is.
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  • 11.06.21 Pt 2 - Gareth has met his fair share of celebrities and shares some of his encounters with them. Who knew that Leigh-Ann turns into Darth Vader before she goes to bed... "I am your mother."
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  • 11.06.21 Pt 1 - The show starts off with the team going down memory lane and talking about what a healthy poop looks like. After 8 months, the Zoom masturbator is back at work, and Leigh-Ann informs the team about the ‘1 shaft, 4 heads’ echidna’s penis.
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  • 10.06.21 Pt 2 - Ted Blom - mining and energy advisor - joins the team to reveal how Eskom has been consistently underreporting for more than a year, and how level 2 load shedding is for the public, but isn’t entirely true. They also discuss Minister Zweli Mkhize, the ANC and Donald Trump.
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  • 10.06.21 Pt 1 - There’s a bit of an uproar as a woman who gave birth to 10 kids could be fake news. Imagine receiving a DM from a drug dealer trying to sell you drugs? And Siya gives us some noteworthy relationship advice.
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  • 09.06.21 Pt 2 - Oneal shares that he too is a bit of a collector. The guys are all amazed at the Gauteng woman who gave birth to 10 children... and Siya finally says the infamous YouTuber line!
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  • 09.06.21 Pt 1 - Oneal joins the show for a young catch-up with the team. Could soup really help you lose weight? And the issue of littering in South Africa is discussed.
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  • 08.06.21 Pt 2 - Does every person on Earth have to be mixed race, gay, or have been a drug addict to not be considered non-toxic and horrible? Mbulelo can’t understand how people have both Netflix and Amazon... where do they find the time? And try guess how much security is reported to cost world le...
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  • 08.06.21 Pt 1 - Mbulelo joins the team to personally give an account of his traumatic Covid journey, and to complain about people who take their dogs to the shops with them. They then have a candid conversation about funerals, speeches and how it’s all a bit of a performance.
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  • 07.06.21 Pt 2 - Now you’ll be able to block your colleagues as you swipe left without any judgement. Who knew Siya was a serial screenshotter, as he never knows when those receipts will come in handy. And Cobus Scholtz joins the team to chat about his matchbox collection.
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  • 07.06.21 Pt 1 - Leigh-Ann went bowling this past weekend, Gareth shares Mbulelo’s Covid chronicle video diaries and Dr Hanan Bushkin sheds light on how unconditional givers attract unconditional takers.
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  • 04.06.21 Pt 2 - Gareth chats to Sibs Qetu-Yates, a South African YouTuber who interviews some of SA’s most well-known people in the hottest restaurants. Why do we still even bother to understand art? An Italian artist auctioned off an ‘Invisible Sculpture’ for over $18,000.
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  • 04.06.21 Pt 1 - Ben Karpinski joins the guys to give them a bit of a life update. And Gareth reads an interesting email that involves a yoga position and farting.
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  • 03.06.21 Pt 2 - Where does South Africa stand politically? This week Martin van Staden, jurist and author based in South Africa, joins the show. His approach to public policy is from a libertarian perspective. The team get into the various solutions of improving the current state of the economy.
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  • 03.06.21 Pt 1 - Gareth shares some of the good things that have happened due to lockdown. Siya watched a documentary about a house that has 123 rooms, which gets the team talking about their ultimate fantasy rooms.
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  • 02.06.21 Pt 2 - Are pet owners over the top for purchasing a pet cupcake mix, or even wanting to know the DNA of their dogs? Leigh-Ann has a bit of a Karen moment, which gets the team talking about being a decent human.
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  • 02.06.21 Pt 1 - It’s said that if you dream of eating, someone is trying to bewitch you. Gareth beats Leigh-Ann to singing ‘Don’t be Suspicious’... and we discover something that could be worse than Siya pooping his pants.
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  • 01.06.21 Pt 2 - If given the option, would you voluntarily give up alcohol? The team share some WhatsApp hacks when it comes to voice notes, and Siya wants to know more about the gun regulations in South Africa.
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  • 01.06.21 Pt 1 - Both Flax and Siya find out why you shouldn’t be busy with your phone when you are at the petrol station, and Gareth isn’t too thrilled with the Chinese government...
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  • 31.05.21 Pt 2 - Leigh-Ann shares how the lunch with her ex in-laws went. Jasmine Mulholland joins the team to talk about her eclectic collections - from spoons to Christmas decorations. And you won’t believe who is addicted to TikTok!
