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A no-holds-barred arena for half truths, social no-nos, and animal behavior-featuring comedian Bobby Lee and his best friend Khalyla. Every Wednesday.

  • 21 JUL 2021
    Ep 306: Sam Morril & The New York New Breed
    1h 44m 56s

    Bobby takes an appetizer poo. Sam loses to a mime named Tape Face. We talk A-Rod's amazing Instagram, Bobby's BTK doppelganger, Dave Attell's pillowcase luggage, Simon Cowell's bad mood, and NY vs LA comics.  Sponsors: -Give yourself...

  • 14 JUL 2021
    Ep 305: Kristen Kish Cooks Happy Food
    1h 34m 20s

    Bobby is a super plus tampon. Kristen accepts the Carnation bar challenge. Khalyla has a sumo-sized love for Bobby. We talk, the secret of the Enchirito, shelter island statues with juicy butts, and the real story of Bobby's Mad TV audition...

  • 07 JUL 2021
    Ep 304: A Huge Ahoy w/ Chad & JT Go Deep.
    1h 31m 22s

    Bobby eats a banana. Chad erects a Paul Walker statue. JT creates conflict. Khalyla is the real fan. We talk Hawaii 5-0, Paul Newman's hips, things too heavy for the Skeez, and go Quid Pro Bro while demonstrating our World Cup celebrations....

  • 30 JUN 2021
    Ep 300: David Choe, Steven Yeun, & The Lord of the Bobby Lee Rings
    2h 27m 14s

    Bobby is thriving. David takes a bow. Steven corrects our pronunciation of Yeun. We talk Korean warlocks, David's Hawaii stand-up set that Bobby cut short, our DVDASA origin story, David's 20 other TigerBelly appearances, Steven's surprise...

  • 23 JUN 2021
    Ep 303: He's Back, Edgelord Millionaire
    1h 33m 18s

    Bobby is a Charlie Brown tree. Khalyla creates cat controversy with Kevin Hart's bodyguards. Gilbert signs the papers. We talk about Bobby's time in Hungary, trading hall passes, JLC, and the Robin Williams of Long Beach. Sponsors: Yo...

  • 16 JUN 2021
    Ep 302: The Sarah Hyland & Steebee WeeBee Reunion
    1h 24m 52s

    Sarah and Steve meet after almost a decade. We celebrate Philippines Independence Day with too much food and play a trivia game with dire consequences.  New merch alert, we have some limited merch coming to you very soon. If you want to...

  • 09 JUN 2021
    Ep 301: Joshua Tree Special - We Meet the Parents
    1h 26m 11s

    Part 2 of the TigerBelly road trip in the desert! We meet Claudio... Rudy's boyfriend. We chat nightly gas fits, a Daniel Cormier love affair, goat sounds, and being visibly shaken by antiqutes. *Recorded 3/20/21 Watch the Joshua Tree Vl...

  • 02 JUN 2021
    Ep 299: Joshua Tree Special - The Closing Statement
    1h 22m 54s

    Part 1 of TigerBelly road trip! The gang heads to the Desert. We talk weird orgies, the Synder cut, Bobby's mantra, Khalyla's mantra, soda scams, and Lionel Richie's life-altering words. *Recorded 3/19/21 Watch the Joshua Tree Vlogs S...

  • 26 MAY 2021
    Ep 298: Best Stand Up In The Country, Sarah Tiana
    1h 33m 9s

    Bobby loves Manny. Sarah offends Brooks & Dunn. Khalyla has second-hand embarrassment. We talk Mormon pumps, waiting 4 Seasons with Maniscalco, naming your baby after an SNL sketch, and giving Suge Knight the white girl wave. Sponsors:...

  • 19 MAY 2021
    Ep 297: Anthony Jeselnik Brings the Funeral Vibes
    1h 26m 34s

    Bobby pitches himself as a friend. Anthony is a meal friend. We talk Korean dogs, epilogues, comics pushing comics, and our tributes to Carl LaBove and Jeff Scott. Anthony Jeselnik is a stand-up comedian who can currently be heard on the...

  • 12 MAY 2021
    Ep 296: Chris Distefano, It's Asian Boy Summer!
    1h 35m 39s

    Bobby is an instigator. Chris D leans Buddhist. Khalyla is Team Yannis & Chris. We talk shaky chopsticks, the History of Hyenas, and we call the comedian who hates Bobby.   Sponsors: Helix is offering up to 200 dollars off all mattres...

  • 05 MAY 2021
    Ep 295: Mark Normand Thinks You're Cute
    1h 18m 55s

    Bobby opens a skate shop. Mark can't take a compliment. Khalyla wrestles her mother. We talk alien invasions, cheetah print panties, and the 11.5 pumps.   Mark Normand Thinks You're Cute.  www.patreon.com/tigerbelly Sponsors: www....

