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When Heather isn't headlining theaters across the country as a top stand up comedian, or being the perfect wife and mother of 3, she is diving into juicy pop culture. From all things Hollywood, celebrity romances, Bravo TV to her real life drama, Heather tackles the juiciest and most controversial topics.  Heather will not hold back on her opinion on anything or anyone. While talking to guests ranging anywhere from actors, to comics to reality stars, Heather asks the juiciest questions you always want answered. You can find the entire Juicy Scoop archive, ad-free, only on Stitcher Premium. For a free month of Stitcher Premium, go to stitcherpremium.com/juicyscoop and use promo code 'JUICY'.

  • 27 JUL 2021
    JLo PR, Erika Jayne Anger, Britney Spears free with Josh Wolf
    1h 32m 9s

    Are JLo and Ben Affleck recreating photos of themselves from 18 years ago? Britney Spears filed to have her dad removed and have a CPA replace him. What about Jamie Lynn Spears latest posts? Erika Jayne tells a confusing story but I think i...

  • 22 JUL 2021
    Rachel Uchitel files suit against Seeking.com
    1h 6m 34s

    Former Tiger Woods girlfriend, Rachel Uchitel shares how damaging a signed NDA can be when its purpose is to hide a corporation’s bad behavior. Her job at Seeking Arrangements did not go as she expected and she shares all about it. Plus, I...

  • 20 JUL 2021
    Erika Jayne insider Archie of Girardi Law, and Britney Spears' serial sister
    1h 18m 48s

    Why didn’t Erika Jayne wipe her black water tears away? What do the new lawsuits mean about her assets? Well, Kimberly Archie, a former employee of Tom Girardi’s, is back to help explain and give a true insight into Tom’s mental state, his...

  • 15 JUL 2021
    TheDirty.com's Nik Richie - Tells All, Britney, RHONY in Trouble
    1h 33m 57s

    Nik Richie is best known for starting TheDirty.com, a place where non-celebrities would put each other on blast for their bad behavior. Nik would share The Dirt with tens of millions. He is here to share his truth, about his history, his re...

  • 13 JUL 2021
    Sex/Life, Hilaria Baldwin with Justin Martindale
    1h 13m 40s

    Heather goes to the OC and Juicy Scoop presented itself. A reality star is arrested and charged with sexually assaulting teens. Hilaria Baldwin posts about how she struggles as a “multi” and that she identifies as culturally fluid which pis...

  • 08 JUL 2021
    Spencer Pratt from MTV The Hills, updates on Brittney and Kardashians
    1h 17m 26s

    Spencer Pratt is back and he is not a fan of his own show, The Hills and he tells us why. No one is more honest than Spencer about Hollywood, reality TV, fame, and the unquenchable thirst of it all! Besides being hilarious he gives his free...

  • 06 JUL 2021
    Swinger Tells All, Erika Jayne’s Demands & RHOBH
    1h 7m 28s

    Ashleigh Renard was a happily married working mom of three when she and her husband visited a swingers sex club. She became the author of her own book “Swing.”  She answers all the tough and uncomfortable, and juicy questions. Then, RHOBH a...

  • 01 JUL 2021
    Britney’s Sister, Bill Cosby, RHONY with Chris Franjola
    1h 16m 52s

    Lots of Juicy Scoop updates on the girl who ruined the Tour De France, Lori Vallow's latest murder indictment, Alison Mack’s Nexium prison sentence, and Bill Cosby’s early prison release. RHONY is still all about Eboni teaching Ramona. Then...

  • 29 JUN 2021
    Britney Spears, Erika Jayne discussed with  Chris Franjola
    1h 5m 2s

    An all-time favorite, Chris Franjola is here to discuss it all!  A woman with a sign posing for a photo ruined the Tour De France causing dozens of bikes to crash. Britney has spoken and what should happen now? Lil Nas kissed a man on stage...

