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The Vanished is a true crime podcast that explores the stories of those who have gone missing. The Vanished goes beyond conventional news reports to take a deep dive into the story of a different missing person each week. Host Marissa Jones brings you exclusive interviews with family members, friends, law enforcement and experts. What will The Vanished uncover next?

  • 26 JUL 2021
    Erin Pospisil
    57m 56s

    On June 3, 2001, 15-year-old Erin Pospisil wanted to visit a friend, but she couldn’t find a ride to her friend’s home not far from the Pospisil home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Her dad was asleep after his shift at work, and her mom was still w...

  • 19 JUL 2021
    Bobbi Ann Campbell
    1h 26m 13s

    24-year-old Bobbi Ann Campbell disappeared from Salt Lake City, Utah, in late December of 1994. Bobbi left her home in Draper, UT, with her 5-year-old daughter, Stephanie, to spend a few days with friends in Salt Lake City. After she got to...

  • 12 JUL 2021
    Terri Ackerman
    1h 15m 1s

    Terri Ackerman spent much of her time babysitting her two grandchildren. On Thursday, August 23rd, 2018, Terri was at her daughter’s home watching the kids. She left that evening, hugging everyone goodbye, stating she would see them again i...

  • 05 JUL 2021
    Ian Eckles Part 3: The Broken Window
    1h 10m 54s

    Ian Eckles was last seen leaving his home on May 16, 2020, headed to go hunting with a friend in the mountains of Washington. Ian never met up with his friend, and no one was able to reach him for days. This sparked a massive search that w...

  • 29 JUN 2021
    Ian Eckles Part 2: The Manhunt
    1h 7m 13s

    By May 23, 2020, Ian Eckles had not been seen in a week. He had plans to go hunting with a friend but never showed up at their agreed meeting location. The next day, Ian didn't report to work. Ian's family and friends launched a massive sea...

  • 28 JUN 2021
    Ian Eckles Part 1: The Hunting Trip
    57m 29s

    41-year-old Ian Eckles spent the majority of his free time outdoors and loved to hunt. So when he and a friend made plans to spend a weekend hunting in the mountains near Liberty, Washington, nothing was out of the ordinary. However, when I...

  • 21 JUN 2021
    Case Update: Eric Pracht
    1h 40m 13s

    In June of 2019, we brought you the story of Eric Pracht, a 25-year-old man missing from Lakewood, Colorado, since July 23, 2016. Eric and his fiancé had hosted a small gathering at their condo. As the party was winding down and most of the...

  • 15 JUN 2021
    Case Continued: Angela Mack and Thomas "Mikey" Rettew - Reasonable Doubt
    1h 16m 15s

    Over the last two weeks, we’ve continued to tell you the story of the disappearances of Angela Mack and her son, Mikey. Yesterday, you heard an expert fire investigator discuss the plausibility of the theory that Angie and Mikey were burned...

  • 14 JUN 2021
    Case Continued: Angela Mack and Thomas "Mikey" Rettew - The Furnace
    42m 19s

    Last week, we brought you two new episodes on the incredible developments in the case of Angela Mack and Thomas “Mikey” Rettew. If you haven’t listened to the original episode or the first two updates, listen to those first, they will bring...

  • 08 JUN 2021
    Case Continued: Angela Mack and Thomas "Mikey" Rettew - The Dead Man
    1h 12m 57s

    In early April, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office announced that they had solved and closed the 2002 disappearances of 20-year-old Angela Mack and her son, Thomas “Mikey” Rettew. Our last episode explored the dramatic turn of events in Ang...

  • 07 JUN 2021
    Case Continued: Angela Mack and Thomas "Mikey" Rettew - House of Cards
    1h 10m 39s

    Three months ago, we brought you the story of the disappearance of Angela Mack and her son Thomas "Mikey" Rettew from a small town in northwest Arkansas. No one knew who had seen Angela and Mikey last or under what circumstances. Our record...

