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New Rory & Mal

New Rory & Mal


6 episodes

New stories, new laughs, new random hot takes that no one asked for... New Rory & Mal.

  • 16 JUL 2021
    Season 1 | Episode 5 | "Hoe Legs"
    1h 57m 11s

    Rory & MAL sit down to discuss being an ally of a woman in a new relationship, the dichotomy of cheating, initial fears of settling down, Snoh's album, out growing sounds, LOX vs Dipset, Sprinters, and much much more! Like, subscribe, and...

  • 09 JUL 2021
    Season 1 | Episode 4 | "Kashius Clay"
    1h 27m 27s

    Check out the "Zodiac Killer" sketch now on our YouTube page. Rory & MAL sit down to discuss Rory's Doja Cat 4th of July confession, women being too prepared for male guests to sleep over, The Legend of Desaun, new music, NORE calls in to t...

  • 02 JUL 2021
    Season 1 | Episode 3 | "You Know Me Better Than The Things I Did"
    2h 4m 17s

    Rory & Mal sit down and address the internet killing Mal over paying a girls tab while she was on a date, what is considered wasting women’s time, whether women actually tell the truth, if communication is really that difficult, whether Ror...

  • 25 JUN 2021
    Season 1 | Episode 2 | "Wake Up"
    1h 9m 40s

    Rory & MAL sit down and discuss men & women's lack of hydration in extra curricular activities, Usher's comments to T-Pain, the H.E.R. album, MAL picking up checks, introducing women to certain circles, and more!

  • 19 JUN 2021
    Season 1 | "Cha Cha Chicken" (feat. Earl Sweatshirt, WESTSIDE BOOGIE, & Justice)
    30m 44s

    RORY & MAL head to LA and sit with Earl Sweatshirt, WESTSIDE BOOGIE, and Justice of LVRN and discuss LA vs NY vs ATL, DR vacations, what type of guy their friends are around women, WS being Eminem's hype man, paying for companionship, and m...

  • 11 JUN 2021
    Season 1 | Episode 1
    1h 6m 41s

    The boys catch up about their recent trip to L.A.