The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)

The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)

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In The Bible in a Year podcast, Fr. Mike Schmitz walks you through the entire Bible in 365 episodes, providing commentary, reflection, and prayer along the way. Unlike any other Bible podcast, Ascension’s Bible in a Year podcast follows a reading plan inspired by The Great Adventure Bible Timeline, a ground-breaking approach to understanding salvation history developed by renowned Catholic Bible scholar Jeff Cavins. For each period in the timeline, Jeff will join Fr. Mike for a special episode that will help you understand the context of each reading. With this podcast, you won’t just read the Bible in a year … you’ll finally understand how all the pieces of the Bible fit together to tell an amazing story that continues in your life today! Listen and… Read the ENTIRE Bible Feel more confident about your understanding of Scripture Experience the transformative power of God’s Word in your daily life Start seeing the world through the lens of Scripture Each 20-25 minute episode includes: Two to three scripture readings A reflection from Fr. Mike Schmitz A guided prayer to help you hear God’s voice in his Word The Bible contains adult themes that may not be suitable for children - parental discretion is advised.

  • 02 AUG 2021
    Day 214: The Hidden Glory of God
    23m 25s

    Fr. Mike reflects on how Isaiah's prophecies in chapters 49-50 point to the immediate reality of God's promise of redemption for Israel, as well as to the distant reality of Jesus Christ as the Messiah. In our reading of Ezekiel, we...

  • 01 AUG 2021
    Day 213: The Redeemer
    19m 34s

    Fr. Mike touches upon the prophecy of judgment against Babylon and Israel, and how God still promises to be Israel's redeemer despite their disobedience. We also read about Ezekiel's vision of the temple and how the markings on the...

  • 31 JUL 2021
    Day 212: God's Instrument
    23m 4s

    Fr. Mike highlights the works of King Cyrus, who we met yesterday, and how he is able to contribute to the will of God without actually knowing him. Cyrus not only shows us that no soul is ever too far for God's grace, but that God make...

  • 30 JUL 2021
    Day 211: Called By Name
    23m 8s

    Fr. Mike emphasizes our title as children of God as we read about the tragedy of the Babylonian exile. Even in our lowest moments, God wants us to know that he has called us each by name and has called us his, because a good Father does not...

  • 29 JUL 2021
    Day 210: Speaking God's Word
    26m 18s

    Fr. Mike compares the messages of Isaiah and Ezekiel, one coming from a pre-exile time and the other from a post-exile time. Even though they are coming from two very different points in salvation history, they both are persistent in speaki...

  • 28 JUL 2021
    Day 209: God Comforts His People
    23m 3s

    Fr. Mike brings us into the book of Consolation as we continue through Isaiah, and learn about how God never fails to comfort his people, even in the worst of times. He also introduces us to the Prophet Ezekiel, as we read about God accompa...

  • 27 JUL 2021
    Day 208: The Futility of Idols
    25m 36s

    Fr. Mike explains the three ways the people are tempted to turn away from God while in exile: by not worshipping God the way He has asked, by worshipping false idols, and by being superstitious and fearful of false gods. Today's reading...

  • 26 JUL 2021
    Day 207: The Lord Will Come
    28m 14s

    Fr. Mike points out the passages that highlight the coming of God, and asks us to reflect on whether our response is hope and excitement, or fear and dread. Today's readings are Isaiah 34-36, Baruch 3-4, and Proverbs 11:21-24. For the...

  • 25 JUL 2021
    Day 206: The Book of Baruch
    25m 12s

    Fr. Mike explains the context of the book of Baruch, and also highlights Isaiah's warning against complacency and how God's justice applies to everyone, even those who don't believe in Him. The readings are Isaiah 32-33, Baruch...

  • 24 JUL 2021
    Day 205: Promise to Zion
    26m 55s

    Fr. Mike breaks down God's incredible promise of redemption to Zion and reminds us that God always wants to fight for us, so that our shame may be turned into glory. Today's readings are Isaiah 30-31, Zephaniah 3, and Proverbs 11:1...

