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Congressman Dan Crenshaw joins the world's leading experts for deep and insightful conversations about the most important issues facing us today.

  • 27 JUL 2021
    The Fearless and Noble Texas Democrats Who Exiled Themselves to Washington
    25m 38s

    Private jets. Miller Lite. Care packages. COVID in Speaker Pelosi's office. What do all these things have in common? Texas Democrats in Washington. You've heard a lot about the chaos that's unfolded surrounding the Texas State Representativ...

  • 23 JUL 2021
    The Whistleblower Files: The Marxist Conquest of Our Military | Matthew Lohmeier
    41m 48s

    Matthew Lohmeier is the former Space Force Commander who was fired after speaking out against the growing influence of Marxist ideology in military training. We talk about what he witnessed while in command, how CRT and the modern left's ta...

  • 15 JUL 2021
    Debt, Money Printers, and the Christian Argument for Free Markets | David Bahnsen
    58m 55s

    David Bahnsen joins us for a wide-ranging conversation on the self-inflicted wounds to America's economy which could end our status as a world superpower. Why is government debt the driving force behind our declining growth? What does it me...

  • 09 JUL 2021
    Jesse Watters Saves the World
    58m 0s

    Jesse Watters joins us to impart lessons learned from nearly two decades of facing off against the most radical, far-left activists in America. Find out how to survive a cancel culture mob, what it's really like to work in news media, and w...

  • 05 JUL 2021
    The Mind of Jordan Peterson
    1h 55m 19s

    Dr. Jordan Peterson is the author of the bestselling books "Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life" & "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos" and the host of "The Jordan B Peterson Podcast." Follow him on Twitter at @jordanbpeterson and Ins...

  • 02 JUL 2021
    America Begins: The Origins and Meaning of Our Declaration of Independence | Dr. Danielle Allen
    1h 2m 20s

    What did the Founding Fathers mean by the words, "We hold these truths to be self evident..."? In what ways did they weave the concept of equality into this founding document? How should we deal with the hypocrisy of Jefferson and others wh...

  • 29 JUN 2021
    What’s at Stake: Keeping Our Promise to Our Afghan Allies | Abdul Sami and Matiullah, two Afghan SIV Recipients
    31m 15s

    The issue of keeping our promise to our Afghan allies is personal to me. My interpreter, Raqman, made the ultimate sacrifice on the day I was injured. I survived, he didn’t. While Raqman cannot be here, two Afghan SIV recipients, Abdul Sami...

  • 26 JUN 2021
    How to Confront Hostile Nations | Secretary Mike Pompeo
    35m 54s

    Iran is the greatest destabilizing force in the Middle East. China is waging an economic and information war against the western world. How should the United States confront each of these distinct threats to the global order? Secretary Mike...

  • 21 JUN 2021
    Why the Race Card Has Expired | John Guydon
    1h 13s

    John Guydon joins the podcast to help us navigate the uncomfortable topic of racism in America, the antiracism industry that’s incentivizing victimhood, and how to overcome people’s limiting beliefs about skin color. John is an entrepreneur...

  • 18 JUN 2021
    Everything You Need to Know About the Medicaid Debate | Seema Verma
    57m 5s

    Medicaid reform is one of the most complicated and misunderstood policy debates in America today. Luckily, we have Seema Verma to walk us through it. We cover everything you need to know about Medicaid, from its origins and purpose to how i...

  • 14 JUN 2021
    Why MSNBC Doesn't Want You to Hear From This Small Business Owner | Chef Andrew Gruel
    30m 52s

    Chef Andrew Gruel has a nuanced, pragmatic view of the causes behind America's current labor market shortage and minimum wage debate. So why does MSNBC's business correspondent Stephanie Ruhle hold so much contempt for him and every other s...

  • 03 JUN 2021
    How Critical Race Theory is Sabotaging Our Schools | Dr. Richard Johnson
    1h 14m 27s

    The tenet of Critical Race Theory is that your skin color determines your fate in life. What happens when you teach children to believe that? Dr. Richard Johnson knows, and he's fighting to stop it and the rest of the woke left's Marxist id...