  • 24 JUN 2021
    Iliza Shlesinger, Jen Shah Pleas, Khloe Kardashian is officially single
    1h 16m 48s

    Khloe got cheated on again by Tristan at another party which she was somehow excluded from. The Daily Mail paps caught me. Nick Cannon is having his 7th kid, thank GIF Kim Kardashian didn’t take him up on his offer and Jen Shah wants her ca...

  • 22 JUN 2021
    Erika Jayne’s Transactional Marriage, Murder in Greece &  Kardashian Reunion
    1h 28m 48s

    Juicy Crime - The husband did it. After a month of gathering evidence, police in Greece get the husband to confess to murdering his wife and killing their dog. RHOC firing leads to lots of Instagram fights. We’re those Chrissy Teigen DM’s f...

  • 17 JUN 2021
    Erika Jayne’s Lawyer & Marilyn Monroe Murder
    1h 6m 9s

    Erika Jayne’s lawyer dumped her after watching me on the Housewife and the Hustler documentary. Did Scott Disick give Lisa Rinna’s daughter Kris Jenner’s same necklace? Chrissy Teigen apologized again and Michael Costello shares how she tol...

  • 15 JUN 2021
    Garcelle Beauvais, Erika Jayne Doc & The Bachelorette
    1h 3m 57s

    I share all about my wild birthday weekend in Palm Desert and then watching The Bachelorette episode that I was on! I share what it was really like to meet the guys and what was edited out from the date and my alone time with the guys. JLo...

  • 10 JUN 2021
    Kanye Dating, Armie Hammer Rehab, Friends & RHONY
    1h 20m 24s

    Brandy and Julie are back to discuss the Friends’ Reunion special and which member might have plastic surgery. Why they put up with Matthew Perry? Which Real Housewives of New York is learning about adjectives they should no longer use. Arm...

  • 08 JUN 2021
    Britney Spears’ IG Mistakes and Tik Tok's William White
    1h 3m 24s

    Megan gives birth to Lilibet Diana. Jojo Siwa has a Pride party, and a 30-year-old male guest may have overdosed. Kim didn’t pass the baby bar for the second time, and I have some advice to give her. Scott Disick’s IG is thirsty AF. The Bel...

  • 03 JUN 2021
    Murder in Belize, Erika Jayne Doc, Rachel Zoe & RHONY
    1h 39m 11s

    A married socialite is arrested for murder in Belize. The Hills has a juicy story line. I’m in the Hulu documentary about Erika Jayne, "The Housewife and The Hustler." Teresa’s Luis’ Ex fiancé is telling and running. RHONY Luann and Eboni f...

  • 01 JUN 2021
    Jen Shah's Go Fund Me, Kristin Cavallari Divorce, The Manzos & Double Lives
    1h 25m 4s

    Real Housewife of Salt Lake City - Jen Shah, who is awaiting trial and facing up to 20 years for fraud, had a GoFund Me asking for 2.5 Million. Jay Cutler wants half of Kristin Cavallari’s "Uncommon James" business. The RHONJ Manzo's family...

  • 27 MAY 2021
    Dr. Drew gets into Teen Moms, Britney, JLo & Threesomes
    1h 33m 6s

    The doomsday cult couple Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell have been indicted on murder charges for the deaths of her two children. Anna Duggar believes her husband is innocent. RHONY women are pissed about a podcast. Larsa Pippin had a week. Ki...

  • 25 MAY 2021
    Erika Jayne, Chrissy Teigen, Kardashians & Justin Martindale
    1h 18m 18s

    The hilarious Justin Martindale and I ponder if Chrissy Teigen’s Hollywood friends will blow her off and stop inviting her to parties now. Did Lil Nas X’s pants really split on SNL? How did Machine Gun Kelly get his tongue to be black? Fres...

