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Welcome to The Viall Files, the podcast that talks about relationships. Nick has a lot of dating experience (on TV as The Bachelor and off), so he likes to think he knows what he's talking about. On Mondays, listeners call in for a live version of the popular Instagram series "Questions with Nick." On Wednesdays, Nick sits down with an inspiring guest who challenges the way he looks at the world. We love to laugh, be silly, and get deep! We hope you subscribe and join The Viall Files Family.

  • 28 JUL 2021
    E297 Dr. Maya Shankar - The Secrets To Changing Peoples Minds
    1h 20m 20s

    Dr. Maya Shankar is a behavioral scientist that discusses with Nick how it is possible to change people's minds not only in personal relationships, but also on a global scale. They dive deep into topics like social norms, narcissism, power...

  • 27 JUL 2021
    E296 The Bachelorette Recap With Tristan Watson
    1h 19m 0s

    The Bachelorette Recap With Tristan Watson    Today we are recapping The Bachelorette with Tristan Watson. You may know Tristan from his live recaps on his socials and we had to get him in the studio to see what he would say in person...

  • 26 JUL 2021
    E295 Ask Nick - You’re Not Over It
    1h 22m 33s

    On today's episode of Ask Nick we start with talking about cheating. Our first caller’s boyfriend cheated on her with his ex who is still in their friend group. She forgave him but she is around this ex on a regular basis and is finding it...

  • 21 JUL 2021
    E294 Olivia O’Brien - I’ll Write a Song About You
    1h 16m 15s

    On today's episode of The Viall Files we are joined by recording artist, Olivia Obrien. Olivia uses so much of her personal life in her writing and music and she is not shy about sharing those stories with us today. Relationships, mental he...

  • 20 JUL 2021
    E293 The Bachelorette Recap With Zuri Hall
    1h 22m 38s

    Today we are recapping The Bachelorette with one of our favorite television personalities, the one and only Zuri Hall. First Nick and Zuri give their thoughts on the cast of Paradise and what they are looking forward to the most with some o...

  • 19 JUL 2021
    E292 Ask Nick - Can You Be Too Emotional?
    1h 23m 5s

    On today's episode of Ask Nick we begin by speaking with someone who says she is “highly emotional” and working on it in therapy, but doesn’t think that her boyfriend should poke at her insecurities when they get into a fight. Second, we ha...

  • 14 JUL 2021
    E291 Steve-O - Gripped By Fear
    1h 20m 49s

    On today's episode of The Viall Files we are joined by the legendary Steve-O. You know him from MTV’s Jack Ass, his stand up comedy, or just from being the guy that makes your jaw drop with his stunts.  If you are only familiar with Steve-O...

  • 13 JUL 2021
    E290 The Bachelorette Recap With MAX
    1h 25m 58s

    Today we are recapping The Bachelorette with recording artist MAX who was on this weeks episode, and after a week of living on the same floor with the guys he has some amazing behind the scenes tea that we could not get enough of. Nick and...

  • 12 JUL 2021
    E289 Ask Nick - Romance Novel Romance
    1h 13m 51s

    On today's episode of Ask Nick we start with a caller that is very attracted to someone who is working around her home. He is married and she knows she should not get involved but the romance novel drama of it all has her enjoying the atten...

  • 07 JUL 2021
    E288 Dominic Monaghan & Billy Boyd - Bad Butts, Geekiness & Life Lessons
    1h 24m 59s

    On todays episode of The Viall Files we are joined by the amazingly dynamic duo that is Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan. Most you will know them from The Lord Of The Rings but they are spending some time peeling back the layers of friendshi...

  • 06 JUL 2021
    E287 The Bachelorette Recap with Natalie Joy
    1h 13m 55s

    Today we recap the Bachelorette with Nick's one and only, Natalie Joy. Recording from Nick's childhood home in Wisconsin, they cover all of Natalie's hot takes on the season so far, Natalie's thoughts on Bach Nation from a newcomer's perspe...

  • 05 JUL 2021
    E286 Ask Nick - Stop Calling It Serial Dating
    1h 7m 51s

    On today's episode of Ask Nick we first speak with a woman who is struggling with her husband's new jealousy when it comes to her co-workers of the opposite sex. Our second caller had a baby and her husband who originally wanted to have mor...