  • 28 MAY 2021
    Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in America | Speaker Paul Ryan
    42m 54s

    What's the best weapon to fight poverty in America? Speaker Paul Ryan spent his career in the House, and now as a private citizen, developing policies to help people rise out of poverty and make better lives for themselves. We talk about th...

  • 25 MAY 2021
    Middle East Conflict 101: On the Ground in Israel | Brigadier General (Ret.) Amir Avivi
    30m 54s

    Israeli Defense Forces Brigadier General (Ret) Amir Avivi joins us in our series examining the ongoing conflict in Israel. Gen. Avivi gives a closer look at the dynamics of the latest ceasefire and the evolution of Israeli Defense Forces op...

  • 25 MAY 2021
    Middle East 101: An Israeli-Arab Debunks the Big Apartheid Lie | Yoseph Haddad
    42m 14s

    Rep. Rashida Tlaib and the rest of the Squad, along with most of the woke left, want you to think that Israel is an apartheid state discriminating against and waging war on Arabs. So let's find out the truth from an Israeli-Arab living in I...

  • 17 MAY 2021
    A Reality Check on COVID | Dr. Reynolds Delgado
    48m 4s

    COVID hospitalizations are falling, immunity is rising, and a revolutionary vaccine is free and accessible to every American. So why does the fear, the call for lockdowns, and the “wear a mask at all times” doctrine – whether you’re vaccin...

  • 14 MAY 2021
    Middle East Conflict 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Israel-Hamas Conflict
    1h 3m 2s

    Rockets are being fired from Gaza, Israel is responding with strikes, and there are riots on the Temple Mount - but no clear answers or context on the situation. In this episode, Dan unpacks the situation and provides key context to better...

  • 13 MAY 2021
    The Colonial Pipeline Shutdown: The Costs and Vulnerabilities of Cyber Insecurity
    25m 27s

    The pipeline is back on line but millions of Americans are still running on empty and struggling to find gas. In this episode Dan discusses the Colonial Pipeline shut down, the Biden Administration's callous response that if people drove el...

  • 06 MAY 2021
    What's Wrong With Congress? | Jonah Goldberg
    1h 27m 1s

    Jonah Goldberg returns! Dan and Jonah discuss their agreements - and disagreements - on all of the important questions facing the conservative movement today. Is Congress working as intended? Who are the real DC swamp creatures? What does m...

  • 02 MAY 2021
    What's Happening With My Vision
    50m 52s

    Tara and Dan Crenshaw give an update on Dan's recovery following emergency surgery to repair his detaching retina, and share the story of how it all began with the IED blast in 2012 which set them on this journey.

  • 09 APR 2021
    The Situation in Latin America, with Ana Quintana
    49m 35s

    While the Indo-Pacific and the Middle East dominate our foreign policy debates, Latin America often seems to be an afterthought. The Heritage Foundation's Ana Quintana joins Dan for a look into the conflicts and geopolitics shaping modern L...

  • 05 APR 2021
    Big Tech Lost Our Trust - Here's How They Can Get It Back
    25m 5s

    ‪The woke mob currently running the Democrat Party can't directly censor conservative speech, but can they bully big tech into doing it for them? That was the question Dan focused on with witnesses Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey at a recen...

  • 31 MAR 2021
    Why Is Housing So Expensive? with Howard Husock
    59m 36s

    We take a deep dive into everything you need to know about housing policy in America - and we promise it's interesting. The San Francisco housing crisis, NYC rent controls, the COVID-era eviction moratoriums, lumber trade wars, millennials...

  • 28 MAR 2021
    Breaking Down the Democrats' Climate Agenda | Bonus Episode 5
    22m 57s

    The CLEAN Future Act, the Democrats' legislative agenda to implement the principles of the Green New Deal, which includes "net zero" emissions, "transitioning" energy jobs, and "temporarily" banning plastic production, would in reality make...

  • 23 MAR 2021
    How Radical Environmentalists Weaponized the E.P.A., with Mandy Gunasekara
    55m 47s

    How is it possible that simple infrastructure proposals, such as installing a telephone pole, can get blocked by five year long environmental impact studies? The answer goes way beyond "government bureaucrats." Radical environmental groups...