  • 20 MAY 2021
    Demi Lovato, Superman Henry Cavill & Bethenny’s Big Shot Nicole Rose
    1h 22m 43s

    Demi Lovato has come out as non-binary. RHONY’s Sonja Morgan is still a Morgan and doesn’t want Ramona to promote Wells Fargo! Prince Harry is not a fan of the 1st Amendment. Shahs of Sunset is off to a juicy start with a claim of a DM iClo...

  • 18 MAY 2021
    Tori Spelling & Josh Flagg! Chrissy Teigen Cancelled?
    1h 39m 44s

    Tori Spelling and Million Dollar Listing’s Josh Flagg are in the Juicy Scoop studio! Tori and Josh have been good friends for years but is he now closer to RHONY’s Sonja Morgan? Who is Josh’s top girlfriend? Tori answers all your 90210, que...

  • 13 MAY 2021
    Lala Kent, RHOA Porsha Engaged, Gay Bachelor Blackmailed
    1h 35m 40s

    Porsha of RHOA got engaged to her co-star’s very recent ex-husband! Ellen Degeneres is ending her talk show after 19 years. What is the real reason? Colton Underwood, the Virgin now-Gay Bachelor tells Variety he went to gay spas in LA and w...

  • 11 MAY 2021
    Fortune Feimster, JLo & Ben, RHOBH Tagline Meanings
    1h 26m 40s

    Fortune Feimster is back! We talk about my OC Swinging weekend and hookers at fancy hotel bars. JLo and Ben Affleck appear to be boning and I love it! Adam Corolla is getting divorced and they are nesting with their kids which sounds great....

  • 06 MAY 2021
    The Original Sister Wife, Bill Gates gets Divorced, Britney’s Instagram Scam
    1h 28m 43s

    Ariadne Joseph was a sister wife to the Snowden’s before they were stars on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife. She explains how they met, how they all slept in the same bed and her brave escape. Dimitri Snowden’s life and relationships may not be a...

  • 04 MAY 2021
    RHOD Dr. Tiffany Moon, The Bachelor’s Secret Affair & USC Song Girls
    1h 14m 51s

    The Bachelor’s Matt and Rachel were secretly meeting up and have now admitted it. Could this one day be looked back upon as the greatest love story of all reality TV or the greatest mistake? Is a new RHOBH spinoff with PK and Mauricio in th...

  • 29 APR 2021
    Britney Spears, Khloe, Chris Franjola & TLC Restraining Orders
    1h 15m 23s

    Comedian Chris Franjola and I talk about Britney Spears and her upcoming day in court regarding her conservatorship. Also, who feels safe as she chops pecans? Khloe’s boyfriend Tristen got caught again with another woman who kissed and told...

  • 27 APR 2021
    RHONJ Margaret Josephs on Marriage, Infidelity & Housewives
    1h 7m 35s

    Margaret Josephs is most known as a Real Housewife of New Jersey for the past few years but her book tells a whole lot of other juicy stories involving sexual harassment, rock stars, TV opportunities, business, lawsuits, marriage, affairs,...

  • 22 APR 2021
    Justin Martindale, Kardashian/Blac Chyna Trial & RHONY Premier
    1h 16m 46s

    Comedian Justin Martindale is here and shares about his one-time working relationship with Tom Hanks’ rapping son and missed gay opportunities. There is a petition to stop the gay bachelor Colton’s, Netflix Show. Jameela Jamil defends Demi’...

  • 20 APR 2021
    Jill Zarin, Demi Lovato, & RHONY Taglines
    1h 30m 5s

    Jill Zarin the OG of NYC is here and shares never been told juicy scoop, like what housewife she has always been closest to. How did Jill meet Luann? The story behind her only drinking Diet Coke is told. She spills about her worst TV experi...

  • 15 APR 2021
    Amber Rose, The Gay Bachelor, Kristen Smart Case
    1h 19m 37s

    Amber Rose, model, author, boy mom, Hip Hop Video Vixen and more is here! She tells about her first time stripping, how she was discovered and cast in the hottest rap videos. She shares about Kanye, her friendship with Blac Chyna, shopping...

