And That's Why We Drink

And That's Why We Drink

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Murder and the paranormal finally meet! Grab your wine and milkshakes and join us every Sunday for some chilling ghost stories and downright terrifying true crime stories. The world's a scary place. And that's why we drink!

  • 25 JUL 2021
    E233 Cryptid Smut and a Boy Boss Summer
    1h 48m 48s

    Welcome to episode 233! Come slap thumbs with us as Em covers the faceless, featureless Dover Demon, who might be an alien, might be a monkey, but either way most definitely uses his long toes to hold up his big melon head. Meanwhile, Chris...

  • 18 JUL 2021
    E232 Paranormal Anxiety and a Seat in the Barking Room
    2h 12m 7s

    How did ghosts handle the pandemic? We tackle this tough topic and more in episode 232 as Em takes us to the Sorrel-Weed House and shares some super terrifying paranormal audio and pics. Then Christine covers the mysterious case of the disa...

  • 13 JUL 2021
    BONUS: In Conversation with Hannah Smith of The Opportunist
    21m 16s

    Surprise! We have a fun bonus mini crossover episode for you today! We chatted with Hannah Smith of The Opportunist podcast, one of our favorites for mystery and intrigue. Tune in as Hannah shares with us a very strong candidate for our inf...

  • 11 JUL 2021
    E231 A Royal Jalapeño Crib and the Worst Quilt Ever Ever Quilted
    2h 4m 31s

    Welcome to episode 231 where we share Something Corporate facts... we mean new, wild paranormal and true crime stories! This week Em covers a haunted lady in different color attire than the usual white or gray, the Brown Lady of Raynham Hal...

  • 04 JUL 2021
    E230 A Cauldron of Mac and Cheese and Sugar Free Gummy Bear Consumption
    1h 41m 11s

    Let it be known that a man had the audacity for the millionth time and it was only the 1500s... Welcome to episode 230 for something old and something new! First Em covers the Wise Wife of Keith aka Agnes Sampson, an accused witch and heale...

  • 01 JUL 2021
    Listener Stories: Vol. 57
    1h 12m 6s

    Hey ghosty pop, we simply can't do this right now! Join us for another rousing set of truly cursed stories sent in by you all. This month we hear from listeners about their haunted hospital elevators, potentially possessed children and abso...

  • 27 JUN 2021
    E229 Team Aliens and the Opposite of a Jolly Rancher
    1h 39m 13s

    If there are no flying saucers, then why are you at my house, weirdo?? what we would say to the Men in Black should they come a knockin'. But don't tell them that, because we really don't want to see them in the first place. Welcome t...

  • 20 JUN 2021
    E228 Goat Cheese Marshmallows and Bougie Gators
    1h 35m 53s

    This week we're here to party, y'all! Specifically with the incredible ladies from Sinisterhood! We're so grateful and excited to have Heather and Christie on this week (and to have been on an episode of theirs - check out Sinistershood, ep...

  • 13 JUN 2021
    E227 The Ghouls Next Door and the Criminal Pickle Barrel
    1h 41m 18s

    What's your go-to ghost move? Ours is just draining everybody dry of their food and drink... Welcome to episode 227, where Em takes us all the way back to, first 2019 and then to year 5, for a good old fashion western saloon haunting, Miss...

  • 06 JUN 2021
    E226 Poisonous Sharks and the Patchsquatch
    2h 4m 56s

    It's that time of year again... it's our birthdays episode!! And we've come to realize that we are the poisonous sharks that lie in your 30s. Please drink some wine and eat a steak on our behalf. In honor of our twin flames, Em covers a par...

  • 01 JUN 2021
    Listener Stories: Vol. 56
    55m 28s

    Welcome to Gemini Season and Listener Stories: Vol. 56, boozers and shakers! We're building up the birthday energy and reading all your creepy stories. This month we run quite the gamut with some connections to recent topics, unusual haunti...

  • 30 MAY 2021
    E225 A Baby Barcalounger and the Water Tumbler of Doom
    2h 4m 38s

    It's episode 225, folks, and we've got some personal updates for you! Here are a few clues: Em had their pants down in a murderer's house and Christine had a catastrophe involving a dolphin named Dolph Lundgren and a sizzling laptop. But we...

