Jury Duty: The Trial of Robert Durst

Jury Duty: The Trial of Robert Durst

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The story of billionaire Robert Durst and his possible involvement in the deaths of three people became world-famous because of the popular HBO series, The Jinx. Hear the story of the Durst trial for the murder of Susan Berman as it happens, with unique access to evidence and testimony from pre-trial proceedings, courtroom recaps, expert commentary, witness testimony and interviews with individuals who have special knowledge related to the homicide trial. This groundbreaking real-time true crime series is created, hosted and produced by Oscar and Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker Kary Antholis.

  • 28 JUL 2021
    S2 E12: Self-Incriminating Breadcrumbs
    39m 27s

    In this episode, Self-Incriminating Breadcrumbs, host Kary Antholis and co-host Brittany Bookbinder examine the public statements Robert Durst has made about his actions that have become evidence in his murder trial and trace how the prosec...

  • 26 JUL 2021
    S2 Bonus 10: Disappearance in Eureka
    22m 19s

    In this special installment of our series Robert Durst In His Own Words, we dive into Durst's time in Northern California. Durst's statements about his experience in NorCal — as read by actor David Kelsey — offer insight into a signifi...

  • 21 JUL 2021
    S2 E11: Robert Durst's Love Nest
    40m 42s

    This episode, Robert Durst's Love Nest, focuses on the testimony of Susan Giordano and Jeanne Clark, examining the loyalty that Robert Durst seems to inspire in his female companions, as well as the possible reasons that the prosecution cal...

  • 14 JUL 2021
    S2 E10: What Happened to Morris Black's Head?
    38m 27s

    In this episode, What Happened to Morris Black's Head?, we examine how the prosecution in the Susan Berman murder trial presents Robert Durst's pattern of making calculated but clumsy moves to cover up his wrongdoings. Using the text o...

  • 14 JUL 2021
    S2 Bonus 9: Jill Biden's Ex-Husband Joins the Robert Durst Circus
    11m 45s

    In this special breaking news edition of Jury Duty, Jill Biden's Ex-Husband Joins the Robert Durst Circus, host Kary Antholis examines the claim by Bill Stevenson, the ex-husband of First Lady Jill Biden, that he had an affair with Kathie D...

  • 07 JUL 2021
    S2 E9: The Brothers Durst Speak
    37m 18s

    In this episode, The Brothers Durst Speak, we explore the testimony of Douglas and Thomas Durst in their brother Robert's murder trial. Some common — and not so common — themes emerge. Host Kary Antholis discusses this intense testimon...

  • 06 JUL 2021
    S2 Bonus 8: Bob Talks Guns
    15m 28s

    In this installment of our series Robert Durst In His Own Words, we dive into Bob's relationship with guns. Over the years, Robert Durst has made numerous public statements about firearms. These statements — as read by actor David Kels...

  • 30 JUN 2021
    S2 E8: The Trial’s Key Moment
    40m 27s

    This episode, The Trial's Key Moment, focuses on the explosive testimony of Emily and Stewart Altman, longtime friends and confidants of Robert Durst. Host Kary Antholis discusses the week's shocking developments with co-host Brittany...

  • 29 JUN 2021
    S2 Bonus 7: Bob Talks about His Shaved Head and His Catheter
    8m 6s

    In this special breaking news bonus episode, we detail how Robert Durst — for the first time in weeks — stood up at the defense table and made his voice heard. 
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  • 28 JUN 2021
    S2 Bonus 6: A Bizarre Blunder By Durst's Defense
    6m 1s

    In court this week, defense attorney Dick DeGuerin presented a photo of a young Robert Durst and a pretty young woman to illustrate Bob's affection for his missing wife, Kathie, and attempting to cast doubt on suspicions that Durst may have...

  • 23 JUN 2021
    S2 E7: Susan's Diarrhea Tell and Bob's Scream Therapy with John and Yoko
    41m 49s

    This episode, Susan's Diarrhea Tell and Bob's Scream Therapy with John and Yoko, looks at testimony from several witnesses regarding Susan Berman's actions on behalf of Robert Durst following his wife Kathie's disappearance. We also co...