  • 31 MAY 2021
    Case Update: Chris Turner
    1h 30m 44s

    23-year-old Chris Turner disappeared from Las Vegas, Nevada, in early August of 2016. We first covered Chris Turner’s case on July 5, 2017. Shortly after we aired his story, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department closed his case, stat...

  • 24 MAY 2021
    Amanda Grazewski
    1h 53s

    23-year-old Amanda Grazewski disappeared from an apartment in Derry, New Hampshire, in the early morning hours of March 17, 2020. Amanda was spending the night there along with a few other people. The others reported that they went to bed,...

  • 17 MAY 2021
    Donna Gibson
    57m 2s

    On the evening of February 24, 1995, 32-year-old Donna Gibson was at home in Louisa, Virginia, with her husband and four young children. She was sick that evening with a respiratory infection and chose to sleep on the couch. Early the next...

  • 10 MAY 2021
    Harry Milligan
    1h 23m 7s

    On Saturday, June 30, 1984, 21-year-old Harry Milligan finished his job painting a house and met some friends at a bar called Waterworks in Albia, Iowa. The bar was just over a ten-minute drive from his home in nearby Avery, Iowa. We don’t...

  • 03 MAY 2021
    Kristofer Couture
    1h 14m 48s

    On January 27, 2019, an off-duty law enforcement officer observed an abandoned car at a popular trailhead in Chilliwack, British Columbia. The vehicle had a broken rear window, and the police later impounded it, but no one ever came forward...

  • 27 APR 2021
    Kacey Perry Part 2
    53m 33s

    On September 14, 1990, 10-year-old Kacey Perry disappeared while visiting with her father at his home in Portland, Oregon, after the two had a disagreement. In Part 1, we learned that it’s believed Kacey made it to a store blocks away from...

  • 26 APR 2021
    Kacey Perry Part 1
    46m 46s

    On September 14, 1990, 10-year-old Kacey Perry was visiting with her father at his home in Portland, Oregon. That evening, the two had a disagreement during a conversation about Kacey coming to live with him full-time. Her father told Kacey...

  • 19 APR 2021
    Skylar Ware
    1h 21m 59s

    On May 10, 2020, 25-year-old Skylar Ware wished his mom a happy Mother's Day. He was in Kansas City, Missouri, and she was in the process of moving to Florida, so the two didn't see each other often but kept in frequent contact. That was th...

  • 12 APR 2021
    James Wiggins
    47m 9s

    In December of 2002, 21-year old James Wiggins left his home in Ruston, Louisiana, on foot, saying he was going to a nearby grocery store. James never returned home. The following morning, the owner of a convenience shop located several mil...

  • 05 APR 2021
    Case Update: Zacharey Wilks
    1h 7m 25s

    On May 24, 2017, 27-year-old Zacharey Wilks left his home in Lompoc, California, to make the familiar drive to his uncle's residence in Las Vegas, Nevada. He planned to help his uncle prepare the family's vacation home for summer guests and...

  • 29 MAR 2021
    Kyle Fleischmann
    1h 16m 40s

    On the chilly fall evening of November 8, 2007, 24-year-old Kyle Fleischmann went to dinner, drinks, and a show with friends in Charlotte, North Carolina. The evening was a celebratory affair- a friend's birthday, another friend's recent jo...

  • 23 MAR 2021
    Leona Kinsey Part 2
    54m 25s

    Leona Kinsey disappeared from La Grande, Oregon, on October 25, 1999. A friend last saw Leona at a local Walmart. According to her friend, Leona said she planned to meet a man at a nearby grocery store and then stop by her friend's house ar...

  • 22 MAR 2021
    Leona Kinsey Part 1
    57m 59s

    Leona Kinsey disappeared from La Grande, Oregon, on October 25, 1999. A friend last saw Leona at a local Walmart. According to her friend, Leona said she planned to meet someone at a nearby grocery store and then stop by her friend's house...

  • 15 MAR 2021
    Veronica Reyes-Diaz
    1h 2m 31s

    On Friday, January 17, 2020, Veronica Reyes-Diaz left the home she shared with her husband and three sons in Dover, Florida, to spend the evening out with friends. After gathering at a local restaurant, one of Veronica's friends dropped her...