  • 30 JUN 2021
    E285 Katie Thurston Gets Heartbroken
    1h 17m 42s

    Today on The Viall Files we are joined by The Bachelorette herself, Katie Thurston. Katie shares with us what we didn't see when it came to Tre & Thomas and why she used the word “unkind” upon his exit. We find out more about Blake sliding...

  • 29 JUN 2021
    E284 The Bachelorette Recap With Dave Holmes
    1h 9m 27s

    Today we are recapping The Bachelorette with the one and only Dave Holmes. Nick and Dave break it all down from Thomas’s exit, the mob mentality on the show, Andrew S’s comments, and the return of Blake!  We even take a look at some of the...

  • 28 JUN 2021
    E283 Ask Nick - You’re Manipulating Yourself Into Staying
    1h 9m 27s

    On today's episode of Ask Nick we first speak with someone who has been with her boyfriend for 7 years. After having 2 kids together she wants to get married, but he is happy with the way things are. Second, we speak with someone who is in...

  • 23 JUN 2021
    E282 Lease On Life with Andy Grammer
    1h 19m 32s

    Today on The Viall Files we are joined by recording artist Andy Grammer. Nick and Andy jump right in and get deep discussing self worth, egos, balance, and how these things inspired some of Andy's new music. They have both learned a lot of...

  • 22 JUN 2021
    E281 The Bachelorette Recap With Chrishell Stause
    1h 33m 21s

    Today we are recapping The Bachelorette with friend of show, Selling Sunset's, Chrishell Stause. Chrishell joins us for her third time to go through a very drama filled episode of The Bachelorette. Nick spills some of the behind the scenes...

  • 21 JUN 2021
    E280 Ask Nick - I Made A Mistake
    1h 8m 31s

    On today's episode of Ask Nick we begin with a woman who is having trouble with the person she is seeing because he is a little too passive when it comes being physical and she is starting to feel rejected. Our second caller thinks she has...

  • 16 JUN 2021
    E279 Dating Theories With Tinx
    1h 29m 32s

    Today on The Viall Files we are joined by TikTok sensation Tinx. Tinx talks to us about all of her dating theories from Boyfriend Sickness & The Ick List to Box Theory and we are here for it. Tinx started her journey on TikTok when she wasn...

  • 15 JUN 2021
    E278 The Bachelorette Recap with Heather McDonald
    1h 19m 1s

    Today on our recap of The Bachelorette we are joined by comedian Heather McDonald, who hosted one of the dates on this week's show. Heather gives us a bunch of the behind the scenes on what really happened on the date and fills us in on how...

  • 14 JUN 2021
    E277 Ask Nick - You See Failure As Wrong
    1h 13m 27s

    On today's episode of Ask Nick we begin with a woman who is going through a divorce, and an ex that "got away” has reached out. Unfortunately, he is showing the same patterns from 10 years ago. Next, we speak to someone who loves her boyfri...

  • 09 JUN 2021
    E276 Hungover On Good Dick with Nikki Glaser
    1h 9m 4s

    Today on The Viall Files we are joined by friend-of-show, Nikki Glaser. Nikki has some new outlooks on dating and we dive deep into what is working for her, what she has done to change her perspective in relationships, as well as what she i...

  • 08 JUN 2021
    E275 The Bachelorette Recap With Teddi Mellencamp
    1h 34m 53s

    We are back with Bachelorette Recap Episodes and today we are joined, once again, by super fan Teddi Mellencamp. Last year, Teddi successfully predicted the winner, so we brought her back to see if she can do it again. Nick and Teddi breakd...

  • 07 JUN 2021
    E274 Ask Nick- He Was Always Living The Single Life
    1h 27m 21s

    On today's episode of Ask Nick our first caller started “dating” someone she respected who was really well known in their industry but turned out not to be who she thought he was. Next, we speak with a single mom who stopped speaking with a...

  • 02 JUN 2021
    E273 It’s Kevin with Brian Baumgartner
    1h 31m 9s

    Today on The Viall Files we are joined by Actor & Comedian Brian Baumgartner who you may know best as Kevin Malone from The Office.  Brian has a podcast called The Office Deep Dive so Nick of course jumps right in to get all the behind the...

