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The Bear Grease Podcast with host Clay Newcomb delivers compelling storytelling through documentary-style episodes exploring the culture, traditions, and history of rural America. He’ll dive in deep with hunters, biologists, anthropologists, and hillbillies to learn about human nature and our ancient connection to the land. Bear Grease explores unique people, topics, and stories that reveal the incredible value of life lived close to the land. Part of the MeatEater Podcast Network.

  • 28 JUL 2021
    Ep. 12: Snake Bit - The Original Fear
    1h 14m 13s

    Whether you like it or not, snakes are a unique part of the human experience. We've had an unusual fear of them since humans started recording their lives in ways we can now study. In this episode, we'll talk with a man who's been bit so ma...

  • 21 JUL 2021
    Ep. 11: Bear Grease [Render] - Moonshiners and the Land Bridge
    1h 4m 8s

    On this episode of the Bear Grease [Render], we'll talk about an alarming influx of black panther evidence from listeners, and introduce a new hashtag: #landbridge. You'll hear about Brent's family "borrowing" raccoon hounds, and we'll intr...

  • 14 JUL 2021
    Ep. 10: Moonshine, NASCAR, and Bear Hunting (Appalachian Culture, Part 2)
    1h 1m 11s

    On this episode, Clay continues to explore southern Appalachian culture. He interviews Roy Clark about his bear hunting and Plott hounds. You’ll hear both laughter and tears. Then we dive in with Dr. Daniel Pierce to learn about the complex...

  • 07 JUL 2021
    Ep. 9: Bear Grease [Render] - Ol' Slew Foot
    1h 8m 6s

    On this episode of the Bear Grease [Render], Clay Newcomb is joined by the regular crew, minus Gary Newcomb -- however, the empty chair is filled by his wife Misty and her banjo. The crew has fun by playing some live music including a cow b...

  • 30 JUN 2021
    Ep. 8: Fifty Years in the 'Baccer Field (Appalachian Culture, Part 1)
    1h 7m 50s

    On this podcast, we’ll explore southern Appalachian culture through the life of a family of farmers, musicians, and bear hunters. The Clark family in East Tennessee are relics of the region’s past. Clay also interviews national expert, Dr....

  • 23 JUN 2021
    Ep. 7: Bear Grease [Render] - MeatEater South
    1h 4m 10s

    On this episode, we introduce you to a new weekly podcast called Bear Grease [Render], where we dissect and distill the documentary-style Bear Grease Podcast. You’ll meet a cast of people, some of whom you’ll be familiar with if you listen...

  • 16 JUN 2021
    Ep. 6: Searching For Akerns
    1h 4m 14s

    In this podcast, we're going to get a PHD in acorns, or as 20% of the country says, "akerns." We're going to do a biology deep dive with the nation's leading expert in oaks and acorns, Dr. Craig Harper of the University of Tennessee, but th...

  • 02 JUN 2021
    Ep. 5: Understanding Our Irrational Connection to Dogs
    55m 17s

    On this episode of the Bear Grease podcast, I’m in pursuit of understanding my irrational connection to dogs. I’ll talk about Lewin Newcomb -- my grandfather -- and his internal hierarchy of important things (of which dogs ranked very close...

  • 19 MAY 2021
    Ep. 4: Death of a Bear Hunter
    59m 50s

    On this episode of The Bear Grease Podcast, we’re exploring the gruesome death of Erskine, an Ozark Mountain bear hunter killed by his quarry in the 1840s. You’ll hear the firsthand account of the incident from his comrade, Frederick Gersta...

  • 05 MAY 2021
    Ep. 3: The Shed Horn Buck of 1962
    52m 54s

    James Lawrence is a master public land whitetail hunter and his favorite tactic is called "still hunting." In this episode of Bear Grease, you'll hear James' family story and about the buck that altered the trajectory of his life. The story...

  • 21 APR 2021
    Ep. 2: The Thing About Owl Hooters
    56m 50s

    Human inventiveness is displayed in our ability to mimic other animals using only our natural voice. In this episode, we’ll explore the "why" of natural voice calling, how it’s become ingrained in our hunting culture, and talk to a PHD econ...

  • 07 APR 2021
    Ep. 1: The Myth of the Southern Mountain Lion
    55m 48s

    There are two types of people in the South -- those who have seen mountain lions and those who haven’t. Supposedly extirpated from the South, the native species has lived on through backwoods lore and many believe they never left. Did they?...

  • 01 APR 2021
    Introducing: Bear Grease
    1m 34s

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