  • 08 MAR 2021
    Angela Mack and Thomas "Mikey" Rettew
    1h 15m 15s

    In 2002, 20-year-old disappeared Angela Mack disappeared from the small northern Arkansas town of Salem. It may have been September, but some people say it was later in the year. She wouldn't be reported missing for many months, or maybe ev...

  • 07 MAR 2021
    Ambiguous Loss with Dr. Philip Taft
    21m 2s

    This segment originally aired in Jacob Hilkin's Case Update on February 22, 2021. So many listeners contacted us about this interview and how much it impacted them or helped them understand why they have struggled with a loss. Some listener...

  • 01 MAR 2021
    Adam Castillo
    1h 8m 5s

    21-year-old Adam Castillo left his Willcox, AZ home on the evening of September 13, 2008. His plans that night were to attend a party. He left his phone and wallet behind at the house. Adam caught a ride to the party that was taking place o...

  • 22 FAB 2021
    Case Update: Jacob Hilkin
    1h 36m 29s

    24-year-old Jacob Hilkin was last seen in Tulalip, Washington, on January 23, 2018. He had been at a casino with some friends and left, stating that he would catch a bus home. Jake was spotted in the area but then disappeared without a trac...

  • 15 FAB 2021
    Sandra Crispo
    1h 2m 43s

    On August 7, 2019, Massachusetts native Sandra Crispo was dropped off at her home after taking her car to the shop for repairs. The next day, she didn’t pick up the phone, and by August 9, Sandra had seemingly vanished without a trace. Her...

  • 08 FAB 2021
    Michael "Zachary" Fortenberry
    59m 58s

    On February 9, 2020, 31-year-old Zach Fortenberry left his home in Bonney Lake, Washington. Several days later, his car was located in nearby Carbonado with the keys inside and a half a tank of gas. The car was parked near a bridge that spa...

  • 01 FAB 2021
    Luzeia Mathis
    1h 5m 30s

    Sometime, likely in late August of 2019, 18-year-old Luzeia Mathis disappeared from her Phoenix, Arizona apartment. Luzeia was an independent young woman who lived alone, so no one immediately noticed that she was gone. Her close family mem...

  • 25 JAN 2021
    Tyress Gipson
    59m 5s

    On August 22, 2020, 18-year-old Tyress Gipson left his Jacksonville, Texas home that he shared with his mother, stepfather, and sisters to hang out with some friends and possibly go to a party. But none of Tyress’s friends saw him that even...

  • 18 JAN 2021
    Echo Lloyd
    55m 41s

    Echo Lloyd last spoke with her daughter, Kelsey, on May 9, 2020, the day before Mother’s Day. Kelsey stopped by Echo’s Edwards, Missouri home the next day to drop off flowers and a Mother’s Day card. Echo wasn’t there, and her car wasn’t in...

  • 11 JAN 2021
    Justin Hooiman
    57m 27s

    On the morning of November 20, 2017, 27-year-old Justin Hooiman disappeared from Salt Lake City, Utah. Justin left his residence around 6:00 am and headed to work. He called his mom along the way and asked her if they could have lunch toget...

  • 04 JAN 2021
    Nicholas "Nico" Johnson
    59m 44s

    On April 14, 2016, four-year-old Nicholas “Nico” Johnson was taken from his home. He wasn’t just taken from his home, but he was taken from his family and the country in which he had been born to an entirely different nation with a differen...

  • 28 DEC 2020
    Rosemary Rodriguez
    1h 18m 35s

    On the evening of October 6, 2019, Rosemary Rodriguez went to dinner with her boyfriend and her mother. On the way home, they dropped Rosemary's mother off and headed to her boyfriend's home. According to her boyfriend, Rosemary left his re...

  • 21 DEC 2020
    Case Update: Grundy County Jane Doe
    1h 42m 36s

    It has been nearly two years since we shared the story of Grundy County Jane Doe, whose remains were discovered in October 1976 by a farmer in rural Seneca, Illinois. When we initially researched her story, we learned that her case was reop...