  • 23 MAY 2021
    E224 The Hogwarts of Prisons and Two Generations of Cringeworthy Screen Names
    1h 24m 7s

    It's episode 224! And the Vaccination Trifecta are finally out of quarantine and visiting family so we're super excited to bring you our very first live show from Christine's home state of Ohio! We had such a blast in Columbus and covered i...

  • 16 MAY 2021
    E223 Schiefersaurs and Balloonatoons
    2h 48m 16s

    Apologies in advance to all the cuttlefish out there... episode 223 takes us into the depths of the sea for Em's story on the legendary Kraken (as well as some wild facts about squids vs octopi) ! Then Christine covers the infamous Unabombe...

  • 09 MAY 2021
    E222 The Wine Kill Switch and the Paranormal Vagina Monologues
    2h 25m 5s

    It's Em's lucky episode 222 and the rumors are true... Christine is with demon! We're dishing all the details on reactions and reliving the wild pregnancy genius that is The Maltese Bagans (created because a certain famed demon hunter yet a...

  • 02 MAY 2021
    E221 Family Nuts and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Backrooms
    2h 6m 59s

    You asked, Em covered the wrong story, and then we finally delivered... this week on episode 221 Em is officially covering the topic so many of you asked for: the Backrooms Theory. And, wow, is it creepy! From mobile mannequins to death she...

  • 01 MAY 2021
    Listener Stories: Vol. 55
    1h 13m 6s

    We're back with some traditional (and extremely creepy) listener ghost stories this month, boozers and shakers! Tune in to Listener Stories: Vol. 55 for a terrifying paranormal tunnel, some wild symptoms of exorcisms and to top it all off a...

  • 25 APR 2021
    E220 Astrophysics Improv and the Owl Queen
    2h 12m 57s

    Did you want to learn science from someone who just learned it yesterday? Well, welcome to episode 220 in which we do our best to understand multiverses, black holes and spaghettification (which we promise is a real term) all because Em res...

  • 18 APR 2021
    E219 A Paper Mâché Nose Doll and Mothman's Grandchildren
    2h 37m 53s

    Get ready because episode 219 is a chatty one! What is a paper mâché nose doll? Who are mothman's grandchildren? We've got wild speculation on both this week and two fascinating topics: First Em takes us back into old school medium territor...

  • 11 APR 2021
    E218 A Skeleton's Waiting Room and Christine's New Screen Name
    2h 15s

    Is that the voice of the wise owl in the woods? Is it the ghost of a grandma who wants to cremate her cares? Or is it Chrisitne in her old elementary school play costume trying to infiltrate a secret society? This week on episode 218, Em ta...

  • 04 APR 2021
    E217 A Mantis Manifesto and a Serial Killer's Dentist
    1h 55m 53s

    If you see a praying mantis while listening to this episode, cover it's ears! Because this week in episode 217, Em takes us on a deep and disturbing dive into the world of praying mantis aliens (segoo-ing from the evil dark lord mantis from...

  • 01 APR 2021
    Listener Stories: Vol. 54
    40m 3s

    Does this melodious voice sound familiar? Maybe even like it was cursed by a witch in order to achieve paranormal radio stardom? That's right, we have the one and only Terry Carnation from Dark Air as our first, best (and only) guest. He's...

  • 28 MAR 2021
    E216 The Opposite of a Meet Cute and a Half Sister in Space
    2h 22m 12s

    Blessings from the satanic praying mantis! It's episode 216 and Em is taking us to space for the wild and disconcerting story of the abductions of Laura Clarke. Then Christine takes us to Cleveland to cover an extremely disturbing case, the...

  • 21 MAR 2021
    E215 Bigfoot Geometry and Tin Can Fingerprints
    1h 19m 8s

    Today in episode 215, we're tackling the big questions, like is it Bigfoots or Bigfeet? We're taking you back to our live show in Seattle this week where Em covers the most famous cryptid of all, that's right, Washington State Monster himse...

  • 14 MAR 2021
    E214 Em's Sleep Skin and Christine's Day Skin
    1h 39m 37s

    It's episode 214 and you know what that means... a lesson in face washing direct from Em's apartment that didn't have running water at the time of recording! Sit back, relax and let Em regale you with their post-pandemic fashion predictions...