  • 18 MAR 2021
    The Woke Military, with Rep. Mike Waltz
    57m 50s

    The military, like everything else in society, is becoming politicized. Critical race theory, taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgeries, unconscious bias training, and more priorities of the far left are radically reshaping it. It's tim...

  • 16 MAR 2021
    What's Next for Texas Energy? with Commissioner Neil Chatterjee
    43m 52s

    In the aftermath of February’s winter freeze, the big debate is whether or not the Texas energy grid would have been better off if it was federally regulated and connected to the national grid. We explore those questions and more with retur...

  • 12 MAR 2021
    The Road to Despotism, with Dr. Paul Kengor
    1h 3m 10s

    Dr. Paul Kengor is the author of "The Devil and Karl Marx" and a professor of political science at Grove City College. He joined us to talk about the emergence of Marxism, how its "good" intentions inevitably lead to despotism, and the ways...

  • 09 MAR 2021
    The Crisis at Our Southern Border, with Mark Morgan
    43m 26s

    Mark Morgan, former Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs & Border Protection under the Trump Administration, joins us to examine how Biden’s executive orders on immigration are causing the crisis at the border. Morgan previously served as th...

  • 05 MAR 2021
    Let's Talk About Transgenderism, with Scott Newgent
    50m 12s

    Scott Newgent is a transgender man and the founder of TReVoices, an organization working with governments around the world to develop laws and guidelines which inform and protect individuals who are considering gender reassignment surgery....

  • 25 FAB 2021
    How to fight...and persuade...the right way, Bonus Ep. 4
    14m 2s

    For the next bonus episode, Dan expands on the ideas in his recent column for the Daily Wire: "What It Really Means to Fight." Read it here: https://www.dailywire.com/news/crenshaw-what-it-really-means-to-fight Watch this episode on YouTu...

  • 18 FAB 2021
    What Happened in Texas, with Alex Epstein and Robert Bryce
    1h 10m 37s

    Alex Epstein and Robert Bryce join us to examine the truth about what went wrong with the Texas power grid this week. Alex Epstein is the founder of Center for Industrial Progress, co-founder of Thoughtful.community, writer at EnergyTalking...

  • 14 FAB 2021
    How Progressive Energy Policies Are Hurting Average Americans, with Robert Bryce
    1h 2m 0s

    Robert Bryce, host of The Power Hungry podcast and a visiting fellow at the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity, joins us to discuss how progressive politics is shaping energy regulations across the country, and why it is ultimatel...

  • 09 FAB 2021
    SEAL Reunion, with Mike Hayes - Bonus Ep. 3
    1h 5m 41s

    Mike Hayes is a former commander of SEAL Team Two and one of Dan's first mentors in the SEAL Teams. They talk battle stories, taking risks, coping with tragedy, and lessons from the SEAL ethos that everyone should know. Mike Hayes is the au...

  • 07 FAB 2021
    Smarter Ways to Protect the Environment, with Dr. Bjorn Lomborg
    1h 13m 45s

    Dr. Bjorn Lomborg returns! We examine the impractical realities of the Biden Administration's new energy mandates, how similar mandates have fared around the world, and a few simple policies that would have an enormous positive impact on Ea...

  • 06 FAB 2021
    Left vs Right: The Definition of Free Speech - Bonus Ep. 2
    19m 29s

    For the next bonus episode, Dan expands on the ideas in his recent column for the Daily Wire: "Democrats and Republicans Have Different Definitions of Free Speech. That's A Problem." Read it here: https://www.dailywire.com/news/crenshaw-dem...

  • 02 FAB 2021
    The Secret to Prosperity in Life and Nations, with Matt Ridley
    1h 13m 46s

    Matt Ridley joins us from across the pond for a wide-ranging conversation, including how British government works, post-Brexit Europe, vaccine distribution, and the key to prosperity in life, markets, and nations. And for all you Bridgerton...

  • 01 FAB 2021
    COVID Culture Wars - Bonus Ep. 1
    19m 21s

    Dan expands on the ideas in his recently published opeds in the first of a series of bonus episodes for Hold These Truths. First up is "COVID Culture Wars" - from an oped published recently in The Daily Wire - examining why policy decisions...