  • 28 APR 2021
    Ep 294: Can You Look a Little Less Bobby Lee?
    1h 10m 12s

    Bobo is Hollywood. Khaloko is Hollywood. Gilbo is Hollywood. Andres is not Hollywood. We talk scoot'n around Tulsa, foster tears, and lamination machines. Sponsors: Go to www.hellotushy.com/tigerbelly to get TEN PERCENT OFF PLUS FREE...

  • 21 APR 2021
    Ep 293: Yannis Pappas Presents Karate Them
    1h 47m 7s

    Yannis is Simon, not Garfunkel.  Bobby is Team Yannis. Khalyla's Mom meets Pete Sampras. We talk things that have never been googled, the greatest Michael Chang story, Karate Them, and the 'amicable' Hyena split.  Send "Karate Them" artw...

  • 14 APR 2021
    Ep 292: Trisha Paytas & The Matzo Ball Meet-Cute
    1h 20m 34s

    Trisha wants to eat Bobby. Khalyla is turned on by Gargoyles. Bobby is Fatherly. We chat the Eminem music video, a Canters date, Del Taco Boba, and selling steaks out of a car. Sponsors: For listeners of the show, Calm is offering a s...

  • 07 APR 2021
    EP 291: George Lopez Has a Haunting
    1h 20m 55s

    George is followed by Sandra Bullock. Bobby is noticed behind the mask. Khalyla boxes for the Titas. We talk Chinito Disneyland, a missing passport, and car ride claw hands. www.patreon.com/tigerbelly Sponsors: Today Hims is giving...

  • 02 APR 2021
    "Death At The Wing"
    6m 49s

    “Death at the Wing” is a narrative documentary series looking at the generation of basketball stars and prospects that fell victim to the historical, socioeconomic and political forces that defined the ‘80s.   As the new generation of...

  • 31 MAR 2021
    Ep 290: Bobby's Ex Sarah Hyland, Surprise!
    1h 14m 19s

    Khalyla gets the intel. Bobby sleeps with Rosemary. Sarah goes hands down. We talk inside rainbows, pimple ointment from the 80s, and the famous kimono dinner, and riding a pony.  www.patreon.com/tigerbelly Sponsors: Ship more in l...

  • 24 MAR 2021
    Ep 289: Tom Segura & The Hook Up
    1h 49m 47s

    Bobby makes love to Michael Phelps. Tom shows off his advanced podcasting techniques. Khalyla chooses Bert Kreischer, Gilbert, and Jamar Neighbors. We talk Catholics, closets, running from comedy, and the Austin exodus. We also play the fir...

  • 17 MAR 2021
    Ep 288: The Baby Shower
    1h 22m 11s

    TigerBelly gets ready for their first baby! Merch: www.sleptkingdom.com Sponsors: Treat yourself to ultimate comfort with Brooklinen’s comforter collection. Go to www.brooklinen.com and use promo code [tiger] to get $25 off, with...

  • 10 MAR 2021
    Ep 287: Gina Darling is a Sniper
    1h 18m 4s

    Bobby shoulda let his mom have the anchovies. Khalyla gets one day out of the year. Gina is connected to Ramirez and Manson. We talk Dr. Seuss' Green Vagina, Warzone campers, sexy Lyme disease, authentic Jesus furniture.  Sponsors: I...

  • 03 MAR 2021
    Ep 286: Bert Kreischer Fights 5 Gracies
    1h 27m 40s

    Bert can't stop talking about Japan. Khalyla was shrimp and crackers poor. We talk fly boy cannibals, Ken Jeong's Japanese parents, ruining your career on Rogan, and the Mencia interview. If you want an email notifying you when our next...

  • 24 FAB 2021
    Ep 285: Jade Catta-Preta and the Car Crash Fantasy
    1h 18m 26s

    Bobby refuses to answer Kyle. Khalyla studies pee splatter pattern forensics. Jade finds her 90 Day Fiance. We talk delusional confidence, Buzzfeed viral posts, and the Ms. Universe of Dick.  We are starting an email update of all the ha...

  • 17 FAB 2021
    Ep 284: Matty Matheson is our Joy Boy
    1h 33m 21s

    Bobby's dad's ashes tremble. Khalyla finds her doula. Matty is the metal morale puppy. We talk famous Canadians, marrying The Craft, butter rose rockstars, living in a spookie dookie neighborhood, and balut boodle battles.  Powerful Trut...

  • 16 FAB 2021
    BloodBath Teaser

    Listen Now! http://bit.ly/BloodBathAudio Subscribe to our YouTube: http://bit.ly/BloodBathYouTube BloodBath Instagram: http://instagram.com/bloodbathgirls Follow Us: Khalyla Kuhn - https://www.instagram.com/khalamityk Annie Lederman...