  • 07 MAR 2021
    E213 A Trashy Bunny and the Podcast Built on a Thousand Demons
    2h 7m 14s

    Excuse me, Spotify? We'd like to submit our podcast for a new category, that will only include us, called "Podcasts Built on a Thousand Demons". We anxiously await your response. In the meantime, Grandpapa Emothy is bringing us a wild haunt...

  • 01 MAR 2021
    Listener Stories: Vol. 53
    53m 18s

    Sit back, relax and enjoy our chill 90s coffee shop vibes this month, boozers and shakers. Let us set the stage: you're walking back to your seat with a scone and a London Fog in hand. Maybe you're wearing a black turtleneck, maybe you're e...

  • 28 FAB 2021
    E212 Conspiracy Theory Lasagna and the Migraine Episode
    3h 29m 44s

    It's episode 212 and we're finally gonna come right out and say it: Q ain't cute, friends! Em rounds out their QAnon trilogy with ways this new movement mirrors cult activity and provides resources for people struggling to leave, help frien...

  • 21 FAB 2021
    E211 The Echelon Twins and a Rotary Butt Dial
    2h 47m 44s

    Welcome to episode 211, where this week we're spreading the bad news so it doesn't turn into worse news... Join us as Em dives even deeper into the world of conspiracy theories for the second part in their series on QAnon. They cover the an...

  • 14 FAB 2021
    E210 The Golden Plunger Award and the London Fog Cult
    2h 24m 14s

    Let's plunge into it! Episode 210 celebrates all things lemon and plunger related as we also spill bread crumbs all over the floor... That's because Em is taking us on a very timely journey through the wild web of beliefs of the QAnon consp...

  • 07 FAB 2021
    E209 A Ghost's Recliner and the PTA of Covens
    2h 15m 23s

    Conjure us up a set of bleachers because we want to cheer on your coven! This week episode 209 takes us first to Arkansas and Em's story on the creepy Bettis House and the rumored legend of the Dog Boy. Then Christine covers an extremely gr...

  • 01 FAB 2021
    Listener Stories: Vol. 52
    1h 8m 17s

    Happy February! We've got DJ Love and DJ Cupid in the house... but we rewound live radio so we're actually not sure those are the final names we're going with. This month we've got quite the smorgasbord of mind-bending tales, some involving...

  • 31 JAN 2021
    E208 Creepy Coats and a Party Lemon
    2h 29m 20s

    Lindas and tigers and bears... oh my! Episode 208 is brought to you by plain water, Em's bougie childhood and Xiinön's birth story. On the paranormal side of things, Em takes us back to the 80s for a UFO sighting from Japan Airlines flight...

  • 24 JAN 2021
    E207 The Return of the Plunger Fort and the Paranormal Gossip Mill
    2h 31m 59s

    Welcome to episode 207 where we celebrate our podcast conception and the birth of Em's paranormal tabloid! Em takes us on a salacious journey through the paranormal history of the Cheltenham Ghost. Then Christine covers a cold blooded case...

  • 17 JAN 2021
    E206 A Vengeful Lady Fish and Biscuits with Bear
    2h 8m 0s

    Welcome to episode 206! This week we learn that hell hath no fury like a vengeful lady fish, or at least someone who's extremely into mermaids. Em covers the paranormal stories of legendary location Pyramid Lake, including the people who ha...

  • 10 JAN 2021
    E205 A Zero Gravity Wine Bra and a Coffee Date with Slender Man
    2h 8m 0s

    Be careful with your bread this year, everyone! It's episode 205 and we're already worried about what we could manifest even with just sandwich predictions. Speaking of predictions, this week Em covers all the times the TV show The Simpsons...

  • 03 JAN 2021
    E204 This Year's Sandwich Predictions and the Old Synaprague
    2h 26m 43s

    Happy 2021 and episode 204! Christine has already met her quota of songs sung to Em, but don't worry she has more. This week we're starting the new year with a bang as Em brings us the story of the Golem, straight out of Jewish folklore. Th...

  • 01 JAN 2021
    Listener Stories: Vol. 51
    1h 12m 14s

    Welcome to 2021! We're only predicting sandwiches this time around. We decided to scale down our manifesting this year and just focus on food... remember when we learned the history of the word "quarantine" mere weeks before the epidemic hi...