  • 23 JUL 2021
    Day 204: Zephaniah's Warnings
    32m 3s

    As we begin reading the Book of Zephaniah, Fr. Mike draws our attention to the first five accusations Zephaniah declares against the people of Judah; idolatry, lack of prayer, poor leadership, superstitions, and lack of belief in God's...

  • 22 JUL 2021
    Day 203: Rejoice in the Lord
    18m 50s

    Fr. Mike points out God's remarkable promise of deliverance to Israel even in the midst of their captivity and apparent hopelessness. Even when we don't see God working in our lives, we rejoice in God because we trust and hope in hi...

  • 21 JUL 2021
    Day 202: God's Judgment
    22m 28s

    As we continue journeying through the prophets, Fr. Mike helps us understand the oracle concerning Tyre and also points out that God's judgment will always be completed. Today we also begin reading the Book of Habakkuk and learn about...

  • 20 JUL 2021
    Day 201: Keys to the Kingdom
    23m 52s

    Fr. Mike focuses on Isaiah 22 today and explains how the role of the pope in the Catholic Church goes all the way back to this important chapter in Isaiah. We learn that Jesus himself instituted the papacy by making Peter his 'al-habbay...

  • 19 JUL 2021
    Day 200: Egypt, Assyria, and Israel
    20m 42s

    Fr. Mike celebrates Day 200 of our journey by highlighting the relationship between Egypt, Assyria, and Israel according to the Lord's plan. We have a God who died for his enemies to make him his friends, and we see that foreshadowed in...

  • 18 JUL 2021
    Day 199: Times for War
    18m 57s

    Fr. Mike explains why Joel would say that there are certain times for war, even within God's plan. In a broken world, we are sometimes going to be called to fight the brokenness around us, but we must believe that God is allowing this n...

  • 17 JUL 2021
    Day 198: The Day of the Lord
    26m 13s

    Fr. Mike introduces us to the prophet Joel, and the unique timing of his ministry in the midst of tragedy. He also touches on the prophecy concerning Lucifer and St. Michael the Archangel, and how the two are directly contrasted to show the...

  • 16 JUL 2021
    Day 197: Woe and Consolation
    23m 24s

    Fr. Mike reveals yet another prophetic message that points towards the coming of Christ, explaining why the Book of Isaiah is often called the Book of Woe and the Book of Consolation. He also touches on the powerful prayer we hear as we end...

  • 15 JUL 2021
    Day 196: Destruction of Israel
    26m 22s

    Fr. Mike talks about the destruction of Israel and explains how Jesus becoming man is the fulfillment of this prophesy we hear in Isaiah. He also points out the importance of God's anger with the Assyrians destroying Israel, even though...

  • 14 JUL 2021
    Day 195: Tobias and Sarah Pray
    24m 42s

    Fr. Mike highlights the purity of Tobias and Sarah's love, and the power of their prayer as a married couple. Today we read Isaiah 7-8, Tobit 7-9, and Proverbs 10:5-8. For the complete reading plan, visit

  • 13 JUL 2021
    Day 194: Holy is the Lord
    24m 12s

    Fr. Mike zeroes in on Isaiah 5-6 today. He emphasizes the literary masterpiece of the parable of the vineyard in Isaiah 5 and how it represents the story of Israel. He also shows us how Isaiah 6 is full of rich symbolism that points to th...

  • 12 JUL 2021
    Day 193: The Book of Tobit
    24m 48s

    Fr. Mike focuses on the book of Tobit today and explains why this beautiful book is missing from non-Catholic Bibles. He dives into the history behind the arrangement of the Bible, and why the Catholic Bible includes 73 books. Todays's...

  • 11 JUL 2021
    Day 192: The Prophet Isaiah
    26m 54s

    Today we begin reading the book of the prophet Isaiah and the book of Tobit! Fr. Mike helps us understand the historical context of Isaiah's ministry to Judah, and the themes of condemnation and consolation present in his writings. As w...

  • 10 JUL 2021
    Day 191: The Babylonian Exile
    18m 27s

    As we finish our journey in 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles, Fr. Mike highlights the Babylonian exile as a critical event in the story of salvation. Although the exile is a dark and devastating part of the Israel's history, Fr. Mike reminds us...