  • 10 FAB 2021
    Ep 283: The Soup Retaliation
    1h 20m 38s

    Bobby asks David So what's happening in the world. Khalyla is a tabloid celebrity in Kenya. Gilbert isn't #3. We talk God shots, what Ben Kingsley knows, a Stonestreet Emmy nod, and your most memorable Valentine's day.  www.patreon.com/t...

  • 03 FAB 2021
    Ep 282: Chris Kattan & The Upper Middle
    1h 21m 28s

    Bobby dances a little too close to the wolves. Khalyla exposes The Secret. Chris is Jewish Buddha. We talk skid row Bangladesh Gucci, Mad TV vs SNL, comedy actors doing sex scenes, and Ralphs... a Ralphs.  SPONSORS:  http://helixsleep...

  • 27 JAN 2021
    Ep 281: Mafia Handshake Engagement
    1h 11m 7s

    Bobby has another confrontation at the airport. Khalyla loves a chicken drumstick. We talk kind Karens, identifier tattoos, Bobby's Bumble doppelganger, and Robocop growth moments. Wait for the end... See omnystudio.com/listener for priv...

  • 20 JAN 2021
    Ep 280: The Proposal w/ Annie Lederman & Esther Povitsky
    1h 35m 33s

    Khalyla plans the big day. Annie gets arrested. Esther is the real Bobby. We talk Sugarfish drama, meanies at Bootcamp, and a Dollface haircut meltdown.  www.calm.com/belly www.getroman.com/tigerbelly www.stitchfix.com/belly  Se...

  • 13 JAN 2021
    Ep 279: Carlos Mencia
    1h 51m 39s

    We talk Honduras dugout canoes, the times Carlos made Bobby cry, going on stage with pantyhose in your pocket, and what it's like being the most hated comedian in America. brooklinen.com code: tiger betterhelp.com/belly See omnystu...

  • 06 JAN 2021
    Ep 278: Bobby is Set Free
    1h 3m 47s

    We read Bobby's diary and learn why he wrote "Mother said I don't have valor."   Sponsors: code: BELLY

  • 30 DEC 2020
    Best of 2020!!
    2h 31m 3s

    Please enjoy some of your favorite moments from 2020!    Thank you to our Sponsors: code: tigerbelly to get $15 off your first order of ED treatment, a FREE online visit, and FREE two-day shipping

  • 22 DEC 2020
    Ep 277: Andrew Schulz & The Dirtbags
    1h 23m 9s

    Bobby is Mr. Responsibility. Andrew removes Scooter Braun. Khalyla is Bird Box. We talk the Tom Cruise rant, the CPK dwarf, and the Asian Urkel.    More content:   Sponsors: code: belly

  • 16 DEC 2020
    Ep 276: A Fresh of Breath Air
    1h 10m 8s

    Bobby has an airport meltdown. Khalyla remembers a 500k promise. Gilbert agrees to do the dock. George becomes Bobby. We talk Frankenfoot Valery, Stardew truffles, Among Us and Kid Wok.    Sponsors:  code: belly

  • 09 DEC 2020
    Ep 275: Jeremiah Watkins is The Sacrificial Lamb
    1h 27m 25s

    Bobby is the #1 mic sucker. Jeremiah puts Tony Hinchcliffe above Bobby. Khalyla is ovulating. We talk the Vegas bomb, Yardhouse Asian slurs, Before Khalyla (BK) times, and the Great Souplantation Robbery.    Singing Competition...

  • 02 DEC 2020
    Ep 274: Bill Burr is on Bobby's Radar
    1h 27m 17s

    Bobby does the tortured artist thing. Bill calls off the safe heist. Khalyla is the reverse of the Monday Morning Podcast. We talk Bugs Bunny arguments, panda hands, and America's Dumbest Criminals.    TigerBelly Singing...

  • 24 NOV 2020
    Ep 273: Jessimae Peluso is Our Sunbeam
    1h 18m 6s

    Bobby gives an M. Night Shyamalan intro. Khalyla wears Nelly bandaids. Jessimae shuts the door. Gilbert is the Filipino gecko. We talk the airport Karens, "cute vs ma'am", vagimples, and the Korean/Jewish Alliance.   Sponsors: code BELLY....

