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ETF Working Lunch is a biweekly podcast in partnership with Women In ETFs. Hosts Cinthia Murphy and Lara Crigger talk about the latest news and most important trends in ETFs with some of the smartest women in the business. It’s a fun and insight-packed gathering of ladies who work through lunch! Check out the most recent episodes below.
  • Nationwide is leading an interesting effort on financial inclusion, one that Marge Farquharson, head of ETFs for the firm, is passionate about. She tells us how income needs are unique across different groups, and how Nationwide is putting those needs in the driver’s seat of ETF innovation.
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  • There’s a lot of interesting innovation in ETFs, but not all of it makes headlines. Heather Bell, managing editor at, tracks down the hidden gems of recent ETF launches, and walks down memory lane to remember the could-have-been greats that fizzled and the head-scratching greats that sizzled...
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  • Environmental, social and governance investing is quickly expanding in the ETF space, and so is the conversation about its value proposition. Brie Williams, head of practice management at SPDR Exchange Traded Funds, dives into the numbers, the trends and the advisor/client disconnect on this theme.
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  • ETF subadvisors connect a lot of dots within the ETF ecosystem to ensure that an ETF goes smoothly from original idea to trading desks to investor portfolios. Amrita Nandakumar, president of Vident Investment Advisory and subadvisor to nearly 50 ETFs, shares her experience in this space (and says th...
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  • Nancy Davis, founder and CIO of Quadratic Capital, is somewhat of a newcomer to the ETF industry. She shares her experience, and explains 'IVOL,' a one-of-a-kind ETF that blends TIPS with options to access inflation expectations while being long fixed income volatility.
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  • When it comes to financial advice, there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all offering. Rita Cheng, chief executive officer at Blue Ocean Global Wealth, knows this well, and shares here what it takes to meet clients wherever their needs are.
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  • Canada recently beat the U.S. to the punch, welcoming bitcoin ETFs for the first time. Prerna Chandak, VP of ETFs at Canadian asset manager Mackenzie Investments, walks us through why innovation moves fast in Canada, and in what ways that ETF market is similar and different from ours.
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  • The ETF ecosystem is full of opportunities for career growth. The trick is finding that next step. Jillian DelSignore, head of ETFs & Indexing for FLX Distribution, has made several moves in recent years, from a big bank to starting her own firm to landing at a startup platform. Here’s what she’s le...
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  • The passive versus active debate goes back a long way, and keeps reemerging in the ETF industry as product innovation and new ideas disrupt old norms. Aye Soe, global head of product management at S&P Dow Jones Indices, shares what the data tells us about alpha—and managers’ ability to find it.
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  • DFA entered the ETF space with a splash, launching three funds and announcing the conversion of some of its mutual funds to ETFs. Marlena Lee, head of Investment Solutions at the firm, walks us through that decision and shares fun lessons from her time working with economist Eugene Fama.
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  • The industry saw a record number of ETF launches in 2020, and a record number of closures. Just as first-of-a-kind strategies emerged, some of the shortest-lived funds also made their debut and farewell. We go over the latest “ETF catalog” with FactSet Senior ETF Analyst Lois Gregson, and talk trend...
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  • ETF innovation is great, but not without strong product quality control behind it. Samara Cohen, who oversees that key process as co-head of iShares Markets and Investments, tells us what quality means in product development, and shares how her love of theater prepared her for the ETF role of a life...
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  • In the actively managed ETF space, it all comes down to the active manager. Janet Johnston, co-chief investment officer and portfolio manager at TrimTabs Asset Management, is one of them. She shares the day-to-day challenges of running two active ETFs, and tells us why she loves that hands-on role.
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  • The March market madness taught us a few things about how ETFs work in a moment of crisis—among them, how authorized participants show up en masse when they’re needed most. Shelly Antoniewicz, senior director of industry and financial analysis at the Investment Company Institute, shares the data fro...
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  • Marketing and public relations are essential to any ETF distribution strategy. It all comes down to communicating the right message to the right investor. Alex Levis, president of Arro Financial Communications, walks us through the day-to-day effort of crafting compelling ETF stories.
