Tom Brown's Body

Tom Brown's Body

Texas Monthly

True Crime

10 episodes

In 2016, a popular high school senior mysteriously disappeared on the night before Thanksgiving. His remains were found two years later. What happened to Tom Brown in the small town of Canadian, Texas that night? It seems everyone in town’s become a suspect, including Tom’s family, friends, the local sheriff, and a high-flying private investigator. Acclaimed writer Skip Hollandsworth digs into the mystery that’s torn this town apart in this eight-part true crime podcast series. From the Texas Monthly team behind “Boomtown”—a popular eleven-part podcast series about the culture and economy of the West Texas oil fields—“Tom Brown’s Body” launches September 29 and is the first narrative podcast series from Hollandsworth.

  • 14 JUN 2021
    Introducing: State of Mind
    2m 17s

    There’s something different about Texas. But how do you define it without resorting to cliches about cowboys and oilmen? At Texas Monthly, we think the answer is through stories — stories like the ones we’ve been telling for almost 50 years...

  • 17 NOV 2020
    8. The Remains
    42m 26s

    "I'm definitely more paranoid wherever I go. I definitely watch my back more and pay attention to what's going on around me."

  • 10 NOV 2020
    7. The Wake
    41m 55s

    "The people of the town are calling us and saying, 'Do we have a monster that lives in our community?' I wish I could give them Solace."

  • 03 NOV 2020
    6. The Thicket
    28m 51s

    "I'm like, 'What the heck is that?' So, I walk around some shrubs, and as I get closer I can see that it kind of looks like bone."

  • 27 OCT 2020
    5. Unusual Suspects
    44m 46s

    “It's kind of strange that your investigator calls this search, and lo and behold, right after he starts the search, a cell phone is found.”

  • 20 OCT 2020
    4. Lake Marvin Road
    39m 54s

    "I'm sitting there thinking, 'Oh God, I'm so scared right now.' I couldn't convince them. And so I just let them hammer me."

  • 13 OCT 2020
    3. Evil Has Come to Canadian
    36m 54s

    "Makes you want to go to the church, get on your knees and say a few words, right?

  • 06 OCT 2020
    2. Tom's Loop
    42m 50s

    "My gut tells me he hasn't left Hemphill County. I think he's here somewhere, and I don't know if he intends to come out in the next day or two."

  • 29 SEP 2020
    1. A Pretty Little Place
    29m 7s

    “Someone is lying. And it’s hard to know who’s lying and who’s not.”

  • 14 SEP 2020
    3m 54s