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The Huberman Lab Podcast discusses Neuroscience: how our brain and its connections with the organs of our body controls our perceptions, our behaviors, and our health. We also discuss existing and emerging tools for measuring and changing how our nervous system works. Dr. Andrew Huberman is a tenured Professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine. His laboratory studies neural regeneration and neuroplasticity, and brain states such as stress, focus, fear, and optimal performance. For more than 20 years, Dr. Huberman has consistently published original research findings and review articles in top-level peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Science, Cell, Neuron, and Current Biology. He is a regular member of several National Institutes of Health review panels, and a Fellow of the McKnight Foundation and the Pew Charitable Trusts. Dr. Huberman regularly consults for technology development companies, professional athletic organizations, and for various units of U.S. and Canadian Special Operations.

  • 02 AUG 2021
    Dr. Matthew Walker: The Science & Practice of Perfecting Your Sleep | Episode 31
    3h 6m 6s

    In this episode, my guest is Dr. Matt Walker, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology and the Founder & Director of the Center for Human Sleep Science at the University of California, Berkeley. He is also the author of the international be...

  • 26 JUL 2021
    How to Optimize Your Brain-Body Function & Health | Episode 30
    1h 52m 29s

    This episode I describe how the organs of the body influence the function and health of our brain and how our brain controls our bodily organs. The conscious awareness of this brain-body dialogue is called interoception. I describe how two...

  • 19 JUL 2021
    Dr. Lex Fridman: Machines, Creativity & Love | Episode 29
    3h 3m 19s

    Dr. Lex Fridman PhD, is a scientist at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), working on robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and human-robot interactions. He is also the host of the Lex Fridman Podcast where he hold...

  • 12 JUL 2021
    Maximizing Productivity, Physical & Mental Health with Daily Tools | Episode 28
    2h 7m 1s

    In this episode, I discuss science-supported tools for enhancing focus, learning, creativity, sleep, physical strength and endurance and brain and body health. I explain each protocol in detail, the rationale behind it, and how the protocol...

  • 05 JUL 2021
    The Science of Hearing, Balance & Accelerated Learning | Episode 27
    2h 3m 37s

    This episode I describe how our ears and nervous system decode sound waves and gravity to allow us to hear and make sense of sounds. I also describe protocols for rapid learning of sound and other types of information. I discuss sound local...

  • 28 JUN 2021
    Dr. Karl Deisseroth: Understanding & Healing the Mind | Episode 26
    2h 2m 6s

    Dr. Karl Deisseroth, MD, PhD, is a Clinical Psychiatrist and scientist who directs a bioengineering research laboratory at Stanford University School of Medicine. His work aims to understand and develop treatments for disorders of the mind...

  • 21 JUN 2021
    How Smell, Taste & Pheromone-Like Chemicals Control You | Episode 25
    1h 59m 41s

    This episode I explain how we sense chemicals by way of smell, taste and pheromones. How things smell and taste and chemicals in the tears, breath, and on the skin of others have a profound effect on how we feel, what we do and our hormones...

  • 14 JUN 2021
    The Science of Vision, Eye Health & Seeing Better | Episode 24
    1h 49m 38s

    This episode I describe how we see, meaning how our eyes focus, convert light information into electricity the rest of the brain can understand and how our brain creates the incredible thing we experience as “sight”. I also describe how we...

  • 07 JUN 2021
    How To Build Endurance In Your Brain & Body | Episode 23
    2h 5m 31s

    This episode I discuss endurance: our ability to perform effort over extended amounts of time. I describe the four kinds of endurance: muscular endurance, long-duration (single-set) efforts, and the two kinds of high-intensity interval trai...

  • 31 MAY 2021
    Science & Tools For Muscle Growth, Increasing Strength & Muscular Recovery | Episode 22
    2h 4m 21s

    In this episode I describe how our brain and nervous system control muscle tissue and how to leverage that for muscle maintenance, growth (hypertrophy) and recovery. I explain how neurons control muscle contractions and limb movements. I ex...

  • 24 MAY 2021
    How to Lose Fat with Science-Based Tools | Episode 21
    1h 53m 54s

    This episode I describe the science of fat loss, including how fat is mobilized and oxidized (burned) and how to increase fat burning by leveraging the nervous system. Most people don't realize it, but our neurons connect to our fat and rel...

  • 17 MAY 2021
    How to Learn Skills Faster | Episode 20
    1h 52m 15s

    This episode I discuss the science and practice of learning physical skills: what it involves at a biological level, and what to focus on during skill learning at each stage to maximize learning speed and depth. I also describe what to do i...

  • 10 MAY 2021
    Supercharge Exercise Performance & Recovery with Cooling | Episode 19
    1h 23m 51s

    This episode I explain the science of heating and cooling the body, a process called thermoregulation-- and how to apply that knowledge to significantly improve physical performance. I describe the three areas of our body that can remove he...

  • 03 MAY 2021
    Boost Your Energy & Immune System with Cortisol & Adrenaline | Episode 18
    1h 46m 38s

    This episode I describe the biology of two essential hormones we all make: cortisol and adrenaline (also called epinephrine). Cortisol and adrenaline powerfully regulate our levels of energy, focus and immune system function. I describe var...