  • 18 NOV 2020
    Ep 272: David So & The Gun
    1h 22m 6s

    Bobby builds a wall. Khalyla scraps over kickball. David is no Uncle Ben. We talk poor losers, parking disputes, the real Seattle story, Ben Beong, and Khalyla Lix returns.   TigerBelly Singing Competition:   Sponsors:

  • 11 NOV 2020
    Ep 271: Whitney Cummings & The Non-Proposal
    1h 37m 13s

    Bobby reads a poem. Whitney wants Mr. Lee's ashes. Khalyla hears a Dodgers win. We talk tunnels of life, new masculinity, Starburst fertility eggs, and crying Rogan.    www.patreon.com/tigerbelly   Thank you to our sponsors: ...

  • 04 NOV 2020
    Ep 270: Popstickle Sticks
    1h 45s

    Bobby walks out on Happy Birthday. Khalyla sleeps like a 50s headshot. We talk Rube Goldberg, the Paper Bag comic, Sith Lords, khabib Nurmagomedov, Tom Cruise noses, and Wes Anderson faces.   www.patreon.com/tigerbelly Thank you to our...

  • 28 OCT 2020
    Ep 269: Pauly Shore, Sauna Time!
    1h 18m 1s

    Bobby talks about the wrong mother. Pauly is comedy's Pacquiao. Khalyla finds her war veteran. We talk The Comedy Store Documentary, Whitney's baby, Trader Joe's diapers, and the return to the Happy Pauly.      code: BELLY

  • 21 OCT 2020
    Ep 268: Annie Lederman Steals The Punchline
    1h 14m 22s

    Bobby is Asian Trent Reznor. Annie sees the higher power of Kazaam. Khalyla waits for the topics. We talk the showbiz war, the honor of bombing, and the Chelsea Lately feud.    Sponsors:  Sheath:  code: tiger Freshly: ...

  • 14 OCT 2020
    Ep 267: Donnell Rawlings & The White Korean
    1h 21m 53s

    Bobo is a baby bear. Donnell doesn't want to be here. We chat bear family, river ninja, Bill Burr's trailer, and Adidas to Tevas.

  • 07 OCT 2020
    Ep 266: My Beautiful Octopus Lover
    1h 8m 39s

    Bobo loves microaggressions. Khalyla shares a beautiful quote. We talk factual documents, fire items, no-look wiping, backyard camping, and Slept King running for office. Sponsors: with code TIGERBELLY.   code TIGER

  • 30 SEP 2020
    Ep 265: Michael Bisping, Rebecca, and The Blue Check
    1h 18m 54s

    Bobby remembers an embarrassing prediction. Michael is a 'cooligan.' Khalyla gets verified. Rebecca has a tone. We talk UFC 253, smoking mothers, running into fighters after predicting their loss, Luke Rockhold, and Bobby's journalism schoo...

  • 23 SEP 2020
    Ep 264: Jo Koy's Self-Help Pep Cult
    1h 26m 48s

    Bobby gets punched on the way to 3rd base. Jo gets cocky and arrogant. Khalyla swims in hurricane floods. We talk raspberry bibingka, Bobby's daughter, and awkward encounters with Eddie Murphy.  Sponsors: code BELLY   code...

  • 16 SEP 2020
    Ep 263: Kassem G is Timeless
    1h 12m 32s

    Bobby's is a Tesla with a Saturn engine. Kassem narcs on nudists. Sideways saves Khalyla. We talk alien pyramids, the H3 wiki-feet bump, bigger splats, and coin face.   Sponsors: Download the DraftKings app NOW and use code BELLY for....

  • 09 SEP 2020
    Ep 262: Bobby Feels Threatened w/ Sherry Cola
    1h 26m 19s

    Bobby learns to flex. Sherry meets a Bumble guy. Khalyla sprinkles water. We chat calamari, Latina-x, boba filled manatees, and Lele Gaga. Also, we call Whitney Cummings.  Sponsors: code: SLEPT20  code: BELLY code: SLEPT

  • 02 SEP 2020
    Ep 261: Steve-O Lasts 431 Days
    1h 45m 2s

    Bobby uses the deadliest weapon. Steve-O hires a cock-blocker. We talk heckling Samuel L. Jackson, the Sam Tripoli car crash incident, vasectomy Olympics, and sky-jacking.     Sponsors:

  • 26 AUG 2020
    Ep 260: The Tumor & The Salsa
    1h 9m 36s

    Bobby offers a booger attack reprieve. Khalyla is saved by Barry's Bootcamp. Gilbert learns the origins of his nickname. We talk death by refrigerator, missed Karen moments, stainless steel cockware, and we call Ian Edwards for an important...

  • 19 AUG 2020
    Ep 259: Rick Glassman and Agents of Chaos
    1h 24m 59s

    Bobby reads unanswered texts. Rick brings a housewarming gift. Khalyla tells the Mendocino Farms story. We talk Undateable, the house that fell off a cliff, how to book Will Smith, veruca seals, and Johnny Boom Booms.    *Take a shot every....