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It’s a lighthearted nightmare in here, weirdos! Morbid is a true crime, creepy history and all things spooky podcast hosted by an autopsy technician and a hairstylist. Join us for a heavy dose of research with a dash of comedy thrown in for flavor.

  • 31 JUL 2021
    Episode 252: Charles Schmid "The Pied Piper of Tucson"
    1h 8m 15s

    For our second episode this week, Ash brings us the case of Charles Schmid aka the Pied Piper of Tucson. This case, dare we say, may be one of the wildest rides we’ve brought you along for in quite some time. Charles was really a vibe in th...

  • 29 JUL 2021
    Episode 251: Tara Calico
    1h 17m 10s

    The Tara Calico case is one that will have your mind going for days. This is a very prominent case in the true crime world, and for good reason: it’s still unsolved after 33 years. Tara Calico was 19 when she went missing after heading out...

  • 26 JUL 2021
    Crime Countdown's One-Year Anniversary!
    45m 0s

    To celebrate this special anniversary, Ash and Alaina count down the haunting memories of post-wedding trips that will have everyone asking...accident or murder? You can listen to Crime Countdown FOR FREE on Spotify!

  • 26 JUL 2021
    Episode 250: Bettie Page
    1h 9m 42s

    Bettie Page became known for her direct gaze into the camera and iconic pin-up girl bangs as a model, but there are so many things that people don’t know about her. And boy, is her life a whirlwind. Bettie went through a lot in her early ye...

  • 25 JUL 2021
    Episode 249: The Horrific Murders of Austin Wenner & Jessica Lewis
    1h 15m 28s

    On June 19 2020, a group of tik tokers stumbled across a suitcase on a Seattle beach. They used the app Randonautica to get to the exact location and thought maybe there would be money in the suitcase. Instead they realized something much m...

  • 17 JUL 2021
    Episode 248: Marion Stembridge
    1h 13m 35s

    You know we love an old-timey case around these parts, and boy does Alaina have a doozy to deliver. Marion Stembridge was out there wildin’ in Georgia scamming people out of money left and right with his shady underground businesses. He cam...

  • 14 JUL 2021
    Spooky Roads Volume 4 AUSTRALIA!
    58m 9s

    We haven’t done a spooky roads episode in a while so why the hell not!? This is The Street with No Name in the Australian suburb of Annandale and it has a long murderous history. Four confirmed murders have happened right on or closeby this...

  • 11 JUL 2021
    Episode 247: Darrell Keith Rich Part 2
    1h 6m 22s

    Two parts in one day!? Yes please. Alaina wraps up our two part series on Darrell Rich. Things really get to unravelling here when Darrell starts talking to anyone who will listen. He’s making up crazy stories about Hell’s Angels, failing p...

  • 11 JUL 2021
    Episode 246: Darrell Keith Rich Part 1
    1h 17m 40s

    In this two parter Alaina covers the case of Darrell Rich. Growing up Darrell felt rejected by his parents and in his adult life that would lead to some serious issues. Any time he felt rejected he would turn to violence by hunting down you...

  • 04 JUL 2021
    Listener Tales 30
    1h 10m 28s

    Listener Tales 30!!! Can you believe it? We decided to bring you listener tales this week as a little reprieve from all the heavy cases we’ve been covering lately. This installment includes, but of course: a ouija board, a haunted woods roa...

  • 04 JUL 2021
    Episode 245: The Mysterious Disappearance of Melanie Ethier
    59m 45s

    Melanie Nadia Ethier grew up in Northern Ontario in a pretty small community. At the time, the community was made up of only about 4,400 people. Melanie was 15 years old when she went missing after watching movies at a friends house. That w...

  • 02 JUL 2021
    Bonus Exclusive: A Chat with George C. Romero
    30m 31s

    Weirdos! Ash, Alaina and Caleb (from Scream!) got to sit down and chat with none other than George C. Romero. Yes, the man, the myth.....the legend. He was absolutely wonderful to hang with and we loved just talking horror, the creative pro...

  • 25 JUN 2021
    Episode 244: John Edward Robinson Part 3
    1h 9m 14s

    We’ve finally got to the third and final installment of Alaina’s deep dive into John Edward Robinson. Shit has gone down, the police have everything they need to close in on this monster and just wait until you hear about the mass of eviden...