  • 31 MAY 2021
    E272 Ask Nick - Handling Rejection
    1h 17m 11s

    On today's episode of Ask Nick we start with a guy who wants to know how much effort is too much effort to put into a girl that he likes (hoping that Bachelor Nation’s Ashley and Jared’s story is more the rule than the exception.) Next, we...

  • 26 MAY 2021
    E271 Being Creative with Ben Folds
    1h 16m 24s

    Today on The Viall Files we are joined by recording artist Ben Folds. Ben has a new podcast called Lightening Bugs which explores creativity, so Nick takes some time today to discuss all aspects of creativity and how each person can find ar...

  • 24 MAY 2021
    E270 Ask Nick - Learning To Say No
    1h 26m 38s

    On today's episode of Ask Nick we start with a caller who is a virgin at 33 years old and, after experiencing trauma, is super cautious about dating. Nick helps her come to a realization about her fear of saying 'no' and how that is affecti...

  • 19 MAY 2021
    E269 Soccer Mom-ing With Molly Sims
    1h 14m 18s

    Today on The Viall Files we are joined by the model, actress, mom, and now podcaster, Molly Sims. Molly's new podcast, called Lipstick On The Rim, talks all beauty and health needs. We chat about parenting, soccer mom-ing, getting married a...

  • 17 MAY 2021
    E268 Ask Nick- He’s Manipulating You
    1h 20m 37s

    It is Monday which means it is time for Ask Nick. On today's episode we start with someone who is dating someone who says they are in a relationship but does not want to fully commit because he still wants to hook up with other women. Our n...

  • 12 MAY 2021
    E267 Erotic Energy with Sheila Kelley
    1h 17m 50s

    Today on The Viall Files we have one of our favorite conversations with Sheila Kelley. Sheila is not only an actress you may know from shows like The Good Doctor, but also a Feminine Embodiment Leader. She is the Founder of S Factor which i...

  • 10 MAY 2021
    E266 Ask Nick - Zero Tolerance Policy
    1h 40s

    On today's Ask Nick we start with a someone who is confused after getting a divorce and moving back in with her ex husband. He is saying all the right things but she is wondering if she is able to get over the resentment she feels from thei...

  • 05 MAY 2021
    E265 Mental Dating Gymnastics with Christa Allen
    1h 20m 58s

    We are joined by Christa Allen today to have a conversation about life and relationships. Most people know Christa from 13 Going On 30, or Revenge, and now from her strong Tik Tok game. Christa is about to turn 30 and we talk about her pers...

  • 03 MAY 2021
    E264 Ask Nick - I Store My Heart In My Vagina
    1h 23m 37s

    On today's Ask Nick we start with a woman who is dealing with someone she dated that just won’t take no for an answer, and is trying to figure out whether he's being obsessive or if she possibly needs a restraining order. Secondly, a 3-year...

  • 28 APR 2021
    E263 Addiction, Feminism, & Self Love with Kelly Osbourne & Jeff Beacher
    1h 7m 36s

    Kelly Osbourne and Jeff Beacher join us today for a very honest conversation mixed with a little bit of chaos. Today we catch up with these best friends the week before the launch of their podcast, The Kelly Osbourne and Jeff Beacher Show,...

  • 26 APR 2021
    E262 Ask Nick - Test Me, Lose Me
    1h 27m 14s

    It's Monday which means it is time for Ask Nick. Today we start with someone who has been living in a toxic relationship with a boyfriend who tests her, gets irrational, and gaslights her. Then, you get a little insight into what goes on be...

  • 21 APR 2021
    E261 Introverts & Extroverts With Expert Susan Cain
    1h 17m 12s

    Today on The Viall Files we get to an audience requested topic: Introverts vs. Extroverts. Expert on this topic, Susan Cain, is the author of bestsellers Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts, and Quiet: The Power of Introverts in...

  • 20 APR 2021
    E260 A Topical Bachelor Conversation with Dave Holmes
    1h 9m 21s

    Dave Holmes returns to The Viall Files today as we take a minute on this Bachelor break to sort through some of the recent topics surrounding Bachelor Nation.  Nick and Dave touch on a variety of topics from recent events including Colton U...