  • 09 JUL 2021
    Day 190: Judah is Overrun
    16m 56s

    As we near the end of 2 Kings, Fr. Mike takes us through Babylon's conquest of Judah, under the leadership of King Nebuchadnezzar. He touches on the importance of wisdom in the Book of Proverbs, and revisits the sons of Josiah in order...

  • 08 JUL 2021
    Day 189: Follow the Lord
    22m 43s

    Fr. Mike explains why it's important to focus on our own journey with the Lord over those around us while highlighting the leadership of king Josiah. He also reminds us how the mistakes of past kings had led Israel down a dark path. Tod...

  • 07 JUL 2021
    Day 188: The Book of the Law
    18m 7s

    Fr. Mike introduces us to the book of Proverbs, while reflecting on the lack of devotion Israel has shown towards God and the Book of the Law. Much like God gave the book of the Law to Israel, he's given the Bible to us to continue foll...

  • 06 JUL 2021
    Day 187: Praying for Time
    19m 57s

    Fr. Mike recalls Hezekiah's prayer for more time and reveals how Hezekiah did not use that time wisely. We all are only given a specific amount of time on this earth, and it's up to us to use that time to become more like Christ, so...

  • 05 JUL 2021
    Day 186: Struggles with Self-Interest
    15m 10s

    Fr. Mike highlights the goodness of Hezekiah as king of Judah but also points out his failure to protect the future of his people. While Hezekiah let his self-interest cloud his judgment, we are reminded to pray for those who will come afte...

  • 04 JUL 2021
    Day 185: Hezekiah's Prayer
    20m 5s

    Fr. Mike continues to emphasize Hezekiah's faithfulness as he turns to God in prayer in the midst of battle, and reinstitutes the Passover feast. Today we read 2 Kings 19, 2 Chronicles 30, and Psalm 143. For the complete reading plan,...

  • 03 JUL 2021
    Day 184: Hezekiah Reigns
    23m 20s

    Fr. Mike reflects on Hezekiah's righteousness as king of Judah, and his pivotal work of restoring true worship and removing false idols. By undoing all of the corrupt things his father king Ahaz did, Hezekiah shows us that our ancestors...

  • 03 JUL 2021
    Introduction to the Exile ( with Jeff Cavins)
    26m 49s

    Welcome to the Exile period! Jeff Cavins joins Fr. Mike to introduce the eighth biblical period, which covers the fall of the Southern Kingdom, Judah, and its exile into Babylon. They explain how the physical exile of Judah was representati...

  • 02 JUL 2021
    Day 183: Israel Falls to Assyria
    28m 3s

    Today we read about the critical moment when Assyria destroys the Northern Kingdom, and the ten northern tribes are exiled and assimilated among the nations. Fr. Mike explains how this moment and the foreign possession of Samaria is key in...

  • 01 JUL 2021
    Day 182: The Inescapable God
    25m 33s

    Congratulations, you've made it about halfway through the Bible in a Year journey! Today, we read again about king Ahaz's unfaithfulness in 2 Kings. We are also introduced to the prophet Micah, who is all about judgement and hope, a...

  • 30 JUN 2021
    Day 181: Jonah and the Whale
    26m 28s

    Today, we hear the story of the prophet Jonah, who, unlike Amos, did not want the people to repent. The readings are 2 Kings 15, Jonah 1-4, and Psalm 138. For the complete reading plan, visit Please note:...

  • 29 JUN 2021
    Day 180: Giving Time to God
    22m 48s

    As we conclude the book of Amos, we hear Amos rebuke the people for grudgingly giving their time to God, as in prayer or on the sabbath, and counting the minutes until they could do whatever they wanted. Fr. Mike points out that if we don&#...

  • 28 JUN 2021
    Day 179: Blinded by Comfort
    26m 52s

    Fr. Mike points out how Amos' warning against being overly preoccupied with comfort and thus blinded to the needs of others can be especially relevant to us today. The readings are 2 Kings 11-12, Amos 4-6, and Psalm 122. For the comple...