  • 14 DEC 2020
    Case Update: Paige Johnson
    1h 37m 47s

    We initially told Paige’s story in February of 2020. Since that time, there have been many developments in her case, including the recovery of her remains and the arrest of the person suspected of seriously harming or killing her. At the ti...

  • 07 DEC 2020
    Camille Dardanes Dotson
    1h 11m 42s

    Camille Dardanes Dotson disappeared from Las Vegas, Nevada, sometime in September of 1994. While she once had a promising future, Camille had been on a downward spiral for quite some time. Unfortunately, it took months to report Camille mis...

  • 30 NOV 2020
    Kianna Galvin
    1h 3m 16s

    On May 6, 2016, 17-year-old Kianna Galvin told her sister that she was going to the park and left the family home in South Elgin, Illinois, on foot. Kianna did not go to the park but instead walked to the house of an acquaintance. Neighbors...

  • 23 NOV 2020
    Case Update: Zachary Kennedy
    1h 19m 42s

    We first brought you Zachary Kennedy's story in January of 2018. Zachary disappeared from Long Beach, California, on October 22, 2017. He was at the home of an acquaintance, Scott Leo, when his phone activity suddenly stopped, and the phone...

  • 16 NOV 2020
    Jennifer Fay
    1h 6m 39s

    On the evening of November 14, 1989, 16-year-old Jennifer Fay left her home in Brockton, Massachusetts, to hang out with some friends. Jennifer was supposed to babysit her siblings that evening, but she wanted to go to a party instead. Jenn...

  • 09 NOV 2020
    Carolyn Riggins
    1h 13m 41s

    On the evening of July 11, 2020, Carolyn Riggins left her apartment in Fort Worth, Texas, to go to her favorite bingo hall down the street. She played bingo that night, and other players reported that Carolyn won several hundred dollars. Ca...

  • 02 NOV 2020
    Roger Taylor
    1h 1m 24s

    On March 10, 2019, Roger Taylor disappeared. He was at his home in Vernon, Alabama, and according to his wife, he began acting out of character. For several years, Roger had been disabled after a stroke and several other serious health prob...

  • 26 OCT 2020
    Khiara Henry
    59m 17s

    In July of 2019, 23-year-old Khiara Henry was visiting Hawaii, enjoying a leisure trip by herself. An avid traveler and accomplished athlete, Khiara joined several tour groups for hikes and sightseeing on her vacation. On July 21, 2019, Khi...

  • 20 OCT 2020
    Joan Bernal Part 2
    1h 31m 31s

    On December 9, 1988, Joan Bernal and her family were preparing to leave their home in Joliet, Illinois, and head to Texas to visit her husband’s parents for the holidays. Things didn’t go as planned, and they were only able to bring one of...

  • 19 OCT 2020
    Joan Bernal Part 1
    54m 49s

    In December of 1988, Joan Bernal, her husband, and their children had plans to leave their home in Joliet, Illinois, and head to Texas to visit her husband's family for the holidays. Things didn't go as planned, and they weren't able to bri...

  • 12 OCT 2020
    Viola Findley
    51m 33s

    Viola Findley, a 28-year-old mother of 3, was visiting family in Florida in September of 1983. After her visit, it is believed and assumed that she was making her way back home to her children in Waterloo, Iowa. However, Viola never made it...

  • 06 OCT 2020
    Angela Green Part 2
    1h 18m 2s

    On June 20, 2019, 51-year-old Angela Green argued with her 18-year-old daughter, Ellie, who had just completed a study abroad program in Italy and was back home to work for the summer. During the argument, Angela told Ellie to leave the fam...

  • 05 OCT 2020
    Angela Green Part 1
    1h 6m 6s

    On June 20, 2019, 51-year-old Angela Green argued with her 18-year-old daughter, Ellie, who had just finished her sophomore year of college and completed a study abroad program in Italy. The argument concluded when Angela told Ellie to leav...