  • 25 JUN 2021
    Episode 243: John Edward Robinson Part 2
    1h 31m 29s

    Part two of John Robinson is somehow crazier than part one! He stays on his bullshit: scamming people out of thousands of dollars, continuing to fake his philanthropist ways and he’s still trying to tell us that Lisa Stassi is happy and in...

  • 21 JUN 2021
    Episode 242: John Edward Robinson
    1h 24m 14s

    John Edward Robinson is one of the wildest schemers you’ll probably hear about. He spent most of his early life creating fake businesses and scheming investors and co-workers out of thousands of dollars. Somehow he avoided long prison terms...

  • 18 JUN 2021
    Episode 241: Stephen Griffiths AKA The Crossbow Cannibal
    1h 11m 30s

    Stephen Griffiths dubbed himself the Crossbow Killer after murdering and dismembering three women. Susan Rushworth, Shelley Armitage and Suzanne Blamires were all connected by the work they did. They were so much more than what they did for...

  • 14 JUN 2021
    Listener Tales 29
    1h 20m 54s

    Listener Tales # 29 has arrived!!! You guys really delivered for this one. We’ve got a story that is somehow related to the early 2000’s song “Pop Lock and Drop it,” (can you tell Ash picked these?) another that tells of a horrific Hallowee...

  • 12 JUN 2021
    Episode 240: The Lady of the Dunes
    1h 10m 21s

    We’re bringing you to one of our favorite vacation spots: Provincetown Mass. Only we aren’t sunbathing and playing volleyball on the beach, we’re here to solve a cold case, y’all. The Lady of the Dunes, as she’s known, was discovered  on Ju...

  • 07 JUN 2021
    Episode 239: The Long Island Lolita Case with Special Guest Bailey Sarian
    1h 31m 7s

    SURPRISE! Our very special guest this week is the magical Bailey Sarian of "Murder, Mystery and Makeup" on YouTube and now her brand new podcast, “Dark History.” We were stoked to have Bailey on to talk about Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco...

  • 02 JUN 2021
    Episode 238: The Phillip Island Murder
    1h 3m 15s

    The night of September 22, 1986 was an absolute nightmare on Phillip Island. On an island known for its nightly penguin parades, no one expected to find a young woman brutally murdered on her bedroom floor. Elizabeth “Beth” Barnard was only...

  • 31 MAY 2021
    Episode 237: The Curse of Manchac Swamp
    1h 2m 15s

    For our second installment of creepy ass bodies of water, Alaina tells us the story of Manchac swamp in Louisiana and a voodoo healer called Aunt Julia who predicted her own death AND informed the town that she’d be taking them all with her...

  • 30 MAY 2021
    Episode 236: Lake Lanier
    1h 20m 56s

    Lake Lanier.. Honestly I feel like that’s all I need to say. This place has so much creepy surrounding it!! There are giant catfish that have been compared to volkswagen, phantom hands pulling you under the water and not to mention the enti...

  • 24 MAY 2021
    Episode 235: The Unbelievable Tale of Michael Malloy AKA Mike The Durable
    1h 21m 29s

    You guys. You’re in for a real treat if you’ve never heard the tale of Michael Malloy. To call him durable is to vastly undersell this story. This dude not only survived about 67 attempts on his life, but did it while- let’s just say more...

  • 23 MAY 2021
    Episode 234: The Smiley Face Deaths/Murder Mystery
    1h 16m 39s

    Since 1997 young men have been disappearing for periods of time and then turning up in bodies of water. Upon first glance it’s easy to brush these off as accidents, young men drinking too much and slipping or falling to their deaths: sad bu...

  • 16 MAY 2021
    Episode 233: The Smiley Face Deaths/Murders Mystery
    1h 6m 31s

    Since 1997 young men have been disappearing for periods of time and then turning up in bodies of water. Upon first glance it’s easy to brush these off as accidents, young men drinking too much and slipping or falling to their deaths: sad bu...