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  • 31.05.21 Pt 1 - Gareth is back from his Kruger National Park weekend away. The team isn’t really surprised at the level 2 lockdown announcement, and Dr Hanan Bushkin joins the show to talk about the importance of chasing your own goals.
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  • 28.05.21 Pt 2 - What's a piece of advice you've heard before that has helped you in an emergency? Does the brace position really help you survive a plane crash? Simphiwe and Siya take a stab at motoring news, in place of George, while Leigh-Ann prepares for meeting her ex in-laws this weekend.
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  • 28.05.21 Pt 1 - When Gareth is away the team comes to play. But typically, everything that can go wrong somehow does. Siya shares an interesting story that involves an Uber offering some extra sexual activity.
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  • 27.05.21 Pt 2 - Wayne Duvenage, CEO of the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA), chats to Gareth to unpack the latest political news... from the Dr Zweli Mkhize saga, to Jacob Zuma possibly being the scapegoat, and solutions to combat corruption.
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  • 27.05.21 Pt 1 - The scenes from President Zuma’s trial were crazy... the crowds, the singing, the army! Is Prince Harry using his fame to bring much needed awareness to mental health? Elson Chigerwe, a regular listener, joins the team to give insight into the drama that’s been going on in Zimbabwe c...
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  • 26.05.21 Pt 2 - The White House is partnering with dating apps to get horny people vaccinated... why is the vaccine being so oversold? Leigh-Ann’s ex-in-laws from 15 years ago want to see her and we are all wondering if reconciliation is on the table? And Sean Sanders updates us on what’s currently...
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  • 26.05.21 Pt 1 - Imagine making a living from selling your farts? Why was Siya’s lounge looking a bit like a crime scene? And a GCS listener asks for some advice from the team.
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  • 25.05.21 Pt 2 - If you could ban anything in the world, what would you choose? We still don’t know why Siya doesn’t like strippers, which is funny because Candice’s career seems to be set after a Las Vegas strip club has announced a pop-up Covid vaccine clinic where vaccinated guests get ‘perks'.
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  • 25.05.21 Pt 1 - Why is it that vegans have to announce that they are vegan everywhere they go? Gareth never wants to experience kidney stones or piles. JJ Cornish joins the team to shed light on Eritrea.
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  • 24.05.21 Pt 2 - Leigh-Ann lists the 10 big companies that went bankrupt due to COVID. But there is also some good news as Siya shares the nine billionaires created by the vaccine development push. Friend of the show, Jen Su joins the team to talk about her unique hat collection.
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  • 24.05.21 Pt 1 - What’s a weekend without a little drama, as Siya shares how he had to deal with a revolting old man. And our favourite doctor, Dr Hanan Bushkin is back to give us some helpful mental health tips.
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  • 21.05.21 Pt 2 - Imagine taking a flight that’s only for fat people… well Gareth and Siya seem to once again think that they have a “brilliant” business idea. Friends of the show, Phil Coetzer and George Mienie join the guys to give them all the latest motoring news and suggest which cars to drive to...
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  • 21.05.21 Pt 1 - Gareth and Siya seem to agree that if you are going to break up with someone, you should be courteous enough to do it in person. They then ramble on about the latest headlines, an x-rated version of the classic Basic Instinct movie, and the Friends reunion clip.
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  • 20.05.21 Pt 2 - Things get fired up as the team is joined by Gabriel Crouse - IRR Head of Campaigns, writer and analyst - and they discuss the critical race theory, the corruption that is still taking place in the ANC, and what’s currently happening in Israel and Palestine.
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  • 20.05.21 Pt 1 - Dating isn’t as simple as it used to be, as people now are quick to ghost someone or even leave a restaurant without telling their date... yikes, it’s tough out there! Another celebrity announces that they are non-binary, and Siya still thinks he can sing.
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  • 19.05.21 Pt 2 - Siya muted Oprah for a whole month… what could she have possibly done for him to do that? Do you know what eco-bricks are? Sean Williams - founder of Live Life Always - joins the team to talk about eco-bricks, which can be used to produce various things like furniture, garden walls a...
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  • 19.05.21 Pt 1 - Aus’ Jane still seems to have it out for people who leave and come back, as she insults Leigh-Ann this week. Siya wouldn’t make the best urban planner, and it looks like Gareth owes someone an apology...
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