  • 21 JUN 2021
    S2 Bonus 5: Prosecutor Empties Bob’s Catheter Bag (or How Sick is Durst?)
    24m 3s

    In yet another surreal moment in a case replete with crazy twists, Deputy District Attorney John Lewin told the court on Thursday that he accompanied the defendant Robert Durst to the bathroom to assist him by emptying his catheter bag. We...

  • 16 JUN 2021
    S2 E6: On Kathie's Disappearance and Bob's Own Words
    39m 20s

    This episode looks at the prosecution's presentation of strange events in South Salem around the time of Kathie Durst's disappearance. We also present our first in a series of deep dives into Robert Durst's life, much of which is presented...

  • 14 JUN 2021
    S2 Bonus 4: Susan Berman — A Moving Epilogue (With An Update on Robert Durst's Medical Incident)
    29m 13s

    This bonus episode focuses on the most emotional testimony in the Durst trial to date — Mella Kaufman, Susan Berman's surrogate daughter. Charles V. Bagli, who is covering the trial for The New York Times and CrimeStory.com, also joins to o...

  • 11 JUN 2021
    S2 Bonus 3: What Happened to Bob?
    8m 6s

    This special breaking news edition of Jury Duty discusses the mysterious 'medical incident' today that kept Robert Durst out of the courtroom and landed him in a prison hospital. Host Kary Antholis speaks with Charles V. Bagli, who is cover...

  • 09 JUN 2021
    S2 E5: The Detective Who Slept with A Witness
    31m 49s

    This episode, The Detective Who Slept with a Witness, focuses on the prosecution's withering cross examination of Det. Michael Struk. Host Kary Antholis discusses the implications of this testimony for both the defense and the prosecut...

  • 02 JUN 2021
    S2 E4: Susan Berman — The Tragic End
    36m 26s

    We conclude our three-part series about the life of Robert Durst's best friend and alleged victim, Susan Berman. This episode, The Tragic End, tracks Susan's initially hopeful and ultimately fatal Hollywood experience. We also discuss the f...

  • 31 MAY 2021
    S2 Bonus 2: The First Week of Testimony
    23m 22s

    This special bonus episode explores the first week of witnesses taking the stand in the Durst trial. An array of physicians offered their testimony regarding a piece of evidence that the Defense argues upends the Prosecution's assertion tha...

  • 26 MAY 2021
    S2 E3: Re-Openings
    34m 5s

    The trial of Robert Durst the murder of his friend Susan Berman resumed on May 18 after a fourteen month delay. We dedicate this episode to telling you how the parties approached restarting their arguments, including Deputy District Attorne...

  • 19 MAY 2021
    S2 E2: Susan Berman — Big Personality
    35m 57s

    With the Los Angeles murder trial of Robert Durst beginning this Tuesday, May 18, we bring you to date on the latest developments in the case, including some intense courtroom drama and a wild attorney press conference. We also continue our...

  • 17 MAY 2021
    S2 Bonus 1: Durst Suggests Lawyers Experienced "Temporary Insanity or Collective Dementia"
    10m 53s

    Robert Durst and his attorneys traded assertions that the other was experiencing "dementia" in various statements to Judge Mark Windham. In a series of pretrial motions and court filings, Durst's team sought to further postpone the resumpti...

  • 12 MAY 2021
    S2 E1: Susan Berman — Easy Street
    26m 57s

    With the Los Angeles murder trial of Robert Durst scheduled to restart on May 17, we begin Season Two with a three part series on the life of his best friend and alleged victim, Susan Berman. This episode, entitled Easy Street, focuses on S...

  • 28 APR 2021
    Season 2 Trailer: Jury Duty: The Trial of Robert Durst
    2m 31s

    Wednesdays starting May 12th. After a hiatus of over 14 months, the trial of Robert Durst for the murder of his best friend, Susan Berman, resumes with the same jury, the same lawyers and the same judge that started on the trial in March...

  • 30 SEP 2020
    S1 E12: Thank You for Your Time (Season Finale)
    29m 49s

    As David Chesnoff concludes the defense team's opening statement, it becomes clear that the jury will have to choose between two ways of interpreting evidence: Will they be guided by Chesnoff’s mantra that “no evidence is evidence” deciding...