  • 16 MAY 2021
    Listener Tales 28
    1h 19m 54s

    Listener tales 28 coming at ya! This bunch of listener tales features a crazy story of a listener’s near death experience with a cannibal, a random but spooky occurance of a classical music loving ghost and a tale about the dangers of jumpi...

  • 13 MAY 2021
    Episode 232: Morbid Chats With Heather Bish **AD FREE**
    49m 13s

    Before recording episode 214, The Tragic Case of Molly Bish, we reached out to Molly’s sister Heather who has been working tirelessly to get Molly’s case solved. Heather was kind enough to join us for an episode to give us an inside scoop o...

  • 08 MAY 2021
    Episode 231: Catherine & David Birnie Part 2
    1h 6m 16s

    David and Catherine Birnie were twelve when they met, each coming from tough home lives. Over the years they couldn’t fight their connection, and eventually became two of the worst humans walking the planet. Together they abducted, raped an...

  • 08 MAY 2021
    Episode 230: Catherine & David Birnie Part 1
    1h 16m 33s

    David and Catherine Birnie were twelve when they met, each coming from tough home lives. Over the years they couldn’t fight their connection, and eventually became two of the worst humans walking the planet. Together they abducted, raped an...

  • 03 MAY 2021
    Episode 229: The Tragic Death of Natalie Wood
    1h 11m 34s

    Natalie Wood had one of the most troubling back stories a child star could have, a stage mom that crossed all imaginable boundaries, a violent alcoholic for a father and men that took advantage of her all throughout her life. She thought sh...

  • 02 MAY 2021
    Listener Tales 27
    1h 14m 28s

    It’s the most wonderful time of the...month: listener tales!!!! For our 27th listener tales episode we will read you some tales about the importance of buying a hitchhiker a hamburger, trusting your gut and most importantly insulting murder...

  • 26 APR 2021
    Episode 228: Gary Michael Hilton AKA The National Parks Serial Killer
    1h 18m 27s

    Gary Michael Hilton is a serial killer who was convicted for the murders of four people, although many assume he has killed more. His M.O was to hunt down his victims while they were hiking or spending time on the trails, incapacitate them...

  • 23 APR 2021
    Episode 227: The Mysterious Death of Thelma Todd (With Special Guest Cameron Esposito!)
    1h 40m 0s

    Today we are joined by a very special guest, Cameron Esposito, to talk all things comedy and true crime! It’s the perfect mashup of worlds. Ash takes us through the Thelma Todd case from Thelma’s childhood in Massachusetts to when the young...

  • 19 APR 2021
    Episode 226: Tyler Hadley (Redo!)
    1h 43m 8s

    Tyler Hadley was 17 years old when he decided to bludgeon his parents and then throw the rager of a lifetime (in his eyes.) Close to a hundred people attended this party not knowing that in a separate locked bedroom down the hall, the bodie...

  • 17 APR 2021
    Episode 225: The Abduction and Murder of Daniel Morcombe
    1h 1m 49s

    Daniel Morcombe was 13 years old when he was taken from a bus stop in Queensland Australia. Queensland was supposed to be one of the safest places to live so this absolutely rocked the community. It would be 8 years before anyone would get...

  • 12 APR 2021
    Episode 224: The Mysterious Murder of Julia Wallace Part 3
    1h 35m 40s

    The third and final episode to wrap up our series on William Herbert Wallace is here!!! In this part Alaina walks us through the bonkers murder trail. The prosecution stays leaping to conclusions and the defense tries their hardest to defen...

  • 09 APR 2021
    Episode 223: The Mysterious Murder of Julia Wallace Part 2
    1h 24m 44s

    She made it a part two that will turn into a part three! For this episode, Alaina walks us through the aftermath of Julia Wallace’s murder. The detectives are all circling in on William, intimidating witnesses to change their stories, and B...

  • 05 APR 2021
    Episode 222: The Mysterious Murder of Julia Wallace Part 1
    1h 27m 25s

    It’s Alaina-centric and it’s old timey!! We’re heading back to England in the 1930’s. William Herbert Wallace is quite a character, and to be honest so is his wife Julia. When Julia turns up dead in their home, people start taking a closer...