  • 27 DEC 2020
    E203 The Abdominal Snowman and Christmas on an Embered Ash
    1h 41m 33s

    Christmastime is here! It's episode 203 and our official holiday episode so whether you celebrate with Elf on a Shelf, Mensch on a Bench, Krampus on the Mantle or Caillou in the Bayou, we're here to bring you some festive cheer! Em takes us...

  • 20 DEC 2020
    E202 Spiritualist Chippendales and the Murder Situation Show
    3h 44m 37s

    Would we want to have our pants unbuttoned in a dark wardrobe by a bunch of spiritualists? We ponder this and many more hard hitting questions this week as Em brings us back to the booming age of American Spiritualism with the story of the...

  • 15 DEC 2020
    Listener Stories: Vol. 50
    57m 36s

    Welcome to our big 50th listener stories episode! In honor of such a milestone, we're covering the hard hitting topics you've always yearned to know more about, like "does every dead guy have his name changed to Walt in the afterlife?" and...

  • 13 DEC 2020
    E201 Pi Day Advent Season and a Ouija Planchette Flasher
    2h 39m 8s

    Episode 201 is one linguine all the way to the top! Mostly because we discover that if we die under strange circumstances and there's not a ouija board session with us entered as witness testimony, we'll be pissed. This week Em covers the F...

  • 06 DEC 2020
    E200 The Burbank Fish-Flopper and a Homicidal Rhombus
    3h 12m 10s

    Episode 200 is finally here!! Can you even imagine a world in which Christine doesn't know Em is a clown?! Or that Em would be surprised that a member of Christine's family set a bear loose in town?  We're taking quite a few walks down m...

  • 01 DEC 2020
    Listener Stories: Vol. 49
    46m 38s

    Happy December, creeps and peeps! Did we request full moon stories? It sure seems like we did as we've got a whole fun batch of creepy, sweet and just plain wild stories related to the full moon! We also couldn't completely ignore the impen...

  • 29 NOV 2020
    E199 The Surgeon Sturgeon Named Spurgeon and Big Bert in the Million Acre Wood
    1h 54m 5s

    Always Christine, never the coroner... this week on episode 199 (wow, so close to 200!) we're still battling side effects of our new medications but are wholeheartedly embracing all the many and varied ways we could feel uncomfortable next!...

  • 22 NOV 2020
    E198 The Chef's Kiss of Death and Some Juice Covered News
    2h 16m 18s

    It's episode 198 and we've got lots of juice covered news for you! For starters, we're getting so close to our 200th episode and we can't wait to share the surprises we have in store. Then Em announces they've officially been diagnosed with...

  • 15 NOV 2020
    Listener Stories: Vol. 48
    53m 9s

    Happy Starch Season again! We're back with another bonus listeners episode and, wow, do we have a peeling you'll like this one... believe it or not, we actually did get potato themed stories as requested. We're also super excited to share a...

  • 15 NOV 2020
    E197 Satan's Sourdough Starter and a Fainting Couch
    2h 14m 48s

    It's episode 197 and we're here to tell you, we don't know that goat and we've never seen that lizard before in our lives! Although we might have started an avalanche by turning ourselves into wolves, because this week Em brings us the seco...

  • 08 NOV 2020
    E196 Pop Icon Werewolves and Christine's Trash Can Cocktail
    1h 49m 29s

    Welcome to episode 196! It may be a little too on the snout, so to speak... because Em is covering the history of werewolves in the first of a two part series! Then Christine takes on another Halloween related story with the tragic disappea...

  • 01 NOV 2020
    E195 Frankenstein's Ding Dong and Haphazardly Fermented Kraut
    1h 58m 59s

    Xiinön is still in the room this week... so sue her! We're also pretty sure we're cursed so get ready for some spooky updates in episode 195! We're still riding high from spooky season and bringing you the creeps with Em's story on the hist...

  • 01 NOV 2020
    Listener Stories: Vol. 47
    1h 2m 31s

    Happy starch season!! While it will always be spooky season in our hearts, time does tend to move forward so we're also getting ready to pass the cranberry sauce if you know what we mean. But, don't worry, our listener stories this month ar...