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Criminal is the first of its kind. A show about people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle. Hosted by Phoebe Judge.

  • 30 JUL 2021
    Episode 170: Ian Manuel
    36m 13s

    "The phone rang and rang and a lady picked up on the other end and I still remember the operator saying, 'You have a collect call from Ian for Debbie. Will you accept the charges?' And I remember Debbie saying, 'Yes, I accept.' And I just r...

  • 16 JUL 2021
    Episode 169: Masquerade
    39m 33s

    The story of a cryptic children’s book, a real-life treasure hunt, and its very mysterious winner: “He refused to be on camera. It’s just his voice. His wife even asks that they disguise his voice, but she asks too late. The interview is al...

  • 02 JUL 2021
    Episode 168: 48 Hours, Part 2
    46m 6s

    This episode picks up where Episode 167 left off. We suggest you listen to them in order. When Aaron Quinn called the Vallejo police to report that his girlfriend Denise Huskins had been kidnapped, and went into the station for questioning...

  • 18 JUN 2021
    Episode 167: 48 Hours
    54m 52s

    “I think it was around 3:00 a.m., and that’s when I heard a strange man’s voice waking me from sleep.” This is part one of a two-part episode. Listen to part two in our next episode. Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn’s book is Victim F. For...

  • 04 JUN 2021
    Episode 166: On Fire
    45m 33s

    On November 12th, 2012, the Accomack County volunteer fire departments got a call. An abandoned house had suddenly gone up in flames. And then, just hours later, a second fire was reported. Then a third. Over the next few months, there woul...

  • 21 MAY 2021
    Episode 165: Unfit
    46m 43s

    In August 1934, Ann Cooper Hewitt was having lunch with her mother when she suddenly felt pain in her abdomen. When she went to the doctor, he told her she would have to have her appendix removed. He never examined her abdomen. She later to...

  • 07 MAY 2021
    Episode 164: Sanctuary
    39m 20s

    After 32 years in the United States, José Chicas was told he had to leave. He bought a plane ticket to El Salvador, but then a local church offered another option. Special thanks to Jackie Metivier. For a transcript of this episode, send...

  • 23 APR 2021
    Episode 163: The Ghoul of Grays Harbor
    34m 40s

    The Pacific Northwest was said to be terrorized by a serial killer in the early 20th century. Bodies were floating to the surface of the Chehalis and Wishkah Rivers. A local police chief told reporters that he believed that they were dealin...

  • 09 APR 2021
    Episode 162: I Fought the Law
    44m 27s

    The song “I Fought the Law” by the Bobby Fuller Four reached number 9 on the Billboard Charts in the week of March 12, 1966. Just months later, Bobby Fuller was found dead. The mystery of what happened to him has been called “the rock and r...

  • 26 MAR 2021
    Episode 161: Only in Hollywood
    36m 56s

    When Joan Borsten married actor Oleg Vidov, also known as “the Soviet Robert Redford,” he introduced her to beautiful Soviet animations created in Moscow’s Soyuzmultfilm studio, like Hedgehog in the Fog, by Yuri Norstein. Joan and Oleg even...

  • 12 MAR 2021
    Episode 160: Hot Lotto
    31m 24s

    In 2010, a $16.5 million Hot Lotto ticket was sold at a gas station in Des Moines, Iowa. At first, no one showed up to claim the prize. And then, a series of lawyers tried to claim the money on behalf of a client they would not name. Things...

  • 26 FAB 2021
    Episode 159: Spiritual Developments
    39m 18s

    One Sunday afternoon, a man named William Mumler decided to take a self portrait. He said he was alone in the photography studio, but as the photograph developed he saw something very strange—the image of someone else, sitting beside him....

  • 12 FAB 2021
    Episode 158: "If it ever happens, run."
    35m 35s

    “What I recall most is the way that she grabbed my wrist and, shaking a bit, she said over and over again, ‘If it happens, run. Don’t let that happen to you. Run. If it ever happens, run.’” It was years before Cynthia Brown understood what...

  • 29 JAN 2021
    Episode 157: The Short Life of Qandeel Baloch
    37m 0s

    Qandeel Baloch grew up in a conservative village in Pakistan called Shah Sadar Din, a place where it was shocking to see a woman swimming outdoors. She ran away from home, changed her name from Fouzia Azeem, auditioned for Pakistan Idol, an...

  • 15 JAN 2021
    Episode 156: Sister Helen
    41m 46s

    In 1982, Sister Helen Prejean was invited to write a letter to a man on death row in Louisiana’s Angola State Prison named Elmo Patrick Sonnier. She told us, “I thought that all I was going to be doing was writing letters. And lo and behold...

  • 24 DEC 2020
    Bears on Ice
    5m 51s

    A day in the life of the town of Kalispell, Montana. Thanks very much for listening this year, and happy New Year. Read about other days in the Flathead Beacon's Police Blotter. For a transcript of this episode, send an email to transcri...