  • 19 APR 2021
    E259 Ask Nick - Giving Into Fear Won’t Make You Happy
    1h 16m 41s

    Today on Ask Nick we start with someone who is struggling with the commitment she made to her marriage while trying to work through her husbands cheating tendencies and inappropriate social media conversations with other women. Our second c...

  • 17 APR 2021
    8m 54s

    Comedian and celebrity host Howie Mandel infiltrates the podcasting space with his co-host (and daughter!) Jackelyn Shultz. Together, these two make prank calls, discuss bad movies, and give quotes from unexpected sources, chat with celebri...

  • 14 APR 2021
    E258 Life Is A Filter with Jennie Garth & Tori Spelling
    1h 10m 22s

    Today on The Viall Files we are joined by town iconic television personalities, Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling. Their new podcast 9021OMG gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at what was going on during the filming of 90210 as they watch it...

  • 12 APR 2021
    E257 Ask Nick - All You Are To Him Is Not His Wife
    1h 23m 36s

    Today on Ask Nick we start with someone who is trying to end an affair she is having while realizing her own issues that made her justify this situation was ok. Our second caller saw “orange flags” when the first guy she dated in a while wa...

  • 07 APR 2021
    E256 Plastic Surgery with Dr. Taban
    1h 5m 10s

    On today's episode of The Viall Files we're talking about Plastic Surgery. Dr. Mehryar Taban, who is an eyelid, orbit, and facial plastic cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, joins us to talk realistically about the do’s and don’ts when it...

  • 05 APR 2021
    E255 Ask Nick- He’s Not A Narcissist But He Is A Dick
    1h 18m 59s

    Today on Ask Nick we start with someone who was ghosted by her boyfriend ending their 3 year relationship. Next, we speak with a woman who likes the guy she is seeing, and they are compatible sexually, but he always seems to be too busy to...

  • 31 MAR 2021
    E254 How Not To Die Alone with Logan Ury
    1h 23m 1s

    Behavioral scientist turned dating coach, Logan Ury, joins us today to talk about psychology and how it relates to dating and sex. Nick and Logan dive into some of the chapters of her book How Not To Die Alone, dig into how too many choices...

  • 29 MAR 2021
    E253 Ask Nick - Traditional Reactions to Untraditional Relationships
    1h 8m 28s

    Today on Ask Nick we start with a polyamorous couple that is leaving one relationship to start a new one, and is confused on how to speak publicly about their relationship without sharing too much. Next, we speak with a woman who has been i...

  • 24 MAR 2021
    E252 Discussing Cults- Inside the Sex Cult NXIVM With Sarah Edmondson & Nippy From The Vow
    1h 15m 46s

    The Vow on HBO/max is a documentary that follows the stories of people who were intensely involved in the self-improvement organization, NXIVM. Identified as a sex cult, NXIVM is still dealing with charges of sex trafficking and racketeerin...

  • 22 MAR 2021
    E251 Ask Nick - You Don’t Need A Disclaimer On Your Dating Profile
    1h 23m 40s

    We are back with another episode of Ask Nick. On today's show we begin with a woman whose friend's boyfriend keeps making advances in her direction and she doesn’t know how to stop it. Our next caller took a break from sex after getting sob...

  • 17 MAR 2021
    E250 The Bachelor Recap With Zuri Hall
    1h 9m 8s

    Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall joins us today to recap the finale of The Bachelor and After The Final Rose. We begin with breaking down Matt’s decisions in making sure he was being his most authentic self and how his conversation with his Mom...

  • 16 MAR 2021
    E249 Bri Springs Tells All
    1h 22m 23s

    Today Bri Springs joins us to talk about her time on The Bachelor, The Finale, & AFR.  No topic is off limits tonight, including how she first tried sliding into Matt’s DMs before she knew she had been nominated to be on the show. After get...

  • 15 MAR 2021
    E248 Ask Nick- You’re Part of His Roster
    59m 51s

    On this episode of Ask Nick we start with a woman who is exploring her sex life and asks her boyfriend his ideal female type- only to be surprised when his answer is her complete opposite. Our next caller has received an ultimatum from her...