  • 29 JAN 2021
    How a New Generation Is Empowering the Right to Life Movement, with Lila Rose
    1h 3m 42s

    Lila Rose is the Founder and President of Live Action, an organization which, in just a few years, has completely transformed the way activists win hearts and minds over to the pro-life movement. Lila joins us to talk about the art of persu...

  • 25 JAN 2021
    Is Everything Really Getting Worse? - with Marian Tupy
    54m 43s

    Cato Institute and HumanProgress.org's Marian Tupy joins us for a look at the current state of humanity and the trends we're seeing in everything from poverty to health care to the environment. Marian L. Tupy is the editor of Human​Progress...

  • 21 JAN 2021
    Inside Biden's Agenda on Day One
    36m 5s

    On this solo episode, Dan gives you the truth about the Biden Administration's day one agenda.

  • 09 JAN 2021
    The Truth About January 6th, with Trey Gowdy, Rep. Chip Roy, and UT Law's Steve Vladeck
    1h 35m 3s

    For this special episode, we cover everything you need to know about what happened on January 6th. Trey Gowdy, Congressman Chip Roy, and UT Law Professor Steve Vladeck join Dan to explain what the vote was (and wasn't) really about, the lie...

  • 01 JAN 2021
    Barstool's President on Unjust Lockdowns and Building an Empire, with Dave Portnoy
    27m 48s

    Dave Portnoy, the founder and president of Barstool Sports, joins Dan to talk about why he's raising millions of dollars to support small businesses that have been hurt by the lockdowns, and share the story of his long journey to turn Barst...

  • 29 DEC 2020
    What Do We Do About Tech Censorship? with Canyon Brimhall
    1h 2m 9s

    How do we get big tech companies like Twitter to abide by the spirit of the 1st Amendment, or at least moderate their users' content by a set of clear and definable standards? Canyon Brimhall joins us for the free market answer to this ques...

  • 22 DEC 2020
    Winning the 5G War, and What To Do About Section 230, with Brendan Carr
    47m 0s

    FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr joins us to talk about the awesome potential of the 5G Network (it goes way beyond your cell phone), outcompeting China and Huawei, bringing internet coverage to rural America, and the FCC's role in protecting...

  • 17 DEC 2020
    Big Tech, Activist Media & The Monopoly of Speech, with David Harsanyi
    36m 15s

    National Review's David Harsanyi returns for the first in a series of episodes with experts on the debate over internet regulation, reforming Section 230, and how big tech companies like Facebook and Twitter use their power to censor speech...

  • 09 DEC 2020
    The Economics of Inequality, with Dr. John Cochrane
    1h 20m 52s

    Dr. John Cochrane joins us for a look at the tradeoffs, incentives, and unintended consequences which result from the progressive economic policies championed by Democrat leaders like AOC and Bernie. Dr. Cochrane is the Rose-Marie and Jack...

  • 02 DEC 2020
    Parasitic Minds, Honey Badgers, & Sneaky Breeders, with Dr. Gad Saad
    1h 12m 23s

    Dr. Gad Saad joins us for a lively discussion about the psychological roots of woke progressivism, how to become antifragile, and many more fascinating insights into human behavior. Dr. Gad Saad is an Evolutionary Behavioral Scientist, Prof...

  • 29 NOV 2020
    Racing for the Blue, with Kyle Weatherman
    21m 5s

    For Thanksgiving break, we're taking a break from policy discussions for a special episode with NASCAR racer Kyle Weatherman. Kyle joins us to talk about supporting our first responders with his #BackTheBlue Chevy Camaro, the politicization...

  • 27 NOV 2020
    Gratitude: A Message on Thanksgiving
    2m 7s

  • 24 NOV 2020
    Why the Polling Failed (Again), with Kristen Soltis Anderson
    1h 5m 16s

    Kristen Soltis Anderson returns! The conservative pollster and commentator shares everything you need to know about polling in 2020. How it works, what went wrong, and where pollsters should go from here. SPOILER ALERT: Dan reviews the new...