  • 13 APR 2021
    Royal Funeral, RHOBH Trailer & Usher With Sarah Colonna
    1h 16m 22s

    Comedian Sarah Colonna joins and we discuss how awkward the Royal funeral will be for Prince Harry. Why was Kourtney Kardashian really hanging out with Addison Rae of Tik Tok fame? Was Usher really giving strippers fake money? Erika Jayne a...

  • 08 APR 2021
    Billionaire Boyfriend Sues his OnlyFans Model. Brandy & Julie are my guests.
    1h 5m 57s

    The always hilarious Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard join to discuss how a 58 year billionaire is suing a 26 year old Only Fans model because she wouldn’t marry him or remove her photos taken at his mansions. Rachel Hollis’ ex employee spea...

  • 06 APR 2021
    USC Survivor of Gyno Sex assault Speaks Out & Jen Shah Shows No Remorse
    1h 19m 7s

    A Billion Dollar Lawsuit settlement by USC.  Jen Shah needs $250,000  in less than 2 weeks or she goes into custody. How will she get it? Will Andy Cohen agree to be one of co signers? I discover more “interesting” connections  to financial...

  • 01 APR 2021
    Jen Shah, Real Housewife of SLC is Arrested For Fraud, Britney Spears & Kardashians
    1h 8m 17s

    Jen Shah of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was arrested on fraud charges and more. She is accused of selling lead lists of mostly elderly people. After obtaining their private information, she then sold it to other scam operations, so th...

  • 30 MAR 2021
    Sharon Osborne leaves the Talk, Chris Franjola discusses
    1h 17m 58s

    Comedian Chris Franjola and Heather discuss how a comedy writer’s viral tweet about shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast cereal box may have put an end to his career in Hollywood. Sharon Osborne has left The Talk forever. JLo and ARod and sel...

  • 25 MAR 2021
    Kylie Jenner, Seeking Sister Wives, & Real Housewives
    1h 4m 25s

    Kylie Jenner got dragged for a 'go fund me' where she gave $5,000 to the cause. Some felt it was not enough but Kylie set out to explain situation. Seeking Sister Wives is back and weirder and juicier than ever! Real Housewives of Atlanta h...

  • 23 MAR 2021
    Comic Jessica Kirson, Woody Allen’s Girlfriend & Varsity Blues
    1h 13m 0s

    Comedian Jessica Kirson thought she had seen it all as a touring stand up comic but her story of working for Bethenny Frankel tops it all. She also shares about her new documentary on Hulu “Hysterical” about female comics and our journey in...

  • 18 MAR 2021
    Jo Koy and The Bachelor, The Talk & RHOD drama
    1h 27m 42s

    Comedian Jo Koy’s shares his book “Mixed Plate”. He tells us about his struggles and triumphs as today’s top International touring Comedian. In today’s episode, get ready to laugh and be inspired. Jo never gave up his dream. Even when Jo ha...

  • 16 MAR 2021
    Sharon Osborne, Armie Hammer’s Dad & The Cayman Islands  by the Zen Blonde
    1h 9m 33s

    Heather sits down Lauren Skae known as @thezenblonde on Tik Tok who has done extensive research on Armie Hammer, his powerful family and his former girlfriends. Lauren had introduced Heather to Casey Hammer who was featured in the explosive...

  • 11 MAR 2021
    Piers Morgan, Megan McCain, Megan Markle called out by Justin Martindale
    1h 13m 47s

    Comedian Justin Martindale joins to discuss his viral tweet about Megan McCain and Whoopi.... and was Megan McCain talking about laying the ground work for her own daughter to become Megan Markle’s daughter's best friend? Piers Morgan is st...