  • 27 JUN 2021
    Day 178: Called Back
    23m 5s

    Fr. Mike points out how Jehu followed God half-way, but God wants us to follow Him with our whole hearts. He also explains the prophecy of Amos, who is trying to call people back to the Lord before it is too late. The readings for today are...

  • 26 JUN 2021
    Day 177: Return, O Israel
    26m 45s

    Fr. Mike shortly touches on David's honest prayer in Psalm 109 before diving into the unending love God has for his people. As we continue to journey through our readings, we will begin to see the words of the prophets come to fruition...

  • 25 JUN 2021
    Day 176: Choosing Eternal Life
    21m 11s

    Fr. Mike explains why all of us are called to listen to the prophets of the Old Testament, and why their role is so important in salvation history. Each of us is building some kind of life and picture of eternity: the question we must ask o...

  • 24 JUN 2021
    Day 175: Knowledge of God
    26m 27s

    Fr. Mike emphasizes the importance of knowing God and knowing his love for us as we read about the devastation of war and the lack of faith displayed by Israel. Without a deeper knowledge of God, not only can we struggle for hope in God&#39...

  • 23 JUN 2021
    Day 174: The Prophet Hosea
    23m 57s

    Fr. Mike takes a break from 2 Chronicles to enter into the book of Hosea. We learn that Hosea was a prophet called to not only witness to God's words, but to his actions as well. Fr. Mike also touches on hope in times of intense healing...

  • 22 JUN 2021
    Day 173: Confidence in God
    24m 40s

    Fr. Mike talks about how we see both an abundance of faith, and a great lack of faith in our readings today. While the widow Elisha visits shows us a beautiful example of walking in faith, king Ahaz fails to repent as he falls deeper into s...

  • 21 JUN 2021
    Day 172: Uzziah's Pride
    18m 4s

    Fr. Mike zeroes in on how Uzziah's prideful desire to worship God in his own way led to his tragic death. We are reminded once again how easily the kings over Judea strayed away from God after achieving greatness. Today's readings a...

  • 20 JUN 2021
    Day 171: Elijah and Elisha
    24m 18s

    Fr. Mike breaks down the moment Elijah is taken up to heaven, and the miracle Elisha performs at the spring. In 2 Chronicles, we also read about how king Amaziah suddenly turned his heart away from God by worshipping idols. Today's read...

  • 19 JUN 2021
    Day 170: Joash's Downfall
    20m 40s

    Fr. Mike looks at Joash's downfall and disobedience after the death of Jehoida. We learn how important it is to have good mentors in our lives who keep us grounded in the faith. Fr. Mike also emphasizes the significance of Psalm 69 and...

  • 18 JUN 2021
    Day 169: Joash Is Crowned
    19m 39s

    Fr. Mike explains how Athaliah's death, Jehoiada's covenant, and the crowning of Joash as king of Judah was pivotal for the restoration of the Temple. Today's readings are 1 Kings 22, 2 Chronicles 23, and Song of Solomon 8. For...

  • 17 JUN 2021
    Day 168: Wicked Kings
    21m 9s

    Fr. Mike highlights the wickedness and unfaithfulness of king Ahab, king Jehoram and king Azaiah. We learn that their selfish and disobedient actions have severe consequences. Today's readings are 1 Kings 21, 2 Chronicles 21-22, and Son...

  • 16 JUN 2021
    Day 167: Viaticum
    27m 58s

    Today we read about Elijah's discouragement after fleeing from Jezebel, and how God tells him to "arise and eat" to strengthen him for the journey ahead. Fr. Mike points out how God calls us to draw strength for the journey as...

  • 15 JUN 2021
    Day 166: Responding in Faith
    25m 27s

    Today, we are introduced to the prophet Elijah, who again and again responds to God's invitations with faith. The readings are 1 Kings 17-18, 2 Chronicles 18-19, and Song of Solomon 5. For the complete reading plan, visit ascensionpres...

  • 14 JUN 2021
    Day 165: The Lover and the Beloved
    26m 4s

    Fr. Mike connects today's reading from Songs to the teachings of St. John Paul's Theology of the Body. He also points out how helpful it is to track the timelines of the kings of Israel and Judah as we read from Kings and Chronicles...