  • 03 APR 2021
    Listener Tales 26
    1h 14m 21s

    The first listener tales of April, and recorded on April fools day no less! This batch of listener tales includes a closet that could very well be a portal to hell, a life changing accident on the I5 and a badass survival tale. Seriously, y...

  • 29 MAR 2021
    Episode 221: The Los Feliz Murder House
    55m 37s

    It's a DO-OVER! This tale has always been such a crazy one that we just had to do it again and do it right.  On December 6, 1959, respected and renowned doctor, Harold Perelson, turned his family's dream home into a nightmare when...

  • 28 MAR 2021
    Episode 220: The Tragic Murder of Kenia Monge/ The Incredible Survival Tale of Lydia Tillman
    58m 33s

    Kenia Monge was 19 years old when she went missing after a night out with her friends in Colorado. While her father Tony was trying to call her friends and find out what had happened that night, a text came through to Kenia’s phone from a n...

  • 20 MAR 2021
    Episode 219: The Bell Witch
    1h 1m 42s

    We figured with everything being pretty heavy lately, we’d bring you a haunting. THE haunting, actually. The Bell family moved to their Tennessee farm in the early 1800s and had things great at first, beautiful land a big happy family. All...

  • 19 MAR 2021
    Episode 218: Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm?
    1h 6m 49s

    Who put Bella in the Wych Elm? This is an episode we covered in our earlier days brought to you by Alaina, but she kept up with it and ended up finding so much more information that she wanted to redo it for ya! Here’s our second take on th...

  • 15 MAR 2021
    Episode 217: The Tragic Murder of Dominique Dunne
    59m 57s

    Dominique Dunne was an upcoming actress with roles in different shows like Chips, Hart to Hart, one of her last roles was actually in the- potentially cursed- movie Poltergeist. In 1982 Dominique was killed at the hands of her boyfriend Joh...

  • 14 MAR 2021
    Episode 216: The Mysterious & Cursed Turnbull Canyon
    56m 36s

    Alaina brings us across the country tonight to Turnbull Canyon in California. We’ve got a medley of things here: Plane crashes, murders, cult activity and more. Hold onto your butts, it’s about to get wild in here. Forgotten Tales Video o...

  • 11 MAR 2021
    A Morbid Hang with Rainn Wilson as Terry Carnation from Dark Air with Terry Carnation
    21m 51s

    In this special bonus episode, Alaina & Ash had the magical privilege to sit down with the paramour of the paranormal, Terry Carnation. You can catch him providing terrifying true tales on Radio Rental and in his upcoming podcast Dark A...

  • 08 MAR 2021
    Episode 215: The Torture and Murder of Shanda Sharer
    1h 45m 5s

    Shanda Sharer was 12 years old when she met a girl named Amanda. Amanda was already involved in a troubling relationship with a girl named Melinda Loveless and when Amanda and Shanda started hanging out Melinda became even more possessive o...

  • 07 MAR 2021
    Episode 214: The Tragic Case of Molly Bish
    1h 6m 34s

    Molly Bish was 16 years old and working as a lifeguard at Comins Pond in Warren. She’d only been working there about a week on June 27th, 2000 when her mother dropped her off for her 10:00 shift. Swimmers would be arriving any minute, but j...

  • 01 MAR 2021
    Listener Tales 25
    1h 56s

    What's funnier than 24? 25!!! Due to a sudden switch in the plans for recording, we've handpicked some listener tales! We have a couple follow- ups on Willie Pickton, a creepy bathroom ghost and a history lesson all wrapped up in one creepy...

  • 28 FAB 2021
    Episode 213: Colleen Stan AKA The Girl In The Box
    1h 25m 58s

    It’s an Ashcentric doozy up in here. We’re covering the case of the girl in the box, aka, Colleen Stan. Colleen was twenty years old on May 19 1977 when she accepted a ride from Cameron and Janice Hooker. They looked to be about her age, an...

  • 26 FAB 2021
    Episode 212: Willie Pickton Part 3 AD FREE!!!
    57m 35s

    The third and final part of this absolute nightmare has arrived. This episode covers the investigation on the farm TW: some serious animal cruelty is mentioned in the first half. Alaina will take us through some of the things found on the f...