  • 26 APR 2021
    How to Control Your Metabolism by Thyroid & Growth Hormone | Episode 17
    1h 46m 1s

    This episode I discuss metabolism and how our thyroid hormone and growth hormone control our metabolism. I also clarify that metabolism isn't just about burning energy, it’s about converting energy from different sources into fuels for buil...

  • 19 APR 2021
    How Hormones Control Hunger, Eating & Satiety | Episode 16
    1h 39m 44s

    This episode I discuss how hormones from our gut, liver, pancreas and brain control our appetite-- and the specific tools we can use to adjust those hormones in order to achieve specific goals. I explain the brain areas that control our des...

  • 12 APR 2021
    How to Optimize Testosterone & Estrogen | Episode 15
    2h 2m 48s

    This episode I discuss the hormones testosterone and estrogen and how they impact the brain, body, and behavior at ages after puberty. I also discuss how various behaviors such as exercise (resistance and endurance training) and sex, or obs...

  • 05 APR 2021
    The Science of Sexual Development | Episode 14
    1h 38m 23s

    In this episode I discuss how hormones such as testosterone and estrogen and their derivatives impact the early development of the brain and body and their maturation. I review published data on environmental factors shown to powerfully alt...

  • 29 MAR 2021
    The Science of Emotions & Relationships | Episode 13
    1h 41m 2s

    In this episode I discuss the biology of emotions and moods in the context of relationships. I focus on the science of how early infant-caregiver attachment, combined with adolescence and puberty shape our adult patterns of attachment. I ex...

  • 22 MAR 2021
    How To Increase Motivation & Drive | Episode 12
    1h 29m 3s

    This episode explains the science of motivation and drive. I describe how dopamine-- a chemical we all make in our brain, underlies our desire for and pursuit of our goals, as well as our capacity to move and experience pleasure. I describe...

  • 15 MAR 2021
    How Foods and Nutrients Control Our Moods | Episode 11
    1h 44m 8s

    This episode explains the brain-body connections that allow the specific foods we eat to control our moods and motivation. I discuss the vagus nerve and its role in dopamine and serotonin release in the brain. I review Omega-3 fatty acids a...

  • 08 MAR 2021
    Master Stress: Tools for Managing Stress & Anxiety | Episode 10
    1h 38m 11s

    This episode explains what stress is, and how it recruits our brain and body to react in specific ways. I describe the three main types of stress, and how two of them actually enhance the function of our immune system making us less vulnera...

  • 01 MAR 2021
    Control Pain & Heal Faster with Your Brain | Episode 9
    1h 37m 58s

    In this episode I describe the science of how and why pain arises in the body and brain, and how we can actively control our experience of pain. I discuss inflammation, stress, acupuncture, limb damage and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). I re...

  • 22 FAB 2021
    Optimize Your Brain with Science-based Tools | Episode 8
    1h 30m 23s

    In this episode, I describe how to access focused learning bouts, creative states, and the underlying neural circuitry involved. I frame this in the context of our daily 24-hour cycle in order to make it practical, clear and precise about t...

  • 15 FAB 2021
    How to Learn Faster by Using Failures, Movement & Balance | Episode 7
    1h 28m 6s

    In this episode I discuss how we can use specific types of behavior to change our brain, both for sake of learning the movements themselves and for allowing us to learn non-movement based information as well. I describe the key role that er...

  • 08 FAB 2021
    How to Focus to Change Your Brain | Episode 6
    1h 29m 31s

    This episode introduces neuroplasticity- which is how our brain and nervous system learns and acquires new capabilities. I describe the differences between childhood and adult neuroplasticity, the chemicals involved and how anyone can incre...

  • 01 FAB 2021
    Understanding and Using Dreams to Learn and to Forget | Episode 5
    1h 17m 50s

    This episode is all about the two major kinds of dreams and the sorts of learning and unlearning they are used for. I discuss REM-associated dreams that control emotional learning and their similarity to various trauma treatments such as ke...

  • 25 JAN 2021
    Find Your "Temperature Minimum" to Defeat Jetlag, Shift Work & Sleeplessness | Episode 4
    1h 50m 56s

    In this episode I discuss a simple and reliable measurement called your "temperature minimum" that you can use to rapidly adjust to new times zones when traveling, and to offset the bad effects of nocturnal shift work. I also discuss tools...

  • 18 JAN 2021
    Using Science to Optimize Sleep, Learning & Metabolism | Episode 3
    1h 41m 26s

    “Office Hours” — In this episode I answer your most commonly asked questions about science-supported tools for accessing more alertness, better learning, and quality sleep. I also cover when to exercise, time meals, and how to systematicall...

  • 11 JAN 2021
    Master Your Sleep & Be More Alert When Awake | Episode 2
    1h 22m 5s

    Today's episode provides a host of information on what makes us sleepy, sleep soundly, and feel awake and alert. It covers a broad range of tools for anyone wishing to improve their sleep and wakeful state.

  • 04 JAN 2021
    How Your Brain Works & Changes | Episode 1
    1h 2m 31s

    Today’s episode provides an introduction to how the nervous system works to create sensations, perceptions, emotions, thoughts and behaviors, as well as how we can change our nervous system— a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity. The inform...

  • 21 DEC 2020
    Welcome to the Huberman Lab Podcast
    4m 23s

    Welcome to the Huberman Lab Podcast, a new podcast from Dr. Andrew Huberman.  Podcast can also be found on YouTube here: