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Conspiracy Theories

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The truth is rarely the best story. And when it’s not the only story, the truth deserves another look. Every Wednesday, we tell the complicated stories behind the world’s most controversial events and possible cover-ups. Conspiracy? Maybe. Coincidence? Maybe. Complicated? Absolutely. Conspiracy Theories is part of the Parcast Network and is a Cutler Media Production.

  • 06 MAR 2019
    The Moon Landing
    50m 18s

    Half a billion viewers around the world tuned in to watch Neil Armstrong take his first steps on the moon's surface in 1969. It was one of the greatest television moments in history - and many suggest Stanley Kubrick should have received a...

  • 08 AUG 2018
    Marilyn Monroe Pt. 2
    1h 20m 31s

    Officially, Marilyn Monroe died of suicide on August 5th, 1962. But in the last weeks of her life, the CIA, the FBI, the Mafia, labor union leader Jimmy Hoffa, and possibly 20th Century-Fox were all surveilling Marilyn Monroe’s house. At th...

  • 01 AUG 2018
    Marilyn Monroe
    1h 8m 50s

    Norma Jeane Mortenson adopted the name and persona of Marilyn Monroe when she began modelling as a teenager in Hollywood. She would become one of the most recognizable movie actresses of her time, but also have affairs with very famous and...

  • 17 JAN 2018
    Welcome Trailer!
    1m 2s

    The truth is rarely the only story. Every Wednesday, we take a skeptical look at history's most controversial events and cover-ups… What's really at Area 51? How did Princess Diana die? Are the Illuminati controlling everything? Conspiracy...