Unraveled: The Stalker's Web

Unraveled: The Stalker's Web


True Crime

16 episodes

What if your fourth grade pen pal turns out to be a sociopath who stalks you and your family and sends you death threats your entire life? Your internet friendship evolves into romance, but the in-person weekend of passion turns into decades of online abuse and harassment? After Unraveled’s hit first season investigating the Long Island Serial Killer murders, co-hosts Alexis Linkletter and Billy Jensen return for Unraveled: The Stalker's Web to track the multi-decade wrath of one of the most prolific stalkers to ever prowl the cyberworld. Compiling upwards of fifty victims, this online predator unleashed vicious attacks that cost people their livelihoods, destroyed their marriages, and drove some toward suicide. And when he can target anyone, anywhere—who will he come for next? Alexis Linkletter and Billy Jensen investigate his trail of destruction to unmask this deadly threat. To follow the Unraveled investigations even further, stream the specials exclusively on discovery+. Go to discoveryplus.com/unraveled to start your 7-day free trial today.* *discovery+ is currently only available for US subscribers.

  • 21 JUL 2021
    S2 Ep.6:Hiding Out
    38m 13s

    After years of Jason Christopher Hughes evading authorities, federal agents use cyber-tracking to locate him, and their manhunt comes to an end when he is found in one of the most populous cities on Earth. 
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  • 14 JUL 2021
    S2 Ep.5:The Devil's Web
    39m 21s

    With help from a cybercrime expert, Alexis & Billy investigate the sinister tools of the cyberstalking trade to learn how Jason torments his victims and escapes detection by concealing his identity. 
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  • 07 JUL 2021
    S2 Ep.4:Mother
    40m 39s

    Alexis and Billy track down Jason's mother, who shares the tumultuous backstory of her son's upbringing, including the revelation that he started stalking his first victim in the fourth grade. 
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  • 30 JUN 2021
    S2 Ep.3:The Extinct Marsupial
    37m 24s

    An old friend of Jason Christopher Hughes tells the story of how they met, and how he witnessed JCH's stalking techniques—until a falling out between them turned him into another one of Jason's victims. To follow the Unraveled investigatio...

  • 23 JUN 2021
    S2 Ep.2:Rachel
    39m 56s

    Victim "Rachel" reveals how a weekend fling with "Antisense"—now known as Jason Christopher Hughes—turned into a decades-long campaign of online attacks that destroyed her other relationships. To follow the Unraveled investigations even fu...

  • 16 JUN 2021
    S2 Ep.1:Antisense
    42m 3s

    Alexis and Billy talk with "Vanessa," a victim whose life has been upended by vicious online attacks for two decades. She is one of the first victims of the serial predator known as "Antisense." To follow the Unraveled investigations even...

  • 09 JUN 2021
    Introducing Unraveled: The Stalker’s Web
    1m 49s

    Get an advanced listen of the new season of Unraveled, "Unraveled: The Stalker's Web." Investigative journalists Alexis Linkletter and Billy Jensen track a prolific online predator's trail of destruction to unmask this deadly threat. Coming...

  • 19 MAY 2021
    S1 Ep. 8:Damning New LISK Information + Season 2 Announcement
    35m 44s

    In this episode, Alexis Linkletter and Billy Jensen reveal damning new information from the Long Island Serial Killer case, including hidden clues unearthed from the police's own website. Plus, they preview the rest of the Unraveled antholo...

  • 10 MAR 2021
    S1 Ep. 7:Who Is The LISK?
    41m 58s

    Alexis and Billy examine all the theories in the case, from how many killers are out there to who the leading suspects are—as well as share their personal thoughts on what went wrong during the investigation and who the LISK is. To follow o...

  • 03 MAR 2021
    S1 Ep. 6:New Evidence
    45m 23s

    With a cloud of suspicion hanging over the Suffolk County Police Department, Billy and Alexis interview the new officials in charge of the LISK investigation, plus share some startling new evidence that was recently revealed. To follow our...

  • 24 FAB 2021
    S1 Ep. 5:Oak Beach
    41m 32s

    A former sex worker discloses disturbing details about an encounter she had with the soon-to-be-named chief of police at a sex party in Oak Beach, a secretive community just two miles from where the LISK dumped the bodies of 11 dead sex wor...

  • 17 FAB 2021
    S1 Ep. 4:Twelve Months Of Misery
    45m 41s

    After uncovering evidence that law enforcement had not been doing everything in their power to solve the LISK case, Alexis and Billy go back to the start of investigation and the gruesome discovery of 11 victims between December 2010 and De...

  • 10 FAB 2021
    S1 Ep. 3:A Deal With The Devil
    41m 13s

    Alexis and Billy revisit another Long Island murder case from 1979, and uncover a troubling connection with two of the authorities trusted to lead the LISK investigation. To follow our investigation even further, stream the special "Unravel...

  • 03 FAB 2021
    S1 Ep. 2:Fail to the Chief
    37m 5s

    Alexis and Billy uncover a secret from the past with incriminating information about the former Chief of Police of Suffolk County. To follow our investigation even further, stream the special "Unraveled: The Long Island Serial Killer"...

  • 27 JAN 2021
    S1 Ep. 1:David and Goliath
    44m 45s

    Alexis’s childhood friend claims to have key evidence that could lead to solving the ten year mystery of the Long Island Serial Killer murders. To follow our investigation even further, stream the special "Unraveled: The Long Island Serial...

  • 09 DEC 2020
    Introducing Unraveled: Long Island Serial Killer
    2m 5s

    Get an advanced listen of the new true crime podcast series “Unraveled: Long Island Serial Killer”. Investigative journalists Alexis Linkletter and Billy Jensen re-examine the murders from a decade ago to find out why the case is still unso...