  • 09 MAR 2021
    The Big One - Megan, Harry, Oprah & Sarah Colonna
    1h 13m 36s

    Comedian Sarah Colonna is here to dissect all things Megan Markle, Prince Harry, Oprah, the Royals.  Are child labor laws being broken at Humphrey Yogart by hiring a 13 year old? Did Megan not google the guy you’re about to be set up with,...

  • 04 MAR 2021
    Brandy & Julie  discuss "Bones" David Boreanaz Sex Video, Hilaria Baldwin’s Baby,
    1h 20m 59s

    Comedians Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman join to discuss Bone’s star David Boreanaz’s leaked self filmed masturbation video trended on Twitter. Why was Drew Barrymore so surprised David Letterman came on her show? Comedian Chris D’Elia is...

  • 02 MAR 2021
    Allen vs. Farrow, Lady Gaga and Chris Franjola
    1h 12m 47s

    Your favorite Comedian Chris Franjola joins to discuss The Golden Globes, Taylor Swift being mad at Netflix and a juicy Dancing with the Stars breakup. Lady Gaga Frenchies are home safe but where are the people who shot her dog walker four...

  • 25 FAB 2021
    Det Jim McSorley on Cecil Hotel, RHOA, Strippergate & Interrogations
    1h 16m 13s

    Heather interviews LAPD detective Jim McSorley from The Vanishing at The Cecil Hotel. He answers your questions on that case plus how crimes are investigated, interrogated and solved. She improves with him as if she was being interrogated f...

  • 23 FAB 2021
    Real Housewives and I Was Duped
    1h 14m 9s

    Live from Salt Lake City/Deer Valley and I analyze RHSLC season and reunion. Brandi Redmond announced she is leaving Real Housewives of Dallas. Comedian Chris D’Elia speaks for the first time on his cancellation after many months of being a...

  • 18 FAB 2021
    Cecil Hotel, New Jersey Housewives’s Premier & Dr Judy Ho
    1h 1m 23s

    I interview Dr. Judy Ho, who was featured throughout hottest new documentary on Netflix, The Cecil Hotel. The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s RHONJ first episode includes cheating and cocaine accusations and I’m dying after watching it. Han...

  • 16 FAB 2021
    Chris Harrison, Britney Spears’ Cousin, Scam Artists & Justin Martindale
    1h 23m 51s

    Comedian Justin Martindale discuss The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison stepping down. We share some college theme parties that we attended, so you don't need to search for the photos. Heather was almost scammed by a "Hollywood producer" who now h...

  • 11 FAB 2021
    Britney Spear’s Boyfriend, Armie Hammer Investigated and Author Jeneva Rose
    1h 10m 28s

    From the Cayman Islands, Police tell the press Armie Hammer is not a person of interest in the case of missing people and human remains but there are reasons why some people feel he should be. What will happen to him now that he appears to...

  • 09 FAB 2021
    Sofia Franklyn host of "Sofia with an F" and Framing Britney Spears
    1h 16m 42s

    Sofia Franklyn host of "Sofia with an F" shares all the juice about her podcast journey, including social media shaming she endured and her very juicy and disturbing interview with Armie Hammer’s ex girlfriend. I explore the documentary "Fr...

  • 04 FAB 2021
    Armie Hammer's Aunt Tells All, Erika Jayne's New Tag Lines
    1h 14m 39s

    This is the FIRST LIVE INTERVIEW of Armie Hammer's aunt, Casey Hammer. She is the grand daughter of oil Tycoon Armand Hammer and sister to Micheal, Armie's dad.  Casey shares all about her dark, twisted and violent childhood which has disru...

  • 02 FAB 2021
    To Catch A Predator, Chris Hansen exposes a worse predator than Jeffery Epstien; Peter Nygard
    1h 6m 54s

    I interview Chris Hansen of “To Catch A Predator” about how the series began and how grooming has evolved. His new podcast follows what’s happened to predators from the famous TV show. Hanson also shares about his new documentary on Peter N...