  • 18 DEC 2020
    Episode 155: Cannonball
    34m 49s

    With Covid-19 shutdowns, people have been taking advantage of quiet highways to drive as fast as they can from New York City to Redondo Beach, California. They’re trying to break records set in an unofficial and secretive race called the “C...

  • 04 DEC 2020
    Episode 154: The Night of the Party
    33m 1s

    When Nathan Myers and Clifford Williams were charged with the murder of Jeanette “Baldie” Williams in Jacksonville, Florida on May 2, 1976, neither of them were worried they would be convicted. They had dozens of witnesses that could confir...

  • 20 NOV 2020
    Episode 153: The Max Headroom Incident
    26m 3s

    One Sunday night in November 1987, something very odd happened in the middle of the WGN nine o’clock news in Chicago. Sportscaster Dan Roan had been talking about the Chicago Bears, when the screen suddenly went black. Then a person appeare...

  • 13 NOV 2020
    Episode 152: The Clearwater Monster
    31m 57s

    Early one morning in 1948, a phone call woke up the police chief in the small town of Clearwater, Florida. The caller said he’d seen something strange at the beach. Residents woke up that morning to find an odd set of footprints in the sand...

  • 06 NOV 2020
    Episode 151: The Many Lives of Michael Malloy
    31m 49s

    In 1932, a group of men in a speakeasy in Prohibition-era New York City hatched a plan — to take out life insurance on a loner named Michael Malloy, and make his death look like an accident. They thought it would be easy money. But Michael...

  • 23 OCT 2020
    Episode 150: 76th and Yates
    34m 8s

    On May 8, 2013, a man named Timothy Jones was arrested in Chicago. He says it wasn’t until he got to the police station that he found out that he was being charged with murder. He didn’t even know someone had died. Earlier that day, a woma...

  • 09 OCT 2020
    Episode 149: Dr. Parkman is Missing
    39m 11s

    In the mid-1800s, Harvard Medical School had a reputation for being a “den of body snatchers.” And then, in November 1849, the school’s most prominent supporter, Dr. George Parkman, went missing. He was last seen walking into the medical sc...

  • 25 SEP 2020
    Episode 148: Errol Morris
    44m 23s

    Early in his career, Errol Morris read about a shocking series of alleged insurance crimes in a small town in Florida, which some referred to as “Nub City.” There were allegations that men and women were mutilating themselves -- removing ha...

  • 11 SEP 2020
    Episode 147: Kids on the Case
    33m 21s

    The summer after Jessica Maple finished 6th grade, she found out that her great-grandmother’s house had been burglarized. So, 12-year-old Jessica got out her notebook, looked for fingerprints, and decided she would conduct her own investiga...

  • 28 AUG 2020
    Episode 146: Ten Doors
    31m 50s

    Tim Jenkin was a member of the ANC (African National Congress). The organization had been declared unlawful in South Africa, seen by the white minority as a threat to public order. In 1978, Tim Jenkin was charged under South Africa’s Terror...

  • 07 AUG 2020
    Episode 145: How to Sell A Haunted House
    32m 32s

    In 1989, Helen Ackley decided to sell her old Victorian house in Nyack, New York at 1 Laveta Place. It didn’t go as planned. There were stories of ghosts, and the house became the center of a case that’s referred to as “The Ghostbusters rul...

  • 17 JUL 2020
    Episode 144: Looking Out
    34m 16s

    People incarcerated in California’s San Quentin State Prison aren’t allowed to have pets — but some people, like Ronell Draper, have found ways to work around that. Meet Ronell Draper, also known as “Rauch,” plus Ear Hustle’s Nigel Poor and...

  • 03 JUL 2020
    Episode 143: Knock and Announce
    35m 27s

    “I didn’t do what they said I did. And it was like, I don’t know how to disprove the police. I mean, it’s my word against theirs. I don’t really stand a chance.” In 2015, the 15th Circuit Drug Enforcement Unit in South Carolina gave a conf...

  • 19 JUN 2020
    Episode 142: Robert Smalls
    31m 54s

    On May 13, 1862, in Charleston, South Carolina, a man named Robert Smalls took command of a Confederate ship called The Planter and liberated himself and his family from enslavement. As they passed the Confederate-held Fort Sumter, Robert S...

  • 05 JUN 2020
    Episode 141: It Looked Like Fire
    19m 10s

    On August 10th, 2014, one day after 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, Edward Crawford went to his first protest. “The people, you know, I guess they were out there to be heard,” Ed...

  • 15 MAY 2020
    Episode 140: Cowboy Bob
    34m 21s

    In May 1991, a bank robber walked into a bank in Irving, Texas, and without speaking handed the teller a note that read, “This is a bank robbery. Give me your money. No marked bills or dye packs.” Witnesses reported that the robber was wear...

  • 01 MAY 2020
    Episode 139: Learning How to Forgive
    35m 59s

    “I’ve been teaching law for almost 40 years. And I recently realized we don’t really teach people in law school about the tools of forgiveness that are built into the legal system.”  Today, we’re talking with Harvard law professors Dehlia...