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  • ETF boards are an integral part of the ETF ecosystem, but one we rarely talk about. Stephanie Pierce, CEO of ETF, Index & Cash Investment Strategies at BNY Mellon Investment Management, walks us through how boards are put together, how they operate and when they are most important.
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  • The financial industry isn’t heralded for diversity, but things are changing, says Brie Williams, head of practice management at SPDR ETFs. We dive into the data and trends shaping the diversity conversation in our industry, and talk about the progress that’s been made, and the progress that’s still...
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  • Fixed income investing isn’t meant to be exciting, but in 2020 it has certainly not been boring. Kelly Ye, director of research at IndexIQ and a fixed income expert, shares her timely insight on what’s driving the massive segment, and what opportunities she sees ahead.
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  • Leveraged and inverse ETFs get a lot of bad press anytime a sharp market move surprises investors holding these funds. But it all comes down to understanding how, why and when these ETFs work best. Sylvia Jablonski, capital markets institutional ETF strategist at Direxion ETFs, helps us debunk some...
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  • The pandemic has disrupted economies everywhere, and government responses to it across the globe have impacted markets in different ways. Kristina Hooper, chief global market strategist at Invesco, takes stock of who’s handled the virus well, and what the international investing opportunity set is n...
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  • The ETF industry has welcomed numerous active ETF launches so far in 2020, including the first nontransparent active ETFs, while facing one of the largest numbers of ETF closures, and a race to the bottom in fees that just won’t let up. It’s been busy, and Elisabeth Kashner, director of ETF research...
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  • Direct indexing is challenging the model portfolio business. Active nontransparent ETFs are challenging the idea that transparency is key. Advisors are constantly faced with disruptive new products and ideas, but what to adopt? And how to use it? Shana Sissel, chief investment officer at Spotlight A...
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  • Factor investing is a popular strategy, but in a year like 2020, it hasn’t necessarily been easy. iShares’ U.S. Head of Factor ETFs Holly Framsted shares the challenges, trends and opportunities driving this space.
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  • Defined outcome investing has long been popular in the institutional space, but now it’s available in ETF wrappers, and finding a growing audience. Joanne Hill, chief advisor for Research & Strategy at Cboe Vest and a founding member of Women in ETFs, offers a rundown of this space, as well as a loo...
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  • It’s a tough time to be a financial advisor, facing shrinking compensation and growing competition, as well as challenging markets in the year of a pandemic. Kathryn Schwartz knows the challenge well as founder and CEO of Pawleys Investment Advisors. She shares with us the hurdles, the opportunities...
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  • Active management doesn’t get a lot of love in the predominantly passive world of ETFs. Cathie Wood, founder and CEO of ARK Invest, is working hard to change that, not by talking about it, but by showing how it’s done. We dive in here on what makes ARK's active management process tick, and why it's...
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  • The oil market this year has left many investors shocked in its wake. Gold hasn't been smooth sailing either. Investing in commodities isn’t like investing in any other asset class. Jodie Gunzberg, Chief Investment Strategist at Greystone Consulting and a commodities expert, reminds us there's so mu...
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  • Perth Tolle, founder of Life + Liberty Indexes, believes freedom is an important metric in finding success in emerging market investing. As the index provider behind the first-of-a-kind freedom-weighted 100 Emerging Market ETF (FRDM), she tells us why freedom in these economies matters, and how it i...
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  • Environmental, social, governance (ESG) investing is taking hold in the ETF market. Linda Zhang has been at the forefront of this effort as CEO and founder of Purview Investments, a New York-based RIA focused on active ETF strategies and ESG investing. Zhang, who’s also a founding member of Women in...
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  • We explore the new semitransparent and nontransparent ETF frontier with Cleo Chang, head of Investment Solutions at American Century Investments, and Women in ETFs' board member Kristine Delano. From lessons learned from NextShares, to innovation ActiveShares and other wrapper offers, we shine a lig...
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  • Joining us for our first episode is Jillian DelSignore, board member of Women in ETFs. We catch up on everything from the importance of bringing women in this business together, to the growing ETF distribution challenge, to the big themes in ETF investing this year. It’s what we call a power lunch!
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