  • 23 SEP 2020
    S1 E11: No Evidence Is Evidence
    32m 19s

    In the penultimate episode of Season 1, David Chesnoff takes over the defense team’s opening statement and establishes his mantra for the day: “No evidence is evidence.” By this he suggests that the jurors should lean into their desire for...

  • 16 SEP 2020
    S1 E10: Let's Talk about the Dismemberment
    28m 57s

    Dick DeGuerin continues his opening statement to the jury on behalf of Robert Durst by reprising his assertion from the trial in Texas that Durst killed Morris Black in self-defense and then - in a panic - dismembered Black's body. DeGuerin...

  • 09 SEP 2020
    S1 E9: Bob Doesn't Make Good Decisions
    44m 30s

    Dick Deguerin begins the opening statement in the defense of Robert Durst against the charge that he murdered Susan Berman. DeGuerin's opening in many ways telegraphs a reprise of his three-pronged strategy in defense of Durst the charge of...

  • 02 SEP 2020
    S1 E8: After The Jinx
    39m 8s

    In March of 2015, after the debut of a pivotal episode of The Jinx, Robert Durst was arrested in New Orleans on gun charges. Deputy DA John Lewin tells the jury that this is where he first met Durst, travelling to New Orleans to interrogate...

  • 26 AUG 2020
    S1 E7: The Jinx
    36m 29s

    After his acquittal on charges of murdering Morris Black and after serving prison time for dismembering Black's body and jumping bail, Robert Durst decides to record a conversation with the filmmakers of a movie that suggests he committed t...

  • 24 AUG 2020
    PREVIEW: What Happened After The Jinx?
    4m 27s

    In February and March of 2015, Americans became obsessed with the story of Robert Durst through the HBO documentary series The Jinx. The first six episodes of this podcast have chronicled much of the same story presented in The Jinx, throug...

  • 19 AUG 2020
    S1 E6: The Texas Trial of Robert Durst
    38m 30s

    After the death of Morris Black, Robert Durst dismembered his body, threw the parts in Galveston Bay and made plans to flee Texas, not once but twice, the second after posting and jumping bail. Deputy DA John Lewin tells the jury that by te...

  • 12 AUG 2020
    S1 E5: The Killing of Morris Black
    29m 32s

    It is early 2001. In the aftermath of Susan Berman's murder, Robert Durst is living disguised as a mute woman in a boarding house in Galveston, Texas, and is befriended by a new neighbor named Morris Black. Deputy DA John Lewin, using inter...

  • 05 AUG 2020
    S1 E4: Point Blank
    25m 13s

    Deputy DA John Lewin tells the jury that Robert Durst entrusted Susan Berman with his darkest secret. The prosecutor then chronicles the key events in each of their lives that led Durst to allegedly shoot his best friend in the back of her...

  • 03 AUG 2020
    BREAKING NEWS: Adjournment to Spring and a Second Podcast Season
    6m 46s

    The trial of Robert Durst has been adjourned until April 12th 2021. At that time the same jury will return to finish a trial that they started more than a year before. So what does that mean for this podcast? We still have seven episodes to...

  • 29 JUL 2020
    S1 E3: Pine Barrens
    28m 15s

    After his wife Kathie's disappearance, Robert Durst travelled to New Jersey, argues Deputy DA John Lewin. The prosecutor tells the jury that Durst made a series of collect calls from an area of the state near the Pine Barrens, a notorious M...

  • 22 JUL 2020
    S1 E2: A History of Violence
    37m 30s

    Robert Durst tried to control his wife Kathie through violence, and that violence escalated until the day that Kathie Durst disappeared. "That is what the evidence will show," prosecutor John Lewin tells the jury in Durst's trial for the mu...

  • 15 JUL 2020
    S1 E1: This Case Involves Three Different Murders
    41m 20s

    Robert Durst is on trial for the murder of his friend Susan Berman. Prosecutor John Lewin begins his opening statement by telling the jury that the case actually involves the murder of three people: his wife Kathie Durst, Berman and a man n...

  • 02 JUL 2020
    Introducing Jury Duty: The Trial of Robert Durst
    1m 17s

    Wednesdays starting July 15th. The story of billionaire Robert Durst and his possible involvement in the deaths of three people became world-famous because of the popular HBO series, The Jinx. Hear the story of the Durst trial for the mur...