  • 17 APR 2020
    Episode 138: Starlight Tours
    37m 32s

    In January 2000, the bodies of two First Nations men were found frozen in a remote area of Saskatoon, Canada. It was a place where nobody walked, especially in the winter. And then, a man named Darrell Night came forward and said he had bee...

  • 03 APR 2020
    Episode 137: Wolf 10
    34m 22s

    In April of 1995, wildlife biologists flew small airplanes over Yellowstone National Park, looking for two missing wolves. “They’re just gone. And that’s implausible because wolves don’t just disappear.” The missing wolves were two of 14 t...

  • 25 MAR 2020
    Looking for Wolves
    3m 52s

    Our other show, This is Love, is coming back on April 1. All new stories, about animals and the wild, and what happens when we take time to look around us. Say hello on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Sign up for our occasional newsletter...

  • 24 MAR 2020
    Phoebe Reads a Mystery
    32m 43s

    Phoebe reads Agatha Christie’s first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles. For more, visit Phoebe Reads a Mystery on its own feed. Apple: Spotify:

  • 20 MAR 2020
    Episode 136: La Brea Dave
    33m 41s

    Sgt. David Mascarenas was the Dive Supervisor for the Los Angeles Police Department. He’s been diving his whole life, and prides himself on never refusing a dive, no matter how treacherous. At least until the summer of 2013, when a murder i...

  • 06 MAR 2020
    Episode 135: 527 Lime Street
    31m 51s

    Just before midnight on October 15, 1990, police arrived at 527 Lime Street in Jacksonville, Florida to find the small wood-frame house on fire. A man named Gerald Lewis was standing in the front yard. He said there were people inside the h...

  • 21 FAB 2020
    Episode 134: Call Russ Ewing
    31m 35s

    “The police had surrounded the house. They had been there for quite a while. They didn’t want to try to rush the house because they thought he might kill one of the innocent people. But after waiting for a long time, I asked the police: ‘Le...

  • 07 FAB 2020
    Episode 133: Red Hair, Gold Car
    39m 40s

    One day Adam Braseel got a phone call from his mother. She said that a man in Grundy County, Tennessee had been murdered, and the police thought Adam had something to do with it. Adam was charged with and convicted of the murder of Malcolm...

  • 24 JAN 2020
    Episode 132: Herrin Massacre
    26m 51s

    In the spring of 1922, the United Mine Workers of America announced a national strike. And then, that summer in Herrin, Illinois, 23 people were murdered over two days. Men, women, and children came out of their houses to watch, and in some...

  • 10 JAN 2020
    Episode 131: Sunset Mesa
    33m 24s

    Debbie Schum waited a long time to receive the cremated ashes of her friend, LoraLee Johnson, from Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors in Montrose, Colorado. When she did, she felt relieved to finally take them home with her. But then, she got a...

  • 20 DEC 2019
    Episode 130: Who's There
    30m 35s

    Crime Blotter: “The Learning Center on Hanson Street reports a man across the way stands at his window for hours watching the center, making parents nervous. Police ID the subject as a cardboard cutout of Arnold Schwarzenegger.” Today, we’r...

  • 13 DEC 2019
    Phoebe, Judge Me
    10m 49s

    We are trying something different. Have a question for Phoebe? You can call into our voicemail at (919) 697-8231.

  • 06 DEC 2019
    Episode 129: Panic Defense
    39m 44s

    In 1995, two men filmed an episode of the daytime talk show, The Jenny Jones Show. A few days later, one of the men was dead. The shooter later claimed he’d committed the murder “in a panic that he was being falsely accused or identified as...

  • 22 NOV 2019
    Episode 128: Deep Breath
    41m 25s

    World-class biathlete Kari Swenson was on an afternoon trail run in the mountains near Big Sky, Montana in July 1984 when two men blocked her path. They were Don and Dan Nichols, a father and son pair who later became known as the “mountain...

  • 08 NOV 2019
    Episode 127: The Reverend
    36m 55s

    In 1977, a man named Robert Burns went to a funeral and shot someone, in the head, in front of 300 people. He didn’t deny it, and his lawyer, Tom Radney, didn’t deny it. Burns told a police officer: “I had to do it. And if I had to do it ov...

  • 30 OCT 2019
    Episode 126: A New Kind of Life
    20m 53s

    In 1930, a Cuban woman named Elena de Hoyos went to the hospital in Key West, Florida. She had a bad cough, and her family was afraid she had Tuberculosis. She met a German x-ray technician named Carl Von Cosel who claimed he could save her...

  • 25 OCT 2019
    Episode 125: The Less People Know About Us
    39m 58s

    SPOILER WARNING: Please listen to Episode 51: Money Tree before you listen to this one. Three years ago, we spoke with Axton Betz-Hamilton about discovering that her identity had been stolen as a child. When she found out who had stolen it...

  • 11 OCT 2019
    Episode 124: A Bucket, a Mop, and a Sledgehammer
    21m 39s

    After a crime occurs, or when someone dies, the police aren’t responsible for cleaning up. That’s not their job. The coroner takes the body, the police conduct their investigation, and then everyone leaves. But the blood, and the rubber glo...